RP:Cat Calls and Stab Wounds

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Cenril City | East Arril

The wind cracked and howled at the shutters and eaves of the dark Cenrillian night, the hollow footfalls of a trio of men echoing out amidst the alleys and streets in chorus with laboured breaths and quiet curses. Graven and Rheece turned the corner where they had last seen their target flee to find nothing but a few sacks of rubbish and the tired stone wall of a dead end. "Light spare me; he surely didn't climb that wall." Rheece managed to get out between heavy gasps for air, "Maybe he was more animal than man. He did a number on poor ol' Harkin back there, banged him up good with that beater of his." Graven didn't speak, just advanced slowly on the pile of sacks and foul smelling waste sword raised. Lapsing into silence Rheece gave a nod of understanding easing his long knife in it’s sheathe. Graven crossed the last few steps as silently as possible for a man his size and without further ado launched a ferocious kick at a rounded lump in the midst of all the waste. A high pitched howl of feline origin cuts the relative silence and a haggard cat streaks from his slumber into the recesses of the night in tandem with the hysterical laughter of Rheece, "Ha, Well you've finally done it. The elusive cat burglar finally taken down a peg by the cunning Graven and his sidekick." Whatever curse was forming on Rheece's partner's lips died in a moment as the sound of approaching footsteps resounded off the walls of the cul-de-sac the pair inhabited. "Looks like we've got company, lad, knife out and stay behind me." The shadows of three armed persons sprung around the corner flickering in the vague light cast by the street lamps and Rheece found himself holding his breath.

Prowling about in the night was one of Meri’s favorite pastimes, a past time the woman exercising tonight...and it would seem she is not the only one who saw fit to be out tonight. Meri’s initially had ill intentions, desiring to find some more bloc to make her mark for the night by wandering the streets and dark alleys of this hellhole of a city but the pursuit taking place down the street steals her attention. What sort of excitement was going down? The temptation to find out was irresistible as a trio of men blow right by the alley was she traveling down. Her attempts to follow the group are half-assed at best. Meri did not deem it appropriate to run after the group, her pace was brisk at best but only in spurts. She wasn’t that eager to find trouble. At one point she actually loses them along the streets. It’s the cat’s cry trailed with laugher that gives Meri some inclination of where in the city to look. They weren’t really that far off...but far enough off that she sees the second trio approaching the first group, which is now down to two she notes. Interesting. For the time being, the blonde hangs back, using the shadows to her advantage so that she can attempt to position herself in such a way that she can view the scene without really being noticed by the others. Meri enjoyed a good fight and she was rather curious to see just exactly how this would pan out.

Cutting off a curse Rheece shoots a quick glance toward Graven, who at this point had managed to meld himself with the assembled sacks of spoiled food and other unmentionables - quite impressive considering the broadness of the man. So it is simply a young member of the Cenrilli Guard that greets the three street toughs once they finally come around the corner. "Ey ey, little one, left all alone to wander the streets at night are ya? What is old Malanx up to? Recruitment must be slow this time o' year." A hideous cackle bursts free from the speakers duo of fellows as they slowly advance from each flank. Rheece for his part in this scene remains quiet, calm and methodical, as his training dictates, withdrawing from behind his wooden buckler one of the trio of short spears and assuming a stance more befitting of battle. A gruff laugh escapes the leader of the trio, "You want blood spilled, boy? You'll get more than you could wish for, you'll beg for it to stop before it's over." A threatening pause, "After you lads." The flanking pair pad forward with large, scarred knives now raised and menacing. Then there is sound, there is action and there is furious movement. Rheece pistons forward in an adroit flourish of coiled muscle and honed training releasing the first of his spears to take the man to his left in the chest and leave him a gasping at the explosion of metal that has taken place amidst his vital organs. The thug on the right is suddenly swept over by the thunderous tide of Graven barreling from the shadows in a ferocious assault of pure brawn and the malicious method of a born killer - there is but one grunt from the assailant turning victim before the life slips from him in a hazy rattle of death. The remaining thug is, understandably taken aback and stares wide eyed at the remnants of his friends as they spill their life essence all over the Cenril cobblestone. Rheece sets the arctic cold of his emerald gaze on the remaining man, speaking as soft as the lick of whet stone over spear blade, "You are right, 'friend', I wish it would stop. The blood need not seep through our streets. Let it stop now and do not run, we will not harm you." The last thug could be forgiven for being suspicious, if he were to look at Graven a man more stone than flesh he would see the murderous intent in his features all too clearly but if you could not trust the Guard who could you trust. "Your call...", Rheece's words echo out into the night time din, hope underlining each syllable that perhaps the man will see sense.

