RP:First Day On The Job

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Summary: Vuryal uses his new slave to test the devotion of Zaria before making her an ally to the Archmosian Empire. Mahri storms into the throne room to demand Rawnie's release, but Alvina isn't privy to the rest of that exchange.

Archmosian Throne Room

Zaria enters the throne room holding herself high. After she walks to the dark avian's throne she moves to one knee, "My lord." She then waits to be addressed before rising.

Mahri doesn't so much walk calmly into the castle as storm in. Disrespectful? Yes, but even the guards are quick to get out of the glaring lycan's way. Not bothering to pause as she enters the throne room, she spits out, "Release Rawnie." Her words echo through the room, anyone in ear-shot could hear the seething anger in it. Hell, she doesn't even care if the Lord of the castle is even there so long as he at least got the message.

Vuryal ignores both of the patrons for a moment as his eyes go to the human bard, Alvina. "Come here, pet."

Alvina moves towards him grudgingly, eyes downcast to the floor in an effort to pretend she was invisible. Without making a sound, she stands before her new owner, autumn tresses covering frightened emerald optics.

Zaria continued to wait though her head lifts slightly at the woman who just entered. She seemed a bit touchy, then to the woman named pet. She was watchful but remained quiet.

Vuryal waves his left arm to his side, ushering the woman to take a seat upon the floor near him as he holds out her hand for her acceptance. His eyes then flow from Zaria to Mahri, radiating fires within blazing with distaste for the latter before they calmly subdue themselves upon Zaria. "What is it you seek, child?"

Zaria raised up as she was spoken to. She held herself well even dressed in her best armor, "A place, my lord, in your clan." Her hair was pulled back from her face revealing the three scars that were there, but even with that there she was quiet beautiful.

Mahri finally comes upon the two women and the chronomancer, her own gaze meeting his with a mix of challenge and disgust. Disgust for the weakness the females showed, and challenge simply because it's always there. Not content to wait, nor will she ever prostrate herself, her lip curls up slightly, "Ye must be deaf." Alvina and Zaria are paid no attention to, her eyes firmly locked to the dark avian on the throne.

Alvina catches the direction and moves quietly into position on the floor, eyes focusing on the sparking binds that still held her. Unsure of her fate, the woman sits patiently, getting oddly use to waiting in such conditions.

Vuryal waves a dismissive hand at Mahri, causing the atoms about her mouth to react, gaining in extreme amounts of pressure as they seek to close upon one another. Should the lycan continue with such brashness, she would find it hard to speak as the gravity well upon her lips would cause for such speech to be quite difficult to continue. His tone then ushers out towards Zaria as his left hand remains out for Alvina in a sign to stay put. "Woman, why do you wish to join the Empire?"

Mahri 's silver-grey eyes narrow upon feeling the pressure against her lips. Forced to wait, her hands clench into tight fists.

Zaria remained standing where she was, "It was the only clan I saw that actually had organization and a plan on what it wants to do. The Fold, an atrocious clan if I may say so, will say one thing here and do another. My lord, I wish for a place where my services will be needed and I may learn to develop my skills, this was the best choice by far." She waits for any further questions, knowing that they would probably come.

Vuryal leans forward upon hearing the words of Zaria, eyes searing through the short distance from Emperor to woman. "Why should I let you become a citizen?"

Zaria stood not scared as she looked back into his eyes, "My lord I will be loyal and do as you wish of me. I only ask for a chance."

Vuryal looks at Zaria before his head tilts down to look at Alvina. He speaks, though not to the captive, but to the potential recruit. "Anything I ask?" he says, a smirk besetting his face, though only the bard would have witness to such a facial event.

Mahri , if she could speak, would have called the woman an idiot. However, she settles for a snort.

Zaria nodded to him though he may not have seen it, "Yes, my Lord."

Vuryal said, "Kill the slave, then."

Alvina, hearing the tone in his speech and feeling his eyes from all angles of the room, shivers. She cautious looks towards him, seeing the perfectly smirk he wore, and twists hers into an opposing expression. Looking quickly to the woman requesting admission into the Empire, the bard quickly shakes her head and mouths the word "no" in urgency.

Mahri almost started forward then, towards whom is unclear. Her right hand did go for the hilt of the dagger kept in the sheath sewn cleverly into thigh of the leather pants she habitually wore. After a moment's thought, she pauses, waiting to see what the woman would do instead.

Zaria looked to the woman by his side, "Would you like that done quickly? Or slowly and painfully?" She had no worry, if she was a slave it was not her fault she was there at that lowly spot and slaves could easily be replaced.

Alvina jumps up, edging back against the wall behind the throne. Her head shaking violently, throwing firey locks to and fro, "No," she whispered in a hurried hush, binds still tight around her neck, wrists and ankles, she was in no position to defend herself.

