RP:Flushing the Mark

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Part of the Tales from the Row Arc

Synopsis: Finn and part of his crew leave Charstsend and head for Venturil proper. They check into the Fallen Star and begin the process of reconnoitering for intelligence that might point them toward their mark, the vampire Rue

Characters: Finn, Terra, Miya as Npc Callie, Ruana, Trinsa, Samona.

Location: Venturil; Main Street, The Fallen Star Inn.

Miya : Callie sighed. The idiot had managed to lose the five men she'd sent after him; but she knew the city streets too well for anyone to hide from her, and as much as angry as she was at her men, she'd a thief to deal with first. "Listen here, ya may be new to town, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give you a pass for stealing from -My- shop." She'd stepped out for only a moment, and the beggar had found his way into the caves, snatched up the nicest coat in the store. Normally, Cal wouldn't have minded too much- what with it being the cold winter months, she'd always had a weak spot for people being cold, but the gypsy hadn't just stolen a coat; he'd stolen Callie's coat. Booted feet were angled wide, in case the man tried to run again, and fisted hands rested on her hips as cold grey eyes stared down at the male. "Now, give me back the coat, and I'll be happy. Or..." She'd given him the benefit of the doubt, making it like he was a new face in town, and didn't know who she was. Only a crazy person would steal from her, if they knew her, right?

Finn: Gods, he missed Rekkur. Finn nudged the borrowed gelding beneath him a second time, his knee pressing more directly into the creature’s ribs to urge him forward along the desolated street. He and his own mount were almost of one mind, simple shifts in the saddle enough to communicate his intentions. Now he was not so fortunate.. He’d forgotten how much he detested Venturil. The place reeked of death and barrenness, of emptiness, and yet, somehow people remained. Sparsely, true, most with a brain had headed north and west to the prosperous port town, but many had remained to eek out a living working and hunting the Venturil forests and wild lands, and making the trek inland to trade their product. “Hate this dammed city..” he murmured to the vampire, wherever she happened to be. “No offense darlin’.. but it figures a vamp would be on the prowl here..half the place is already dead..” he drawled dryly. Eyes narrowed slightly at the unexpected sight of activity ahead. The voice..familiar. Another application of pressure and the gelding’s pace increased slightly to a more purposeful stroll. A brow lifted slightly at the apparent sight of the runner accosting impoverished vagrant. “Desperate times Cal?..” he called, amusement lurking in his tone. His implication was obvious..that -she- was the one trying to take the garment from the male for her own purposes.

Terra : There had been a corral in Chartsend and for the duration of their visit, when not sight-seeing, she could be found there. Amongst the common breeds was one very rare, very peculiar sort; a race of horses that weren't exactly living. They were created and bred for the undead, supported and maintained by magic and something better left unsaid. The one she had chose to bond with was a beauty, a roan stallion with a body as white as winter and a mane as red as the sunset. She's still trying to adjust to the beast beneath, distracted only by the murmur of conversation from Red as they continued into town. "We enjoy populated places more. More options." She shifted atop the saddle, far lighter in gold now than she had started with. It was worth it though. "I need a name.." she had begun to say, for the horse she rode, but Rekkur's pace has caused her own to follow after and she is quite surprised to find the woman from the caves outside of them. Some vacation. Terra looked between the two on foot and then back towards Finn. "Is this how you procure your own items?"

Ruana should have still been back at the ship. She should have been working in the galley like she was assigned. She should have been sorting goods if not cooking. But instead, she had been out wandering in Chartsend, and it was by chance she had spied Red riding out. She might not have been recognized, dressed in her dark attire as she is, this day, a scarf covering much of her lower face, and perhaps this is why she managed to tail Red and the blonde woman. She knows she shouldn't be, but hells, in her profession curiosity can lead to riches. Or death. But there she is atop a stolen stallion, keeping her distance from the pair and attempting to seem as nothing more than another random person heading towards Venturil. She, unlike the other two, ditches her horse when she reaches the city ruled by the vampire archmage, taking instead to the rooftops and scrambling after the pair as quickly as she can; let's face it, she has a distinctively more direct route to follow by. Is that the smuggler woman Finn bought the coat for her from? That has her eyes narrowing. What the devil is everyone doing in this sparsely occupied city? And why is there a man being chased over a coat? She crouches there atop the building she stopped on, simply watching.