The names of the important figures in Cenril was not something Meri was familiar with. At least not yet. She was a new face in these parts. So the name of Malanx meant nothing to her. She heard whispers of the existence of some form of law-enforcers in Cenril. Meri did not put full stock into whispers though. Those baby blues remain fixed on the scene unfolding before her. Meri didn’t even bat a lash as she watched two men struck down for no apparent reason. At least it seemed like no apparent reason from her uninformed perspective. It’s at this point the blonde has the brilliant idea to throw herself into the mix. The woman steps forward from the shadows, booted feet carrying her toward the three remaining men. Her hands are held up in front of her just to show that she had no weapon....at least not in her grasp. Meri was tall, standing about five foot nine, with platinum blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a number of tattoos and she was definitely armed. There was a dagger sheathed at her hip and two shoved into the back of of her calf-high black boots. Keeping two of her three visible weapons in a location where she’d have to drop into a crouch to retrieve them perhaps was not the most intelligent idea. Perhaps. The fine details of her inkings are hard to make out in the night time shadows of the dark alley but both her arms have vividly colored work sprawling up her skin from knuckles to shoulders...and there was still more. On the neck. The back of her shoulder blades. The ever so classy tramp stamp. “Hey now, boys. What the hell sorta shenanigans are we up to tonight?” Her words have a bit of a souther drawl to them as they slip past her ruby red lips. Meri’s aim is to distract the two Guards long enough to provide the last thug a window of opportunity to flee. Why? The last remaining thug seemed so shocked by the fate of his two cohorts. Sometimes, Meri had this thing called a heart.

Meri appears and silence descends, well more so, the sort you could with a knife. And then - the thug takes flight dispatching a pair of concealed blades from his sleeves to fizz toward the pair of Guards with a startling alacrity. One takes Rheece in the shoulder and the second harmlessly falls from the metal-meshed leathers of Graven's armour. Both men however are far from unmoving, Rheece is crying out vain curses at the man and clutching the worn hilt that protrudes from the now tarnished white of his tabard, his eyes dancing around to search for any compatriots of the woman; Graven for his part is up and running already chasing the escaping street tough, promising him all forms of unlikely punishment if he manages to catch him. "You!" Rheece is not happy, his finger, of his unaffected right hand side, pointed at the woman, "You, what are YOU doing here!? Placing yourself in amongst Guard business. Are you affiliated with these fine gentlemen here." The two dead men are given a deliberate flourish with the now retrieved short spear in his right hand, "Don't get up, boys." Turning once more to face Meri, he continues, grasping once more at the blue blooded civility that he was more accustomed to, "State your business or be on your way, as you can see it is going to be a busy night." A longing glance is delivered into the night and a soft prayer uttered for Graven that he wasn't running into a trap.

Meri releases an indignant snort when Rheece goes pointing at her and making his demands. The woman’s hands drop from their passive position held up in front of her, falling instead to her side. “What am I doing here?” the tattooed woman repeats with a lofted brow. “I am just walkin’ through the city. Was mindin’ my own business tell I passed on by this frockin’ mess.” Okay. That’s a lie. The woman was not opposed to those. Those baby blues drift away from Rheece, coming to rest on one of the dead men. The blonde approaches, turning him over by using the toe of her boot so that she can stare directly into the man’s face. “Really though...I think I oughta be askin’ ya what ya are doin’ here? Cause far as I can tell...This was just cold blooded murder.” Her blue eyes cut back to Rheece, ruby red lips curving up into a devious smirk. “Cause...from what I saw...these men ya killed? They ain’t done nothin’. They was hasslin’ ya a bit, sure...But who made the first move? Sure as shit to me looked like ya did. Unless there is some story to these men that I don’t know. What crime did they commit that warranted their death, eh? The hell sorta business was I interruptin’?” Never mind all the nonsensical questions of if she was affiliated with the thugs. She wasn’t. And if there was any sort of trap waiting for Graven, Meri certainly would not be aware of it. Not that she would care, either. Meri seemed to be in no rush to move along her with her business as she was command. The fact that Rheece was injured was also a very low priority to the woman.

