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RP:Cleaning Houses

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Part of the The Lesser of Two Evils Arc

Vampire Embassy

True to the luxury-loving nature of the Vampire, this high-vaulted room is filled with rich furnishings designed to be pleasing to both eye and touch. Silky, deep crimson cushions lie plumply on wide divans covered in satin and polished cottons along the room's southern wall, their decorative tassels and brocade edgings all made of silver thread. Here are seated a bevvy of silent but apparently willing slaves, male and female thralls all elegantly dressed and clearly well-cared for, each with the marks of recent vampiric feeding on their throats. Their expressions leave no doubt they'd be only too happy to offer up neck or wrist to a thirsty vampire. Too, there are always decanters of the lands finest wines and liquors set upon side-tables next to the plump armchairs that invite relaxing conversation after business is done. At the northern end stands a long, mahogany table with clawed feet, built to seat at least twenty, its chairs intricately carved with gargoyle-like figures. Depending on current usage, the table is either lavishly laid with a banquet feast or primly arranged with papers for diplomatic business meetings, but either way long tapers burn in magificent silver candelabrum set at intervals along the center. Tapestries depicting figures from Vampiric history line the walls, proudly honouring great heroes and villains alike, and members of the Vailkrin City Guard stand by, aloof and wary, staunch defenders of their race employed to protect those within. To the north lies the Ambassador's ornate scrollwork desk, its flurry of quills and papers and pile of thick tomes clear indication of how extremely busy that dignitary has been.

A Vampire Lord is here.

OOC note: This RP was coupled with statting, the line breaks noting the time spent fighting the actual mob. A quick, winged RP meant to fuel Vailkrin's current arc.

Kasyr s' entrance is heralded by a quiet knock upon the door, before the Revenant simply pushes the door open and strides into the room. A brief glance is spared for the decadent setting, before the Kensai draws his left hand up to his hip, his right hand extended off to the side, "Monsieur- I do apologize for the intrusion- but I do believe it's time we've had a bit of a talk. ...Don't worry, I'll make it -very- brief."

Satoshi follows close at Kasyr's heels up until he enters the room. From there, the kit sets herself up before the entrance, a whispered lyric from her drawing the waters from door and frame to seal them together in a sheet of ice. "No point in eavesdroppers, yes~?"

The vampire lord's already in the process of clasping his hands together and offering one of his patented sycophantic responses, when the doors are shut and sealed. Whatever fawning words were at the tip of the mans tongue -die-, a halting squeak the only thing he can muster. Kasyrs' reputation proceeds him, after all, given that the Revenant had gone to great lengths to purge the corrupt and lax parts of the Vailkrin government the last time things had..'fallen apart', as it were. "...I..Uh.. Hah. I was, going to offer the Dark Man..my support. My help. He. Uh. I, I... was just being prudent. And waiting, until the situation settled down."

Kasyr said, "Don't worry. The situations going to die down. ...Starting here, really."

Satoshi just grins.

And sure, there might be staunch defenders of the Vailkrin in this room. The problem is- they are more than aware of who Kasyr is, and what he's capable of.

Satoshi, while she has no desire to get directly involved in the confrontation of ambassador and revenant, is at least keeping an eye on the guards. Although, considering their loyalties lie with Vailkrin itself, the magus isn't expecting much trouble from them in this matter. Still, Satoshi's cautious enough to whistle up a small pack of foxes from the vials of holy water dangling from her satchel. Her vulpine gang slink around the kit in a constant roiling mass of frosted fur, watching the fight and guards with hungry eyes.

Kasyr s' particular approach to this has been simple enough- the Kensai having abruptly closed distance with the vampire lord, if only so he could tackle him into his desk, and start pummeling him against the wooden surface. The poor fellows rapidly finding himself embedded into the ornate desk, scrolls spilling out around him as he tries to struggle against the Revenants furious assault. At some point, Gospel is manifested into the guise of a Katana- the Odious weapon drawn out in a blur of motion that ends with it being buried through the nobles arm- pinning him to the floor. "I'd deal with you- I really would. If I didn't think you'd drag your heels if this happened again in the future." Smack, Smack, Crack. "I figure, your successor will do a better job, Monsieur." A few of the guards decide to turn their gazes upwards at the -very- interesting ceiling. Or the tapestries. Or the shoes that are part of their official uniform. Can never get tired of shoes.