Miya : The man quivered under the gaze of the runner, and with shaky hands, he'd lift the coat up just high enough for the dark haired woman to snatch it away. Once she had the coat safely in her hands, she strip herself of the one she was currently wearing- a larger, man's coat, of decent material; enough to keep the beggar warmer than the slender one he'd snatched away. Finn's joke would cause the woman to turn away from the gypsy- who'd in turn take the moment to flee- to give a narrowed eyed stare his way. That was, until she realized who he was. "Ah, Red." Then she'd notice Terra, "And company. And no," She'd look back to the auburn headed male then, "You know me better than that darling. Max, Cid and Vinnie let the man into the shop, and he ran off with my coat while I was... out." She'd slip the aforementioned jacket on now, the soft leather sliding on easily and hugged her form tight once she fastened buckled on the front. Slender hands reach into the pockets of her 'returned' clothing, and a grin widens upon sharp features as fingers clutch the necklace she'd really been after. A brow lofts after the victory of her finding the jewelry wears off, and she pulls her hands free to once more rest, open palmed upon her hips, "What are you still doing here anyway? I'd have thought you'd be heading back to your island by now."

Finn glanced Terra’s way amused. “I’m sure you do..” he murmured before eyes shifted toward Cal and her target again. The smuggler watched the scene unfold with a lazy grin. She was right, he knew her better. Callie would never be reduced to stealing from beggars for her goods. She was too good. “Must be one helluva coat to be worth chasin’ a man through the dead lands for darlin’..” he mused aloud, that gold flecked gaze taking quick assessment of the item as she cinched it on. Damn. He’d forgotten just how nice a package the runner was when put together. His appreciation for her appeal would be unreadable however, save for that slight dilation of pupil as he leaned forward slightly onto the pommel, one arm crossed loosely over another, reins trailing between his fingers. “Not till I’m done with a commission..’ he drawled idly. “Need to run a mark to ground.. A vampire, name of Rue. Supposed to be lurkin’ in these parts..huntin’ too..if my intel clears. Sound familiar?” If anybody would know movers and shakers in this city, it’d be Cal. Little enough slipped by her in her empire.

Terra had little to say in regards to the conversation going on currently. So instead she spent the moment by running fingers through the bright red of her stallion's mane. Did she have any interest or fear of the female who ran in the same circles as Finn? No. After a moment she looked up towards the sky as though seeking the stars and when she found nothing she'd start a quiet conversation with the roan. "Darcy, mmm?"

Ruana watches the exchange between Red and Callie, thanking her elven heritage for her good hearing. Yes, she can hear the words, she can see the faces...but she feels exposed. She starts to move, crawling towards the edge of the roof she's on...until Terra looks up. Feck, such timing. She drops to her stomach, holding her breath until the vampire woman lowers her gaze back down to that horse of hers before she creeps forward again. Over the side of the building she slips, dropping to a window just below her and praying to whatever god is listening that none of those gathered below lift their gazes while she's opening the window. Tense moments pass before she finally slips inside the building. At least from here she's less exposed. Now it's just a matter of praying the owner of the building doesn't return.

Miya : Callie's head tilted to one side, "Rue, hm? Sounds familiar, though can't say I know much." For once, she wasn't working an angle for gold either, "Whispered words, nothing more. I've not run into him." She'd start towards the duo now, arms moving up to cross over her chest, "Though I don't come here much. I prefer more populated areas. Goods don't sell to ghosts." Least, not in most cases. A curious glance was spared Terra's way, and as the vampire tilts her head upward, the runner follows her gaze and- was that movement on the roofs? Sharp eyes narrow for a moment, but with Ruana flat on her stomach and still, the motion stops, and the woman looks back towards Finn, "You sure he's running around here? Not much for him to feed on in this dead city."

Finn was attentive to the female’s reply, the ghost of a disappointed frown on his face. Looks like it would have to be from the bottom up then. “Hear tell he does his huntin’ on the outskirts.. Likely folks on the way to or from Chartsend. Need to figure if he’s got any patterns we can use to our advantage. How often he might head out, where he goes..how long he stays. Preciate it if you can work your sources..get those whispers sayin’ somethin’ more..concrete. Tell the lads I’ll pay well for it,” he said quietly. He noted Cal’s upward glance then, and the expression on her face and it prompted him to sit a little straighter in his saddle, body instinctively assuming a ready stance. “Company?..” His gold flecked gaze flickered toward the rooftop of surrounding building before falling away again. Maybe holding a meeting out in the open in a strange town wasn’t the best of ideas. A glance was offered Terra’s way. “Check us in Terra?..Inn’s supposed to be just around the corner. Reckon I’ll meet you in the bar in a tick..” Eyes shifted back to Cal again. “One round on me?” Ruana’s presence would remain, for the moment, unnoticed by the runner.