Rheece is in too much pain to be taken aback by the frank accusation of the female, surely she could see he and Graven were of the Guard these men were thugs. Had the propaganda machine of the Cenrilli gangs really sown seeds so deep that the Guard were assumed guilty and corrupt without the blink of an eye, "You claim to be a witness to this 'apparent' murder, my lady. If you are such a thing from where was your point of vantage? I would very much like to bring you to supply a written or verbal testimonial for our superior's. You will see that our blades did not kill in lust but out of necessity." Pain had started to seep from his shoulder up along his neck and mingling with his words, the last pair pained gasps. "Will you agree to accompany me to a safer destination where we can better discuss this matter?" A shuffling from behind Meri reveals the shadowed form of Graven, who upon entering the flicker of lamp light shakes his head, he had lost his prey. "Doin' okay, lad?"

Graven’s approach is noticed almost instantly, though Meri is forced to look over her shoulder to determine just who is approaching her from behind. Meri regards the man with a studious look before her baby blues shift back to Rheece. Testimony? She didn’t like the sound of that. Meri takes a step away from both guards and the kills claimed by the guards. Tattooed shoulders are rolled in a half-hearted shrug, stating rather blankly. “I ain’t interested in provide no testimonial to no one. Written or verbal. Ain’t happenin’.” A pointed look shifts between Graven and Rheece, allowing a moment of silence long enough to let her point sink in. “That bein’ said, if I ain’t willin’ to give no testimonial, I doubt ya and I really have all that much to discuss now do we? Unless yer gonna try and justify the situation. All depends on what ya deem a safer place...” The woman was mildly regretting her accusation as it opened this whole can of worms that she really had no desire to deal with but she did her best to try and not let this regret show. “Probably best for ya and yer friend to call it a night and for ya to get yerself cleaned up.”

Rheece has shuffled over to the alleyway wall to rest his uninjured shoulder against it and claim a bit of much needed support, "Well it's like this, we have no wish for there to be lies spread of Guards killing innocents in the streets, we don't want people hearing about it, thinking about it much less actually believing it could be true. So you are people and that includes you, what happened here tonight was not cold blooded murder and all we ask is the opportunity to clear things up. If you come with us to Congressional Way our superior is housed in the Capitol Building, we can have a polite and quick chat and all this mess will be sorted and meanwhile I can get this flaming knife out of my shoulder. How does that sound? You have our word you will not be harmed and the word of a Guard is going to mean something again, let us prove it to you." Graven remains quietly aside, rolling his eyes at the impassioned speech of Rheece toward the end, "You'll be alright, lass, you're not my type and Rheece here is too much of a ponce to do anything about it even if you tickled his fancy." A baleful, good humoured glare is thrown his way by the younger Guardsman as they await her reply.

Meri weighs her options very carefully at this moment. She could run, potentially putting herself even further on the bad side of these two guards. Running didn’t make the most sense as she didn’t really do anything wrong....beyond being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The best option, she reasons to herself, is to humor the men and play along. Those baby blues settle on Graven as a result of his comments, eyebrow lofted. A smirk curves at those ruby red lips. She couldn’t resist the temptation, “Doesn’t know to do with the ladies once he’s got ‘em, eh?” Her baby blues slide back to Rheece, flashing him an innocent smirk. She gestures to the two bodies, stating rather nonchalantly, “Pretty sure I could give both ya boys a run for yer money if ya guys got any ideas, far more than these two blocs, so I’m quite certain I’ll be alright.” The thumbs of both of her hands are hooked into the belt loops of her pants, motioning off into the general direction of Congressional with a toss of her chin. “Lead the way then, boths, let’s get this noise over with.” As the woman who fancied herself a criminal was not exactly keen on having too long of a stay in the office of the lawmen.

Rheece pays little head to the exchange between Graven and Meri, offering Graven a dour look as he laughs uproariously at her reply. "Yes, yes, you are both hilarious. Perhaps you should hang up the sword Graven and take to the stage." Grunting the youth steps away from the wall, his footing weak at best, "In the mean time though how about givin us a hand here. We can't all have the Dark One's luck when it comes to coming out unscathed." It was true enough with Graven aside a few scraps and bumps the man had seen relatively little damage done to him considering how quick he was to fight. Rheece suspected there was much more to the man than he ever let on. "Yeh, yeh, lad. Don't be frettin' I've got ya." All shades of humour are gone now from his stoney face, a much more business like facade taking hold, "Right, lass, in front of us if you would we are heading toward Congressional Way, north and east of here. Let's get a move on."

