RP:Cobalt and the Elf

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Summary:Thronnel studies Cobalt.

Lucy's Crossing

Kelovath hadn’t been back in Larket for long, but his time spent was not enjoyed. There seemed to be danger flooding toward the city, but no way of knowing when or who. For the moment, the paladin patrolled Lucy’s Crossing. It was a place of peace, thanks to Artia. Guards were already patrolling the area, but Kelovath thought this would be a good opportunity to see the city he once missed greatly. Right on his heels, was a large weasel. The apparent mount of the paladin was looking all around with very little interest in anything specific. The armored paladin would look behind once in a while, making sure his companion was close. “Cobalt.” The man spoke firmly and the weasel immediately looked to the paladin, focusing on him closely. He didn’t say anything else, then continued to walk.

Thronnel was heading south through the city, towards Sage. He seemed bored, eyes listlessly roving over the shops, the houses, the citizens, looking for something of interest. He was nearing an intersection when something peaked his interest. A large weasel, wearing a saddle, was following a fellow in armor. How odd. Thronnel changed course in order to follow the odd pair, mostly interested in the weasel. A fine specimen for study.

Kelovath continued to move about the area with Cobalt close behind. They were an odd pair, but enough battles together made them close. Moving toward a nearby stall, the paladin spoke with the owner of the shop, merely exchanging idle-words. Weather, news, any recent goings-on within Larket. Nothing new, sadly. It was another day in a fine city. He thanked the man and moved on. Cobalt, on the other hand, stayed behind, not even noticing the paladin leave. The weasel began sniffing at the air and looked as if he caught the scent of something. Something near. Something that seemed good. Food. Of course it was food. Cobalt did not stray from the scent, making his way opposite of the paladin and toward a stall that was selling fresh bread. Seemed odd for a weasel to be interested in such a thing, but Cobalt was indeed an odd animal.

Thronnel watched the duo from a distance, eyes studying the weasel and his master. He wondered if there was a way to lure the creature-- Oh, the creature was luring itself away. Good show. Thronnel sauntered over to the stall, where the young lady was staring up at the enormous weasel quite nervously, and hoping it didn't drool on her wares. Thronnel approached, pulling some coins from his pocket. "How much for a loaf?" he asked. "Hmm?" the woman said, her attention wrested from the animal by Thron's voice. "Oh, uh, 3 silvers." Thron handed over the requested amount and took a loaf. He turned his attention to the animal and held his purchase out, expecting Cobalt to take it.

Cobalt had every intention of snatching a loaf of bread from the stall. But seeing it now being offered to him, it was like a dream come true. Right away, the weasel went from his normal standing position, to sitting like a dog now facing Thronnel. Even his tail began to wag in excitement. Thankfully, Cobalt was well trained and would never take the bread from someone’s hand unless given permission. Instead, the large weasel sat there, staring at, surprisingly, Thron, and not the bread. It was at about this point that Kelovath noticed Cobalt was not behind him. He sighed and started his search, which didn’t take long. Cobalt was pretty large. And furry. The armored man didn’t say anything yet. For now, he watched silently, keeping a close eye on the elf.

Thronnel waited for a few moments. When Cobalt didn't take it, Thron wondered if it was too big for him, and broke the loaf in half. He offered one half to the weasel. "Go on." Thronnel wasn't an animal person, at least not yet. It was one facet of magic he had yet to master, that of the uses for fauna in spells, potions, and the like. But while he liked reading, there was nothing like studying something up close and personal.

It didn’t take Cobalt 2 seconds before he snatched the half loaf of bread from the elf’s hand with his large mouth. The food was chewed maybe 4-5 times then swallowed. And like time was reversed, the weasel was once again looking at the other piece of bread, wagging his tail, and waiting for the command. Kelovath stepped toward the pair, looking at Cobalt first, who didn’t look back, then to Thronnel. “Normally, I think a person would get upset over someone feeding their pet. But I’ve seen Cobalt here eat a lot worse.” The throat of a fermin was the first thought. “I’m Kelovath, friend. Seems you’ve already met Cobalt.” Each time the paladin said the weasels name, small beady eyes shifted to the armored man, but then right back to the bread.

Thronnel checked his hand to make sure he still had all his fingers and was about to give the weasel the second half of the loaf when Kelovath approached. Thronnel cast his emerald gaze over to him. "My apologies, sir. I couldn't help myself. He is a charming creature." Thronnel refrained from feeding Cobalt the second half, at least until Kelo gave an explicit okay. "My name is Thronnel, my good man. A pleasure. I must say, I've never seen a beast quite like dear Cobalt. Wherever did you find him?" He saw the look Cobalt was giving him. "And may I, perhaps, allow him to finish what he started?"

Kelovath nodded to Thronnel, expecting the elf to offer the bread again. “Go on, Cobalt.” And Cobalt did. The paladin looked to the elf and smiled. “I left Hollow for a time. Cobalt here was a caged ‘beast’ when I found him.” He laughed after saying beast, pointing out that beast was obviously not the truth about the weasel. “I helped a mage rescue a group of animals from a merchant. Cobalt followed me after. Been together ever since.” The paladin stepped closer to the mount and patted his head. “Great fighter and can keep up with a horse no problem.” Cobalt leaned against the armored man, nuzzling his head into the armored hand of Kelovath. Quite a pair.

Thronnel gave the bread to the weasel, who gulped it down quite happily. Thronnel listened to the story and watched the interaction between the two with a soft smile, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. "I see. Well, I can't pretend that he's a particularly fearsome mount, but, I suppose efficiency is what matters." Thron put his hands into his pockets. "I've only been here in Hollow for a few weeks, myself. My studies have brought me here, and I hope to find a place to settle. I was planning to make Xalious my new home, but I must admit, Larket calls to me." Despite the grotesque rat folk attacking random civilians and kidnapping children.

Kelovath perked up somewhat at the mention of someone new moving to Larket. Right away, he enjoyed the idea and Thronnel seemed nice enough. Cobalt certainly liked him. The bread was obviously a good touch. “Well, I do a little bit of pull around here…” Probably more than a little bit, but eh. The paladin wasn’t interest in what he could get away with. “If you want, head on over to the Red Ogre Inn. Tell ‘em Kelovath sent you and they’ll take care of you for the night. You’re more than welcome to stick around Larket, should it suit you. I know Cobalt would enjoy the company.” Cobalt was doing the dog thing and wagging is tail, sniffing the air, wondering if the elf had any other food. Kelovath laughed, nudging the weasel playfully. “Tomorrow, I’d suggest swinging by Kyla’s Eatery. It’s near the end. Kayla is a lovely woman. Best food in Larket, but don’t tell her I said that.” He laughed again, shrugging. “I know there have been some strange things happening here lately, but nothing to worry about, really. Larket does have the mightiest army in Hollow.” He didn’t laugh after that. It was true. Definitely not a joke. “But, Cobalt and I do need to continue our patrol, so I’m sure we’ll see you around. Pleasure to meet you, Thronnel.” The paladin bowed slightly at the waist, his armor clicking together as he did, which caused the weasel to stand and follow Kelovath, back toward the fort.

Thronnel made a note of Kelovath's apparent status. A good man to have for a friend, then. At the mention of the Red Ogre Inn, he had to fight a smirk. "Thank you, Sir Kelovath, I'll keep that in mind." He wasn't about to mention that he was already staying with a certain beautiful redhead. That was no one's business. "I have seen some strange things, indeed, but you needn't worry. I can handle myself. I thank you, however, for the warning. Fare thee well, Sir Kelovath and noble Cobalt."