Terra just nodded towards Finn and headed the way indicated. So what if she's more interested in doing a little snooping of her own...

Ruana curses softly to herself. They're moving, and here she is inside some building in a city she doesn't know. She presses herself against the wall, watching out the window for which way Red and his smuggler counterpart depart. After all, he asked Terra to go check them in, so she assumes she's off to an inn rather than a pub. It'll be the two runners she'll want to perhaps eavesdrop on. Assuming she's not recognized. Always assuming she's not recognized.

Miya: Cal'd shrug her shoulders, "Thought I saw... hm." This place gave her the willies- not that anyone would ever find that out. "I could go for a round, and we can talk over this problem you have. I'll send work out once I get back to port, and anything I gather will be sent your way." She'd watch Terra wander off, a smirk finding its way to her face as the woman left as requested, "She don't talk much, does she?" It's all that would be said of the vampire before she'd nod towards the building they were heading, "Let's get into a more relaxed, controlled setting, aye? Then we can talk more." And what or whoever was watching them, would be forced to come inside if they wished to keep listening in on the conversation.

At the Fallen Star Inn..

Finn was pleasantly surprised at the scene that unfolded through the great oaken doors once they had swung open on the Fallen Star. In a city that seemed to have been sucked dry of life, here was what was left of its beating heart. The aromas of roasting meat permeated the cozy chamber, and the male was greeted by an idle nod from the bar keep as he stepped into the space. It was not busy, but the smattering of individuals..gathered, mostly hunters and tradesmen by the look of things, seemed pleasantly enough entertained. The quiet hum of chatter rose above the Snapple and pop of logs on the fire, and there seemed to be about the whole scene a sense of transience. Nothing was permanent, nobody stayed..just passing through..except perhaps for the hands that helped to keep the place operational. For the moment ignoring the presence of the runner likely on his heels, Finn’s gold flecked gaze swept the interior of the room looking for a golden head. Had Terra made it downstairs again? A head nudged toward a secluded booth. “I go get us drinks..fancy a game while we chat?” He dropped her a wicked wink. “Been a while since I won your gold darlin’..” And it would provide a cover for their communication. Scarce she might be in this city..but the chance that she’d be indentified..and thereby the runner as her associate was always something to be considered. Plus..it would give him an excuse to keep Terra nearby.

Terra came down the stairs after everyone seemed to have settled, still wrapped in the scarf and coat that she had chose for the cold weather that seemed to plague them all. Red is spotted at the bar and she moved towards him, caught his attention with a tug on the sleeve of his own coat, the material released within moments of its capture. With a smile she'd rise near his ear, offer a few words that were nearly silent and then wait for his response. After that, she was out the door once more and her and the new-found Darcy would be away.

Terra whispered to Finn, "I'm going to go explore a little more. Meet you in the room later."

Miya: Callie had come in behind the Island runner, though she'd pause by the coat rack as he made his way further inside, the woman removing her own and placing it upon one of the hooks, minus the necklace she'd transferred from one pocket to another, this time in her pants. She'd been here recently enough to not be in awe of the place, so it wasn't until she heard Red's talk of drinks that she'd snap out of her thoughts and return a smirk his way, "Aye, it had. And I'd like to keep it that way." Really she would. She hadn't brought much with her in her chase for that damned necklace, and she'd hate to have make that long trudge back only to return to pay off her debt. She hadn't a need to be here any longer, she'd gotten what she came for. Stealing a table for her and Red both, she'd watch as Terra would whisper to the man and then head out the door, another smirk on her face at the flighty nature of the vampire. No wonder Finn liked her, she was never around.

Finn heard Cal’s comment over his shoulder, but barely registered it. Terra had been sighted, and her murmur provoked a slight tic to the muscle of his jaw as he nodded his understanding of her intent. Worry appeared and lurked in his gaze. She could look after herself, he assured himself silently. Even though the awareness that a predator who sought to make easy pickings of strangers passing through town did little to ease his distress. He’d not say anything, however..unwilling to betray the weakness she promoted in him. he was her lover..not her keeper. He forced his mind into the present moment, snagging the drinks off bar top and heading back toward the runner at the table. “Oh aye?.. Reckon I’ll content myself with a drink then.” And he slid the glass over the table;s surface toward the woman. “Headin’ out then? And thanks.” For the commitment to get on digging up that intelligence.