Meri can’t resist the temptation to look Rheece over from head to toe blatantly, smirking deviously. “Don’t worry, darlin’, I bet ya will be a fast learner.” This is said as she turns away from the two men and takes the lead. The lead, that was not a place she was entirely keen on being. Two strange men behind her. While they maintain their innocence in the matter, Meri is resolute in her version of what she saw. The tattooed woman moves at a brisk pace through the city streets. She was new to these parts but not so new that she was unaware of where Congressional Way was. “Try not to enjoy the view too much.” Meri says as they round the first corner. Again, there goes her inability to keep her sass to herself. At this point, she is silent. Silent unless given a reason to not be. Meri takes long strides, trying to keep a healthy distance between herself and the two guardsmen. Every so often she casts a wary look over her shoulder just to see what they are up to. Meri found that there was something rather unsettling of having two complete strangers, both of which who claim to be the law in this town, walking behind her. She who fancied herself a criminal. If left to her own devices, Meri will brood in silence over her pickle all the way to their destination, leaving Graven and Rheece to speak amongst themselves...or maybe they don’t. Do they?

Graven looses a raucous cat call after Meri has made her little remark, guffawing at the exchange in his rough way. Clearly he enjoyed the woman's attitude, Rheece's expression however changed to one of slight shock, only paper in comparison to his usual due to the continuous loss of blood. Their journey remains a quiet one however and uneventful for the most part that is until the nearby whisper of blades being unsheathed causes the pair to stop in their tracks. They are by this time at the corner of Arril and Beloy, south of the Whalers Inn, a patrolled area to boot. Graven is nonplussed and Rheece looking grim, if Meri were to look around because from the shadows four men have smoothly filtered, their leader the man who took Rheece with the knife no more than thirty minutes ago. "Well, well, look what we've got here! Old friends!" There is very little argument as to what is intended this time round, each of the four men armed with large, cleaver like daggers and advancing with a definite malice. Meri is at this point is unnoticed, so she is faced with the options of fleeing into the night, staying to watch or interrupting the little meet and greet. Graven the whole while is cursing and Rheece is using his uninjured left arm to grapple a belt knife from its sheathe.

Meri could likely run at this point. It was the perfect opportunity. Not like Graven and Rheece would chase after her if they were busy being jumped by the two men. Yet, Meri doesn’t. A criminal she may be just not a criminal that wishes senseless death on two men she does not know well enough to pass judgement on. Except that they might be murderers themselves. Maybe. More importantly, if she ran...that would just fuel bad blood. It could be a more fruitful venture to remain only friendly terms with these two men as long as possible. So, when she looks over her shoulder in that almost ritualistic tick, the shadows are noticed. The details are hard to make out a first but it soon becomes quite clear. The blonde reels about suddenly, long strides taking her closed to Graven and Rheece, as if to make her presence with the duo known. This is accompanied with a fair amount of smack talk, “Ya really wanna keep on with this? Cause I don’t think ya brought enough men to this little show down.” Meri waits until the gang of four is actually looking at her. Once they are, one of those blades that are shoved into the back of her half-high boots? Well it just flies from its sheathed resting place and straight into Meri’s hand. There is no doubt that the inanimate object being brought to action was somehow Meri’s doing. It was just a small parlor trick, just enough to warn the men away from this fight. “Ya outnumbered them last time and ya still got yer ass kicked. Ya may have brought four? But they done managed to add one more. Yer chances are grim. I’d run off like the cowardly dog ya are, tail between yer legs.”