Kasyr pushes himself off the vampiric noble, one hand running through his hair as he observed his handiwork. The man was barely even recognizeable by this point, his face a battered mass of broken bone and shredded flesh. That arm which wasn't pinned tried to raise up to strike the Kensai, if only for Kasyr to step down on his elbow with enough force to crack the limb. "Then again, as far as Foreign affair ministers go- I have an absolute faith in Satoshis abilities. She did an exceptional job last time around." With one foot planted on the mans arms, the Kensai simply hunches forward and brings his foot over the mans face- before he begins to apply pressure. "To those of you present- I'll say this now. I'm sick of the situation in Vailkrin. I am sick of these little parasitic pissants sitting in their offices... doing nothing." A bit more pressure is applied upon the nobles faces, bones cracking beneath the exerted force, "So I'm going to come back, et I'm going to fix it. I pray none of you have any qualms with this?"

Satoshi crouches down to eye-level with her conjured foxes, her voice a feigned whisper that carries easily to the guards, "It's almost lunch time, loves. Soon as his brain's crushed proper." A chorus of excited yipping is the response as the vulpines scramble about eagerly. A delicate pat is given to one of the creatures before Satoshi stands, glancing sidelong at Kasyr with a smirk, "The foxes and I'll be -delighted- to hear any complaints you lot might have~."

Kasyr 's following exertion of force can only be explained with a two noises, ~CRUNCH~ ~SQUELCH~.

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "If you're done then?" She nods rather pointedly to the fox-ish gang waiting with barely restrained desire."I did promise them~."

Kasyr places his hands into his pockets and steps off from the deceased vampires body. With a casual bow given towards Satoshi and her pets, he simply says, "Bon appetit, et all that." From there, the Kensai simply begins to stride towards the rooms exit, though not before he turns to peer towards those guards gathered, "Whilst it es an unforunate thing you were not able to guard your ...'charge' from the grievous fate that occured to him- now es not the time to lament such an action. It goes without saying that the liason for Vailkrin would not have wanted the city to fall into utter disarray; for it to be shredded apart and lain vulnerable whilst the drow and Naga lay poised to take advantage of that weakness. Its' for this reason that myself, the former governor of Vailkrin, et Satoshi, the former foreign affairs minister- were contacted, in an attempt to Stymie this awful train of events. Et it's for this reason that I ask you now to spread the words of this awful travesty- to mention the underhanded manner in which the opposition has felled the one who had the courage to contact us."A pause, and the Revenant simply grins, "A simple task, non? To find those who were loyal to the old government, et those who would follow the new one that myself et the Dark Man will create?" A pause and the Revenant casually glances over towards Satoshi, "Et to make sure nothing befall the foreign liason we just so happen to have~"

Satoshi listens to the kensai's speech over the noise of a quintet of foxes going to work on the corpse. As far as the magus is concerned, the words go rather well backed by the sound of shredding flesh, snapping bones, hungry snarls, and the hiss of undeath encountering blessed ice. However, the acrid stench being caused by that holy chemical reaction could be done without--even if Satoshi deems it a fitting reminder to any of the guards that may be harboring ideas.

Kasyr casually draws a cigarette up to his lips, and takes a position up against the door, "Et bien, I do believe we're done here, madamoiselle. On y va?"

Satoshi eyes the cigarette. "Sometimes I think you enjoy crushing skulls more than our games." Whether she means it as a joke or not, she doesn't say, simply departing on the invitation and leading away her bloodied pack of corpse-eaters.

New NPC in place of the mob: The corpse of a failed vampire politician is here.