Trinsa laughed softly to the small bug, or rather pixi, on her shoulder. "That's a very good story." she finished. "And I think we are here, well, somewhere at least. I prefer this inn. Usually it's pretty quiet and I don't need to worry about my coin purse as much. Are you still not hungry?" Confirming once more, Trinsa took a moment to finger-brush her hair after the short stroll the two had taken to get to this location.

Ruana slinks into the pub shortly after Terra leaves. Her scarf is now wrapped more around her head, hiding not only her facial features but her hair as well, leaving nothing but her eyes exposed. Indeed, she's not exactly being subtle with the 'seedy' vibe, moving through the crowds to a seat near enough to the table Finn and Callie have taken up. She doesn't try to interact with them, doesn't try to buy a drink. Hell, she even makes a show of looking around, never focusing on the pair of smugglers.

Samona: The girl copies Trinsa's movement and finger brushes her pretty, blond, curly locks.

Miya : Callie needed to get out. Of the damned city. It was quiet. Too quiet. She didn't like it one bit. "You'd do it for me, and have. Asking around won't kill me." She'd grin then before grabbing the offered drink and pulling it to her lips. "Know what he looks like? And where he was last seen?" She might do some digging tonight, but she needed more then just a name to go off of. Maybe she really did know him, and he'd used a different name with her? Such things were easily found out though, and unless the vampire was more cunning then Red thought, he'd not have been able to keep himself hidden from her in her own territory, could he? Or wouldn't be once she actually started looking. New arrivals would be looked over and then ignored, a little more attention being paid to the one hiding her face. Curious. "So you're staying here? In this city?" She spoke to Red once more, a brow lofting as she turned back to him, another sip taken. "Why not somewhere... more populated. Where you'd fit in better?"

Finn grunted softly, dropping into the seat next to her, legs extending beneath the table to cross at the ankles. A swig of the burning rum was taken. “Source wasn’t particularly heavy on the details..” he said dryly. “Must think I’m a miracle worker.. I’ve just got the name..and the piece he’s wearin’..Never takes it off, a black and gold locket..shaped like a flame. Always has it on I’m told..We need to get it off..” The man shrugged, eyes lifting to eye the door as the arrivals broached. As had Callie, eyes narrowed slightly on the less than discretely disguised female..Of that much his instinct thrummed. It was a woman under there..something about how she moved. It was enough to permit a slight relaxing of tension in his shoulders as he took in the second pair. Harmless. Eyes skittered past them, before he frowned, hesitated, and drew eyes back to Trinsa’s face again. He knew the female. But where..how? It was elusive. Eyes found Cal again. ‘aye..we’re stayin here. Source says he does..les uspicious to run into a fellow guest, than to skulk about outside windows aye?” He seemed amused. “Reckon he’ll show up sooner than later..Put a tail on him. Got somebody in mind..local kid. Should go unnoticed.”

Ruana doesn't show any sort of care about the two pairs of eyes on her. She has to. Hells, a woman with a hidden face acting like she's anxious surely sets off red flags. So there she is, just listening to the words being exchanged. So -that's- why they're out on this end of the lands. She'll just have to be careful not to let slip she knows to anyone. She was never meant to know, was never meant to be a part of this excursion. But regardless, she does now, and so she takes in every detail she can. As unlikely as it might be, who knows, she might even wind up helping somehow.

Miya : Finishing her drink, Callie dipped her head before looking back towards the 'masked' girl. Something about her was familiar, was it her clothing? Shaking her head, she set the glass down on the table before shifting her legs and thinking of what she needed to do on the way home. "Well, your source needs a stern talking to. If he thinks you are a miracle worker." Another smirk was offered the man's way before her elbow came to nudge him. "If I find something, I'll find you here, yea? Or is there some other way you'd like me to find you?" She'd drop her voice then, the woman leaning in to whisper to the smuggler, so their words were out of reach of anyone.

Miya: Callie whispered to Finn, "I don't trust faceless over there. She's familiar... you know her?"