Rheece has stepped away from Graven now, subjecting Meri to a sort of blank look of incomprehension at this turn of events. She was certainly able to handle those blades of her's but he was hoping he wouldn't have to see her try. His wounded state cannot but hidden for very long however and as the pain continues to course through his system it isn't very long before the thugs sense a weakness. "Oh yeh, yer fella there don't look so hot I reckon it's just you and the fat one we have to worry about darlin! And them be odds that I like!" Almost as one the street toughs sweep forward, weapons glinting menacingly in the stray rays of Cenrilli City street light. Graven is livid, absolutely raging at being called fat one, his thick fingers flexing mechanically around the hilt of a small seaxe and its sister sword breaker. The thick shouldered man speaks then, cutting off any further taunts from gang before and when his words fall free of his chapped lips they are bereft of all emotion, colder than ice and harder than a hammer at forge, "You motherless goat fucking scum, please take another step forward, I beg you. Take one more step and grant me my wish I do be you. I will your eyes from your sockets and send them back to whatever filthy offspring you leave behind the rest of you will be left to be eaten by the crows. Now, come on, step closer! Please!" This psychotic diatribe leaves Rheece looking aghast at Graven as if he had never seen the man before and the four men paused midst step as if reassessing the situation what cause did this mad man have to be so confident in the face of being out numbered and out gunned. The leader of the group turns his focus to Meri as if weighing up if this whole foray would ever be worth it, so it is upon this straw that the scales are set - her reaction will either invite a fight or deliver the trio to safety.

Meri doesn’t afford herself the luxury of even looking at Graven during his violent outburst, though her red lips twitch upwards in a hint of a smirk. Her gaze remains locked with the gang that they currently risk going toe to toe with. It was always a risk to let your attention stray from your enemy for even just a moment. Meri was far from afraid of a fight with a couple of street hoodlums with daggers. Fear did not drive her lack of action. It was the desire to not really see any more bloodshed over....what? Being down the wrong alley at the wrong time? Whatever it was it was senseless. ‘Go. Home.’ Meri wordlessly mouths to the leader. A bit louder she says, “I bet that Rheece still has enough spunk in him to be of use to us. Wouldn’t go writin’ him off just yet. Do ya really wanna go findin’ out what sorta mettle we’s made of. The hell do ya get from this?” She left the ball in his court. Her look urged him to leave. She could come up with excuse enough to turn Graven and Rheece off their tails. Her look may urge the gang to leave but the blonde still stood with confidence, her stance defensive, just in case...but really she was on the offensive. It’s just not something easily seen. Meri gives the gang one more chance to leave, one final warning with one final hint of what the telekinetic woman might be capable of. Meri mentally focuses on the daggers the men hold, giving them a very gentle but consistent pull. It’s something the men can notice, this pull on their weapons, a pull that could very well tug it out of their grips were it stronger. It could be stronger. It will be stronger. Unless they decide to walk away now. Meri would not make the first move. If more blood was to be shed, it would be on the four men attempting to be menacing. Emphasis on the attempting...because if those four men do not end up walking away from this fight, if they end up attacking, they would quickly be forced to deal with Meri’s attempt to disarm them by ripping their weapons from their grip. It was like Fighting 101: disarm your opponent if possible. Meri just might have the advantage in this area. The perks of being telekinetic?

Rheece stands a little straighter at Meri's call to arms, forgoing his haranguing glare at Graven to enact a smooth flourish of his two remaining short spears, now both unsheathed. He remains quiet though, simply affixing the men a hard gaze and defiant stance. Graven is that bull-headed mountain of aggression and murderous intent still and as Meri telepathically reaches out for the blades each of the assembled four men feel the tug of the tide being turned against them, one man in the back is so filled with impending doom that his blade slips from his hand and clatters to the ground causing the others to start, "Sven take you, Garbishen, keep yerself together." Though, it is clear the fight has left the quartet and that retreat is on the cards. With a vague attempt to keep their bravado intact the leader slips his blade into its sheathe, however only on the second time of asking, "Yer faces have been marked, know that, Guardsmen and Girl. Yer faces have been marked and we will be seein' each other again soon." The trio behind him are all hesitantly eyeing their weapons as only moments ago they had seemed to betray them and as their superior turns to melt back into the shadows there is no qualms as they deliver one last aggrieved look upon youth, man and female who are now left in relative peace. A heavy sigh will be released from Rheece's lips as he sags up against a wall, fumbling to sheathe his weapons again, Graven is looking abashed but offering no apologies for the language used, insisting it was part of the act which to his relief Rheece believes of the man - what a change it had been though. At length though the two men are looking at Meri, what to do with her now, she had been the grain that tipped the scales and they owed her, "So..." Graven trails off uselessly, let's see what she says.

