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RP:Goblins Raid Gualon

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  • Note: Jack was not involved in this RP, he was simply asked to NPC the goblin attack.

Gualon City Gate

A large fence seems to have been demolished and laid to ruin, but there seems to be a collective calm here. Any sign of battle or devastation is not outwardly apparent save for the wall that's been torn down, and is slowly being carted away by a few brave townspeople. Meanwhile, supplies are being brought from the forests outside the swamp to rebuild the wall that once stood here, the pride of the residents of Gualon. Commerce and trade continue as usual, perhaps even more freely so. There is a certain spring in the peddler's step, a certain twinkle in the passerby's eye, and you are led to believe that whatever happened here seems to have been for the better good of Gualon.

Greux| Two Orc soldiers of Gualon are stationed at this place where once a great wall stood. Destroyed by a battle long ago. The occupants of the city worked during the day most often to repair their lost bit of pride, but right now that was not the case as the moon hung high in the sky with the backdrop of stars leaving a dim pale light upon the swampy lands of Gualon. A light fog would move inland from the heart of the swamp slowly, in only moments more the Orcs line of sight would be reduced to only a matter of feet. As the fog would move inland they would brace themselves, for not being able to see would majorly handicap them should a surprise attack be mounted against them.

Jack :: The goblins came in numbers, there dimwitted brains unable to comprehend little else aside from power. It was simple for them. Power in numbers. Short, stocky frames ambling into the area under cover of fog. Lucky them, they might think. They wore little armor as it was, their thick hide needing little protection, so the usual clinks of metal would be absent from the entourage of booted feet upon the ground. Unfortunately, the fog could not conceal the putrid stench emitted from the fowl creatures, and the blood-lust following in its wake. Swift, and steady, they raced towards the gates of the forgotten city of Gualon. At last, they were nearing, the little intel they actually had suggesting that there would be at least two guards waiting to great them. At last, the two bulky frames would begin to materialize before the number of goblins. Surely, the Orcs would panic now. All that would be seen is a wall appearing in the fog and mist, the putrid odor overtaking them had they themselves had better hygiene. Just as quickly as they would have been spotted, they would be upon the two guards. Axes, swords, rocks, boots, and fists pounding into the unsuspecting two. How unfortunate for them. It shouldn't take long for the two to fall motionless, and perhaps a scream serving as a warning would be launched. The goblins would remain unperturbed by this. Their vile frames hunkered down in their natural, slouched standing form. Breath heavy, blood-lust clear in their beady little eyes.

Greux| The Orc would look at each other as the noise approached them, their battle hardened bodies not thinking twice about the enemy that may be approaching them, and surely it was. After a short time what would look to be a dark wall would appear in the fog, moments later their foes would be revealed and all too late for the two guards. One of them fell silently to the ground after a short bit of fighting back and then quickly being overwhelmed, the other fared only slightly better. As he realized there was no hope a gut churning squeal of sorts before being silenced by the Goblin's attack, the squeal was short but loud and disturbing and would surely help to raise the alarm if any of the City thought it a cry for help. Elsewhere, Greux was walking down Arena Avenue, thoughts of what he had declared to do the previous night in his head. The Squeal would come to him, though only faint by the time it reached him. Wondering what may have caused the disturbance he would begin to wander north at a regular walking pace for the Orc, he thought that perhaps one of the Orcs may have met a undesirable end at the hands of one of the Ogre's of the city, it happened too often since Kurlurk was killed.

Gualon Road

The onyx cobbles of the main city road continue through the gates of the city and past the guardhouses that delve into the marrow of the wall, running over a stone slope that leads down to the inner landscape of New Gualon at a relatively gentle angle, that carts are not upset of their goods. Abreast this stone ramp lie various simple stalls that newly arrived travelers or merchants might be captured by display and haggled out of their coin, large upturned crates serving for prophetic rantings of shamans, or deliverance of heroic tale by bard. Though housing a small cluster of residential buildings, the majority of this area is hold to peddlers and stalls, the rest taken by the newly instated guard that aids in retaining relative order throughout the city. Noted for their piety and efficiency, the members of the City Guard are mostly members of the previous Legion of the Watch, assimilated to the order of new rule, serving the taskmasters without question. Many of them veterans from similar stints of law and defense, they are quite the formidable force, their will in face of adversity renowned and their resilience to invasion legendary. The road stretches out further to the south, leading to residential and commercial areas, the northern route taking back over the stone arch that makes for bridge through city gate. That to the east leads into the confines of a great castle owned by a citizen of no small means, that to the west leads to the city keep.