Trinsa rolled her eyes at the mimic mini-me on her shoulder and sighed. No reply again regarding food, but that was fine. Samona wasn't hungry a hour ago, she wasn't going to be now. Un opened mouths don't get fed or something along that line. Undoubtedly she would chirp up if she was hungry. A few seconds passed while Trinsa adjusted her shawl, the same cranberry one she always wore. In the same motion, a small tinkle of a bell could be heard and the room held it's breath in her corner. Trinsa let it out on behalf of the woodwork, grateful nothing happened; she remained on the spot she intended to stay. By now, wither Samona stayed on her shoulder or not, Trinsa ventured deeper into the room, casually glancing at what faces could be seen. Unfamilar the most, but one stood out. She asked near undetectable but by the time she realized her feet were traveling over to the table, it was already to late. "Pardon, I believe..." Cue the embarrassment. Trinsa, though not so shy one on one just walked into a table full of strangers. "Believe I have the wrong person in mind." Soon her cheeks matched her hair and she turned to walk away.

Samona: The same awkwardness feeling came over Sam and her usual pale face turned her face cherry red. The girl nodded at the strangers and turned around on Trinsa's shoulder so the people couldn't see her face.

Finn leaned in idly toward Cal, her murmured observation causing eyes to flicker Ruana’s way. Head shook in the negative, he could not confirm the female’s identity..but he’d agree that there was something odd about her. In any event, wisdom dictated a change in the nature of the conversation. How convenient then, the approach of elf and pixie. Brow hitched slightly at the boldness of approach from stranger, and he almost glanced Cal’s way to see if the elf was addressing the female runner. The attempt at embarrassed departure was followed with an easy drawl. “Reckon you know me darlin’?..” mostly because she was an unanswered question now that would irritate like a thorn in the flesh until he knew the answer.

Ruana frowns under that scarf of hers. She may not be caught, but she can easily guess she's been suspected. Damn it. Damn it all to hell. She rises quickly, moving right out the door before either Finn or Cal recognize her form. She barges into more than one person, using their outraged reactions as cover for her form slipping out the door.

Miya: Callie stood then, offering a nod towards Red as she slid from her chair. "Best be going Darling." She'd eye the elf and pixie for a moment before turning steel colored eyes back Finn's way, "Wouldn't want people to take notice." She meant, she didn't want to be recognized here in the city. Bad enough she'd spent the entire evening in the damned place. "See you when I see you." Or better yet, when she had information. That said, she'd move towards the door, snag her coat, and head out into the chilly night.

Trinsa turned her head, possibly sliding Samona off her shoulder if the pixi wasn't careful. It wasn't everyday that Trinsa had a rider, hope she doesn't get hurt! Pausing in her step, she replied just barely above the bustle of the Inn. "I believe we met quite some time ago but I cannot be sure. I don't mean to disturb your group to pry into your iden---." It was then that Ruana bumped into her, surely if Sam wasn't ruffled from the chin nudge, she certainly should be by this abrupt bump to Trinsa's person. Trinsa rubbed her arm gingerly after her initial, slightly startled, claim of pain. Her eyes watched Ruana until she left. "Identity." Though it seemed that everyone was evacuating the table, Trinsa couldn't hold back the suspicion that she were to be the cause for it all, regardless if she was or not. She frowned, sighed and continued. "Sorry about that... " she mumbled as it seemed to be dwindling down to just Finn.

Samona slipped off Trinsa's shoulder and landed on the floor with a clunk. "Ow" the pixie said as she rubbed her leg and quickly stood up to avoid getting stepped on. She flew up on the the table and greeted Finn with a big grin and nod.

Finn’s gaze had drifted from Trinsa to mark the hurried retreat of their disguised company. Well that wasn’t particularly encouraging. Just how much had the intruder heard? And what did it imply for the security of their operation now? His brow furrowed slightly, even as he nodded easily to Cal’s parting words. He’d need that intel now, more queickly than ever if they had been compromised. Trinsa’s awkward apology was enough to drow him back to the present moment. His eyes leveled on her for a moment. “No group darlin’..” he said coolly, “Just bought a pretty lady a drink is all..As you can see..she’s not interested in what I’m offerin’” As if he’d admit his true business to one essentially a stranger. Eyes flickered toward the landed pixie, a two fingered salute and a smirk offered the creature in response to the smile. “Who’d you think I was doll?”

Trinsa now more comfortable in the downsized gathering, thought hard, thusly not registering Samona's small plea and relocation. "Um..... Well, your clothes were different.... And it was no where around here. Cenrill or Rynvale maybe? I seem to recall a bar involved and a drink." Like molasses, her words poured out and the memory came back to the forefront of her thoughts. "I don't recall so many women around you but I do remember you being quite the gentleman." She thumbed toward the exiting persons to show just what she meant by Finn being surounded by women. Scrutinizing his features casually, she could see how such a crowd could be collected. Another pink face flush took place of the dissolved first when the memory of what she thought of Finn arrived to take notice.