Meri waits until the men are long out of sight out of a force of habit before she lets those baby blues drift back to Rheece and Graven. Graven’s line seems like an opening to her, the woman is torn. Try and convince them to let her go on her way or continue along with this little charade they had going on. Maybe it was just in Meri’s nature to doubt everyone but the tattooed woman had little faith that the conversation they would be having if they ever reached their destination would be a pleasant one. “So...” What Meri does have to say is entirely uneventful. Straight to business. They did have a man bleeding and Rheece was being such a sport about toughing it front of those thugs. “I reckon we was on our way somewhere?” There was no avoiding it. “Is that still on the agenda or have ya two boys had enough of me for the night?” Those baby blues travel to Rheece, “I mean, I’m thinkin’ yer really wantin’ to get yerself fixed up. Do ya really wanna spend time discussin’ anythin’? Talk is cheap anyway.” The woman assumes she knows what the answer is and is already turning heel to make her way toward Congressional Avenue even before they give the word. Unless they tell her otherwise, that is the direction she’d be walking. Compliance was still the name of this game. She’d hope that would work out to her advantage.

Relief floods the tired body of Rheece and the usually implacable Graven, relief that the men did not simply return, relief that safety was close by and relief that woman wasn't just going to run off and have them chase her; Rheece didn't think his legs could much support himself let alone endure a sprint. Tired though he is, it is the younger of the pair that speaks, "We really appreciate you helping us out there, without you there would either be more bloodshed be it ours or theirs. So thanks, genuinely. We would very much like it still though if you could come with us testify to what you saw then be on your way. Light, if I had my way I'd put you in a uniform and have you patrol the streets with Graven and I. Honourable thing you did, heavens knows there isn't enough like you around." Dropping his head in a curt, respectful nod Rheece braces himself to walk, Graven does something similar though not before hitting a balled fist off of his chest plate in salute, "You're a goodin' lass so you are." Not quite so eloquent but that was Grav all over. "You keep watch and I'll help the lad, let's get a move on then." If Meri should acquiesce the trio will make it, finally, to the building they seek without further issue, allowing that Meri doesn't intervene of course!

Even if the men seem to have gone, Meri is on guard. She keeps her dagger out and in hand. By force of habit, those baby blues are constantly roaming about the area. If even the slightest shadow moved, she’d look that way. The manner in which she does that is not jumpy per say. There have been two assaults on this lot tonight, there was plenty of cause for suspicion. As they walk, Meri comments, “Don’t go jumpin’ to conclusions ‘bout me now, boys. I ain’t no saint.” A hint of impishness glimmers in those baby blues, “And I ain’t no goodin’.” But she was behaving herself well enough for the time being. “So I wouldn’t go sayin’ ya want to put me in no uniform yet. Ya hardly even know me.” Regardless of if Graven and Rheece could see this, she can’t help but smirk. Sometimes she just amuses herself endlessly, “‘sides. Puttin’ me in a uniform would be a damn shame. I’m too good lookin’ for that short of unflatterin’ shit.” In truth, though, Meri was a fairly selfish woman in most cases and with most people. There were a few exceptions. A few soft spots...but those were rare. Clearly, Meri does not intervene with their course. After a time, they do indeed arrive to their destination unhindered and without further trouble. Once they are standing outside this building, Meri drops into a crouch briefly, long enough to shove her dagger back into its resting place in her boot. Graven and Rheece are given the chance to enter first.

Upon their arrival the duo breathe a little easier, Herre and Gain who happen to be on duty at the door rush to aid Rheece. The youth mumbles his thanks before nodding to Graven and offering Meri a reassuring smile, "Thanks again for all your help and for this, I'll have to report to the surgeon on duty but I'm sure Graven here will stay with you. You too Gain, escort this lady to Regin's office. Herre and I will be fine here." Graven gets one last look, "Look out for her like she looked out for us tonight, keep her away from Scleran and bring her straight to Regin then escort her wherever she needs to go." Rheece is led away by the rangy Herre and he disappears down a series of corridors at a slow lope. Left now in the main hallway Gain wastes no time in directing Meri deep into the heart of the Capitol building, if the enigmatic female is watching she will note the wariness of the men beside her, their eyes scanning the faces of clerks and fellow Guards alike with a thinly veiled suspicion. Something wasn't right, clearly.