Vuryal turns his head to face Mahri now, steps heard resonating within the inner ear of the lord of time and space. He holds up his right hand now, the amber stone upon the ring flashing its brilliant hues for but a moment as something unseen goes in front of the lycaness. With a smirk and a scoffing bit of laughter for a brief moment, he then turns his focus upon Zaria, holding fast his right hand to continue the enchantment. "Start by slicing her wrists, so that she will bleed out. Then, work your way to her ankles, sliding the blade across the backs of her legs to ensure she cannot run. And from there, you will watch as she slowly passes away from this life. Understand?"

Mahri comes up short before her first step is taken, hitting something that is not visible. Grinding her teeth, all she can do is watch. Fine black hairs prickle along her arms, gradually thickening as her emotions -mainly anger- begin to get the better of her. The wolf was rising, barely held in check.

Zaria nodded to the Lord, "Yes sir." She pulled her whip from her side, it would slice through skin easily enough. She took a step forward, letting the whip unwind. She gave a small smirk towards the woman before unleashing the whip, heading right for her left wrist. If it hit the target she would pull it back quickly not only to cut the wrist but also allow them to open more. Then her legs, as she cracked her whip once more it would wrap around her ankles right above the binds and pulled back hard. She would fall if she could not keep her balance. She would watch for a few seconds before going after the other wrist.

Alvina began sobbing, turning her face and what she could of her body away from the woman. The sharp CRACK of the whip echos off the high ceilings and well polished throne room, but no pain finds the bard just yet. Thankfully, the whip stung her metallic arm, a brief reprieve from the fate her owner wished her. Silently thanking the gods she shifts sideways, to avoid another blow but fails, whip lashing out once more to trip her up. Alvina's face smacks hard into the floor, nose beginning to bleed and binds sparking once more. In a fit of fury and disbelief she begins to struggle with them, the sparks growing hotter and hotter around her limbs. If she was going to die...she reasoned, it would be of her own accord.

Vuryal grins with utter delight at the scene unfolding before he says, "Enough. You have proven your willingness. You are a welcomed citizen into the Empire." His gaze then flows towards Alvina, left hand beckoning her to once again come and sit next to her master. "You will be tended to short enough." Right hand, however, remains stoic in its position, unyielding to the rigors of holding the limb in place for so long. "If you can speak nicely and calmly, you can stay. Otherwise, I suggest you leave immediately."

Zaria was angered as she saw that her targets weren't all met but stood down at the Lords voice. She bowed to him, "Thank you my Lord." She wrapped her whip and placed it at her side before waiting for him to tell her what to do.

Mahri gives a short nod. It's a reasonable request, one she might be able to comply with.

Alvina stilled at his voice, the sparks dying from her binds and her ragged breath passing through her. The bard did not immediately jump at his command, but counted each breath until she felt the urge to cry soften and ebb. Then, she stood and on shakey legs sat back down a bit farther from her originally ordered position. Her body continued to host waves of sickness and her nose bleed eagerly down onto the rags adorning her frame. Eyes stiffly stared straight ahead.

Zaria watched the slave, it wasn't her place to appologies nor did she want to. She remained stationed a little bit away from her and watched the other woman.

Vuryal speaks towards Zaria first. "You may leave. I shall call upon you if needed. And take this one," he says, nodding towards Alvina, "with you. You brought these marks upon her, you shall see that they are healed. Once healed, bring her back." His mindset then turns towards the newly acquired slave. "You, Alvina, you will return to me immediately upon being healed. If you speak to any other than one who signifies that they are a part of the Empire, you will die by my hand. Understood?"

Vuryal gave 1 Ring of-the Empire to Zaria.

Alvina slowly stands and meets Vuryal's eyes strongly, even though she nods an agreement to comply. Small steps bring her to the side of the strange woman who attempted to take her life without remorse.

Mahri assumes a facade of indifference as Vuryal speaks to the two women. They are of no concern to her, and as such, she barely spares them a glance.

Zaria nodded to him and walked over to Alvina, giving her a few minutes to stand unless she didn't and she would pull her up. She didn't speak to her but wasn't as harsh on her either.

Zaria was not as rough taking her to the clinic to get her some help. She nodded to the nurse and handed her a few gold coins to pay for the fix. She then looked to Alvina, "How did you become a slave?"

Alvina shuffles slowly to the nurse, the rest of the journey having been completely silent. "Because I could not defend myself..." she replies simply, not knowing what she dared tell a woman who had such disregard for the life of a stranger. The bard also did not wish to be rude, for she was a slave now, and had to learn to bite her tongue less she wish to lose it. The nurse smiled kindly, though Alvina could not grant the woman the same kindness.

Zaria watched as the nurse cleaned Alvina's face, her hand turning blue to stop the bleeding. Zaria's slender arms crossed over her chest as she waited. "You know how to get back to the castle do you not? I need to attend some other business at the moment." She pulled from her pocket a few more gold coins and handed it to the bard. "Get you some food before you go back." Her eyes were soft when she said this, maybe she wasn't as heartless as it seemed.

Alvina looked up at caught the woman's eye, the coins jiggling softly in her hands. "T-thank you...and yes I do..." She couldn't help but hope maybe there was some good in her, even if it might have seemed a foolish trust.