Sam put her hands on her hips and snickered playfuly:"Who you smirkin' at!"

Ruana comes back in, only this time she's accompanied by Hanan. There is no contact between the two once they're through the door, the Captain's brief press against her back having ended, but that last word spoken by the Hellcat has the disguised woman snapping a sort of glare at her, one that says 'Don't you dare say a word.'

Hanan stepped into the tavern next to the one with the covered face---who was that masked girl, anyway?--who got a brief over the shoulder look as she made her way in, loosening the white scarf under the high stiff collar of her old dark blue naval officer's jacket. And a smirk, that was her answer to the glare. Red got a brief wave on her way to the bar. They have decent whiskey here? Well, it had to be decent for getting drunk. She ordered one--Ruana had insisted she wasn't drinking, straws or no--and turned her back to the counter as she waited. What was the runner up to? Had he run into a bit of luck?

Finn’s attention had reverted to Trinsa once the female had set about her explanation, though gaze returned to linger on the pixie before a teasing wink was dropped her way. The imp had moxie for such a little thing. “That’d be you lass..” he said easily to the winged creature, before turning again to her mount. Head canted slightly as memory turned over in mind. It was the scarf that did it. Ah. “The lass with the quirky bag. The Barrel..one o the lightfingers had an eye on your stash yeah?” He nodded as question was answered. “Don’t reckon you found work then..No sign of you on the Shores after that..” he drawled easily. The door opened, revealing the return of their masked company. Well now. Eyes narrowed thoughtfully, before Hanan offered welcome distraction.. A lazy half salute was tossed her way. “Bout time you made it captain..Don’t turst your lot to take care of that pile of boards without you?” he teased.

Ruana is indeed back, and trying to be less noticeable to Finn. In fact, now she's at the bar with Hanan, though her back is to the man and his company. 'Course, he can't let that smirk go without any sort of retribution, and so the Captain gets herself a nice elbow to the ribs.

Trinsa let a smile grow to the recognition of Finn's memory. "Aye, no employment yet but I make do." Others had entered and Trinsa sighed, letting her features fall into neutrality. "I'll let you have your drink in peace." then scooped up Sam. "Maybe we will find you again." she finished, commenting to Samona, "I think we need to go doll, bed time soon."

Hanan cast Red a lopsided grin. "My lot can take care of the ship, Red--at least so long as Harry's there to save their collective ass. You couldn't stay in Chartsend another day? Got tired of spa girls and eelstink?" And there was the runner talking up a girl--or at least, as much as she could tell. What was it about Red and women? He always seemed to be surrounded by them. Was that an elbow? Hanan slid her eyes sideways to Ruana right as her own drink arrived, pretended not to notice the bruise. She lifted the glass, took a sip. "Tell me, stranger." Sly as hell. "You wear that because you're too ugly or too pretty?"

Ruana eyes Hanan. Again. "The prior," she lies, though the frown is evident in her muffled voice. She's trying to say as little as possible, however, in hopes of not being discovered by Red. Gods, Hanan's going to make that difficult. That, and the fact that she seems to twitch at the mention of Hanan's ship. Yeah, she really should be in the kitchen. Or at least near it.

Hanan wasn't trying to make the disguise difficult. She was trying to look like she was picking up a stranger. This was how she did it. And the elbowing-her-in-the-ribs wasn't too sneaky, either. Another sip of her drink, a glance Red's way... a whisper to Ruana, subtle as she can. "What the hell are you up to?" Before, much louder, "How ugly's ugly?"

Finn waved off Trinsa’s comment. “No worries, was leavin’ anyway..” He had a sparrow to track down. Terra had been gone hours and showed no sign of return. He was starting to worry. “If you’re ever on the shores again..feel free to look me up. I’ll give you a game on the house.” That easy smile flashed again as he unfurled to his feet. Overcoat was snagged from the seat beside him and slung over broad shoulders. A minror adjustment to the sheath of the dagger that sat low on his hip. Venturil at night was no stroll in the park. Which was why Terra shouldn’t be out there alone. Vampire or no. “Be seein’ you around elf..” he murmured huskily, before with a nod he was movning away from the table and past the pair at the bar toward the door. “Told you Cat..Here to work..Got my business port side done..Job here should be cleared in a few days.” The murmurs of the masked female caused instinctive, curious glance Ruana’s way. That voice. Fortunately for her, Finn’s mind was already out the door and searching the streets of Venturil. It was only moments later that his body followed it.