Meri was not keen on Rheece’s words to Graven. A rather questioning look is sent to Graven but it’s not like the woman exactly felt comfortable about speaking freely. Bring her to one guy and not the other? Really? Why? She desperately wanted to know. The woman grows rather tense, muscles tightening up from head to toe. This was a rather awkward situation, if only for her. The tattooed woman picked up on the wariness to a degree and was entirely baffled by it. Should they not feel comfortable in their own building? Why did they look so suspicious? The woman was dead silent. The only noise that could be heard from her was the sound of her boots falling against the floor with each step taken. The urge to run was welling up inside of her, no thanks to the wariness of the two men beside her, but she forced herself to press on. While the woman tried to think of something to say, her mind could only focus on how uncomfortable this scenario was...and how the silence made things even more uncomfortable. Meri sucks in a sharp breath involuntarily and releases it in the form of a sigh. Her tattooed hand rises to the side of her neck, which is also tattooed, rubbing her neck. It was a bit of a nervous tick. Something that she also could not fully control. She’d just have to wait and see what sort of mess she has let herself get into this time.

The trio, surprisingly, went about their journey without receiving any the preordained harassment, aside a quick questioning as to their business by a sharp nosed man named Bale who Gain had a few unsavoury things to say about in a half whisper to Graven. Yes, there was most certainly a palpable tension in the air between sectors of Guards and somewhere in between there was the new recruits keeping their heads down and out of the way of any of the apparently feuding groups. Graven and Gain spoke rarely but always in hushed tones and with their eyes set to a constant dissection of each man who passed some on the end of jovial nods, some ignored for the most part. Upon arriving at their destination a quick wrap of Gain's knuckles allows them access to a rather clean and obsessively ordered Clerk's office, there behind the desk was the one they sought: Regin, recently elected head Clerk of the Cenrilli Guard, his short cut black hair promising grey already despite his relatively short term in office. His gaze flits from the document before him to the tired looking Graven, Gain and the female and he gestures off-handedly to the chair before him - clearly this invitation is meant for Meri alone. Graven is offered a raised eyebrow and the man wastes little time in recounting events as they unfolded and their original taking Meri in to act as a witness, Rheece's injury and the woman's show of honour he didn't gloss things over or embellish just the simple truth fell from this rock of a man's lips. For his part Regin listens without interrupting much, once or twice asking for a recount of a certain point of the story or a question as to motive of the Guard's actions where he deemed necessary although his questioning seemed to follow no real line of clear thought. Once he is finished cross examining Graven, so to speak, who looks relieved for it be over turns to Meri, assuming she had stayed quiet all this time even if she hasn't she will have been mostly ignored. "I am Regin, Head Clerk of the Cenrilli Guard. Firstly I am thankful for your actions this evening; those two would have been sorely missed for more than just their blades. Please, if you don't mind could you recount the tale in your own words and views, I promise we won't keep you long and your deeds already this day will see you rewarded." There is little humour or charm about the bird-faced man, he is every inch the professional, right down to the quill in his hand that almost idly takes down everything that is said.

It didn’t matter how uneventful the walk was, Meri simply was comfortable in this building. She kept quiet, didn’t bother making conversation with Graven and Gain. They seemed content to speak in their own hushed tones. Behaviour the blonde was used to. She was the outsider in this town after; given the length of time she has spent here. Those baby blues travel over Regin’s features as soon as they enter the office. As Graven is quick to recount his story, Meri listens. Well..at first she listens. But once Regin’s starts asking questions and asking certain points to be repeated, her attention starts to wonder and she is only half-listening. When Regin speaks to Meri, the woman’s attention snaps to in an instant. This was the part where she had to talk? Her murder stint didn’t seem like such a worthwhile adventure any longer. Antagonizing the law, at this point in time? Maybe not so fun. She was a little out-numbered. “I mean I weren’t there for the whole thing. But what I did see, ‘bout spot on with Graven said...” Meri on the other hand, isn’t opposed to glossing over things, picking and choosing where exactly to begin her story. Never mind the fact that she actually followed them. Sat there and watched them. “I was walkin’ ‘round the city, rounded a corner and caught these fellas fightin’ with a another group of fellas. Ain’t sure over what. They put a couple of the men in their place. One got away. He came back with friends later. Took care of that. Here we are. Anythin’ else ya need from me?”