Jack :: The Goblin's were quite pleased, the relative ease of killing the two guards serving as quite the ego booster. The gleam of their beady orbs, and the hardly visible grins plastered on their faces showed as much. However, killing was not why they were here--though, they delighted very much in the fact that they were given the pleasure; in truth, they sought to take. The more, the merrier. They rushed into the city, thinking little of the fact that more Orcs would surly arrive due to the scream. Yelps and squeals of joy were emitted, their grimy laughter a small echo into the night as the merchant's carts would appear. One or two of which, still had the unfortunate Orc selling the merchandise packing up and preparing to rest. Pure glee would be found in this, the squeals and booted feet rushing down the cobbled path. Their barrage of weapons would cut down the Orcs quickly, and soon booted feet and curled fists would smash the carts, scattering the goods this way and that--strewing them up and down the street. Greedily, the Goblins would snatch up the goods, clothing here, a dagger there, a bracelet, jewelry--it mattered not. All they cared for was the fact that they were bringing more gods on their side. For, that is what a goblin thought of them. Each item was a god. His blade the god that gifted him the ability to kill, his armor the god that lent him protection. It wouldn't take long before the carts were shattered, and the Goblins made their way further down the street.

Greux| The Merchants that were left were killed easily by the raiding Goblins, the Horde of which had penetrated nearly into the heart of the city already. Not far from here Greux was traveling northward, still in search of the scream that had shattered the nights silence. It would not take long for the air to be filled with the shouts and cried of merchants and the citizens that were left out on the street before he would take off in a run pulling the dagger from his waste and shouting a mighty battle cry as he came around the corner and saw for the first time the sheer number of the Goblins. He would step in his tracks, realizing he was outnumbered, the Orc would step back lightly but before the goblins thought him another easy target he would yell once more in the orcish tongue sounding the alarm as if the many shouts were not enough to do as much. The alarm soon sounded and Greux new that he only needed to hold them off for a short time before others would arrive to help protect the city. "Goblins not leave alive, Goblins fill Orc bellies!" he would shout to them in the common tongue of the land before rushing forward, his life drinking dagger held firmly in that of his right hand. Coming upon several of the Goblins he would attack in a furious rage crushing one of them with the base of the hilt as it brought it crashing down on them in a downward arch and before pulling back his arm he would shift his weight onto that of his right leg and chamber a kick upwards before releasing it into the neck of another goblin, hopefully crushing his wind pipe. This was the form of combat the Orc preferred, and should they piss him off enough they would receive the other end of the dagger, one that killed with that of its curse. By now a few Orc and a single Ogre had appeared from the alleyways on the side of the city and started attacking the goblins once more, most of which had their hands full of the treasures that they must have thought they could get away with.

Jack :: Fear. Instant fear. It was spread like wildfire as the Orc smashed through several of the Goblins. Fear, the smell breeding in their nostrils, left to sting and lash at them. It would only last a moment, the initial strike setting them aside before driving them into the furry of their attack. Hacking, slashing, smashing, stabbing, death, death, death. This is what ran through their minds, the maddening rush of the kill. The flurry of shouts released, and the Goblins working in their own synchronized harmony. Though, it would more resemble a scramble of limbs and metal, it was something they could read. Four or five goblins had fallen, yet another would take its place as it had. Their attention, little as it was, was set upon Greux, their beady eyes gleaming with intent. As such, they would not notice the other Orc and the Ogre that had come to the scene. Instantly, they were scattered. Bodies flinging into the air, and confusion frenzying them. Some turned about, and began to hack and slash at them while the majority focused on Greux. Perhaps they simply hadn't taken any notice to the two additions--their mind locked on the foe before them.

