RP:Deciding the HQ Location

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Part of the Lithrydel's Castle Arc

Aranhil wondered through Cenril. In his head were many thoughts, all on the same subject, clan headquarters. He had been debating for a long time on where to place it. Mia and Elwood had voiced their opinions as well, their original idea for Xalious was dismissed for its overseeing Lord requested that a fee of forty thousand gold coin be paid to him for each month that we were stationed in the mountains. Since then Many of the other areas has crossed his mind and each has been dismissed as well. The only lands he had interest in now was Larket, Cenril, and Rynvale. But right now The Fold controlled Rynvale and so he didnt want such possible problem even though they were allied. Larket was a good choice, their clan could be placed in the Eternal Forest there, though, it would be hard to find which he did not want.

Then he thought of Cenril. The city was where most of the worlds commerce was centered. The city of Merchants. There the clan HQ would stand out against the other buildings of Cenril. It would be easy to find and none control the city yet, and so, none have vowed for its protection. At least, none that are close enough to mean anything should an attack happen. Aranhil was director of the Hollow Trading Company and a member of the Merchants Guild. Cenril made the most sense to him, he wondered what Mia and Elwood would think of it.

Later that eve he would return to his shop with more items to restock the shelves. Upon seeing his friend and once teacher he would explain to each of them his thinking of the subject, as always Mia agreed with him one-hundred percent. Elwood, the elf that tended the store, had a couple questions. "Where in Cenril did you think to put the castle then? Most of the city is upon the edge of a cliff-side which is surrounded by ocean." Aranhil had thought of this as well. "To the south of the Arena there is much land covered in nothing but scattered trees. The ground there seems to be of a strong bedrock, and the sea is a good distance off so that even a clan Harbor may be created there should we feel the need." Elwood liked the idea, the Arena was rarely used since Chaos broke out anyway, so travel through it with supplies would be nothing and cause no disturbance with the fights. "Alright, so say we do place it in Cenril, who would help us to build such a castle?" Aranhil of course had an answer for this as well. "I am sure I could get the Craugmoyle Construction Company to help in its construction as well as our own clan..." Much more conversation followed, with input from each of the three. A couple hours later it was agreed. Lithrydel's Guard was to place their HQ, their castle, on Cenril's Soil, south of the Arena.