Regin casts a blank look from Meri to Graven and back again, the eager beginnings of a smile blossoming across his features, "Well...maybe you're not much of a story teller then. That in this regard is probably a blessing, are you satisfied that Graven and Rheece did not act in cold blood? While I cannot reveal to you the exact details of their mission I can hopef-." The door crashes open without so much as a knock, three men filling the frame including the pinch nosed man from earlier, who had obviously run and told the other two. Regin fights down a show of anger, if any were watching him to catch it but for the most part everyone's eyes seem to be on Meri, it is the head Clerk who speaks though, "Forgotten how to conduct yourself Scelran, have we? One should know better than to arrive unannounced to your superior." Scleran replied in a voice that can only be said to hold venom and a hint of loathing, "My sincerest apologies, High Clerk, forgive my momentary transgression." He swiftly changes topic, "Who is this and why has she been brought here, another of your night time raids, High Clerk, I thought we agreed to discuss them before putting them into place? My knowledge could be of invaluable use to your me-" Regin cuts him off with a simple waving of his hand, Scleran bristling at the abrupt gesture, "Yes, yes; I have heard it all before save it SclWhat can I help you with or have you, John and Bale here just come to look at a woman?" Scleran begins with his ingratiating tones once more, "I wish to offer my services to aid in the questioning of the prisoner, High Clerk, of course." At this Graven takes a dangerous step forward, his eyes flashing a threat despite being outranked by nearly every man in the room. Regin calms him almost immediately, "She is not a prisoner, she is not here to be questioned she is simply a new recruit who we are interviewing. Now if you would..." The door is indicated and the trio move to slowly take it not before Scelran has his last say, "Don't look like much of a Guard, girl, you won't last the week." Raucous laughter fills the closing door frame and then they are gone.

Meri parts her ruby red lips to answer Regin but her answer it silenced by Scelran and the other two men bursting into the office uninvited. Meri quickly shuts her mouth, letting Regin deal with the matter. For the most part, the entire scene gains little reaction from Meri up until she is referred to as a prisoner. She tenses up at this comment, baby blues drifting toward Graven, taking in his reaction as well. Analysing it. Regin’s words are not as calming for Meri as they are for Graven. The tattooed woman remains on edge. It’s not until the unwelcome men leave the room that Meri finally answers Regin’s question. “I am satisfied...” she says. Even if she wasn’t, she would say she was. She sounded confident enough with her lie. “And I ain’t interested in joinin’ up.” As tempting as it was. Doing so would be a dangerous game that could result in a lot of bloodshed. “So I wouldn’t go callin’ me a recruit either. In the end, that’s probably for the best. Some of yer men don’t seem all that welcoming.” A devious smirk pulls at those lips, “It’d be a recipe for trouble...and I ain’t too good at followin’ orders.” Her smirk fades clean from her lips, those baby blues drifting once more toward Graven before returning to Regin. “If there ain’t nothin’ else, I reckon I will show myself out. I’m sure ya fellows have important things to take care of.” Meri gestures toward the door with a toss of her thumb but makes no move toward it yet. She has been compliant the entire time, no use in breaking that now and leaving before any official conclusion to business as maybe there was more Regin had to say or wanted to know.

Perhaps it was not expected but the trio of men in the room all considered Meri's venture the best course of action; Regin's features clearly taking on a distant expression as he considers Scleran's entry, demeanour and behaviour. Yes, there was a rotten core to the Guard alright but to which had Meri been truly introduced? Graven is at the young woman's side before long ushering her out of the room and down the corridors to the entrance once more, clearly intent on escorting her to wherever she needs be. "Don't pay no mind to all that back there, lass, politics among the commanders is always the way in any business, army or even group of friends. You do be knowin' that - y'seem bright enough if not for having a hell of a lip on ya." After reaching the street he stops a moment before gesturing for her to continue, "So where we headed then?" He finishes flashing her a grin that suggests it would be easier to simply accede to his wishes than fight them.

The walk to Meri’s destination would be a short one. The Inn in Cenril was not far from Congressional Avenue at all and after all the excitement tonight? That was the one place Meri wanted to go. The blonde put up no argument to being escorted there either. Graven one that battle with ease. “For havin’ one hell of a lip?” She can’t help that grin that creeps across her features as she is about to get lippy once again. Surprise, surprise. “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with these lips. Don’t go tellin’ me yer findin’ fault with them.” Yeah. She knew that was not at all what Graven meant, but this spin on things was more interesting than discussing her one of her many character flaws. This style of banter likely continues during the brief walk to the Inn. Meri stops outside of the building, she did not need walked all the way to the door of the bedroom she is renting. Just outside the Inn seemed appropriate enough. “Thanks for seein’ a gal back to her room. Try to not have any more run-ins with trouble on yer way back, yeah?” Unless Graven had anything further to say, Meri would turn and slink into the building.