Greux watched as others finally came to help him, any humans that lived in the city would stay clear of the scene as the stench itself may be enough to lay one flat upon the earth. More a couple more Ogre and several more Orc would arrive in full armour and wielding their weapons of choice being that of clubs and flails. Greux would act now at the remaining Goblins approached him, "Me protect Gualon, you go no far!" he would shout as he yelled, perhaps thinking it would make him stronger in some way or perhaps frighten the Goblins. Turning the dagger around so that it was not being properly held he would allow the goblin creatures to get close to him, their short stocky frames handicapping them against those larger than their own. Their many blades would taste his blood but he cared not, the pain only helped to fuel his own battle lust. Punching at one of the Goblins and sending him flying back he would then turn allowing his arm to stretch outward and the force of the turn to bury the blade of the dagger in the eye of a unlucky Goblin which would fall to the earth quickly. Leaving the dagger where it had struck he bent downwards avoiding the swing of a goblins blade for his neck and picked up instead one of their fallen comrades blades, a short sword, he would wield it easily and quickly cut down the remaining three Goblins before him taking only minor damage. He stopped and looked outward over the battle field, many orc and goblins were locked in combat, several of his kind had fallen, there thick congealed blood flooded the ground near their bodies. Greux new then that they were winning the battle, even if a few of his kind were sacrificed for the protection of their city. He waited now wondering, if more of the Goblins would come his way, forcing him to spill more of the their blood, though it would surely give him more food for later so he waited eagerly.

Jack :: The Goblins didn't stand much of a chance if any. Their numbers holding only a small flame to that of the Orcs and Ogres when considering their size and strength. Staggered, and far were the deaths not of Goblin blood. Many would think to run, and they would be cut down in their attempt. Death was all that awaited them, but they battled on. Blades jabbing and stabbing towards the opponents in their futile attempt. It would seem the battle was over, save one Goblin. His blade plunged deep into one of the Orcs before taken out, his beady eyes finding Greux, and labeling him as the next to die. Charging, the short sword would drag the ground, his abnormally long arms allowing it to do so. With a leap, the stout creature lept into the air, his blade brought down with two hands in a might downward arc. All his power was put into the attack, and his entire torso remaining open prior to the strike.

Greux grinned as the lone Goblin would try to bring down one last orc, his only mistake was coming after Greux. Bending his knees and bending himself slightly at the waist he would launch himself upward embedding his own head in the torso of the last Goblin, the force behind which would force the goblin to drop his blade and throw him backwards with the full force of the attack. The skeletal structure of the brute was strong, and seconded only to that of the dragons and possibly the Giants. The goblin would crash back to the ground gasping for the air that his lungs seemed to be empty of and pained him to take each breath. Greux would walk forward towards him the short sword in hand not taking the effort to rush the goblin that could not rise from the earth due to the skull-bash. Once standing in front of the goblin he would smirk as he dropped the blade to the earth and reached down for the Goblin, gripping him around the neck he would pull him upward and watch as his breathing would slowly begin to pan out. "Orc like Goblin Brains," he smiled a rotted toothy grin as he jumped skyward and would throw the goblin head first to the stones below, the end result killed the goblin and cracked his skull open destroying a small section of it. Once Greux retrieved the body once more he would break the neck and remove from the corpse the head. Holding the head for an instant he stuck his fingers in the hole he had created and tore it open easily with his own strength revealing to him the brain of the Goblin, which was small in nature. Taking a single hand he would reach for the delectable treat and pull it from the skull and begin chewing on the muscle allowing the juices to fill his mouth though some would leak down his chin and drip to the ground.

Greux| The battle was over and the ten or so Orc and the two Ogre that remained standing looked around at each other pleased in their accomplishment. There was much blood upon the stony walkway and the street as well as the corpses of many goblins and several orc now littered it. It seemed that the Ogre's were saved from any losses, although the Orc suffered several deaths. Slowly the soldiers that fought along side him would look his way, he was obviously the most vicious in the battle. Swallowing what was left of the brains and dropping the skull of the goblin to the earth he would walk forward towards the center of the bloodstained battlefield. Then throwing his arms up high he would shout of his glorious victory. The other Orc and Ogre would do the same with both of their arms or a single one, several of them would hold a hand over an open wound, but still they would shout their victories to the wind so that it may be carried throughout all of Gualon. Greux was acknowledged this night as the strongest warrior that was there during the battle. His name was spoken and spread quickly throughout the town, brother of Kurlurk, Greux, was the knew protector of their kind and their way of life.