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(OOC: Thank you to Xzavior. For providing the npc rp)

Garrio steps foot into the shop, after making sure the emblem showing he was of house Dragana he wanders around from cage to cage looking at the wares. He moves close to the human cage examining it. Lifting a hand to his chin he looks the specimen over and nods. Tilting his head to the side he gives a smile “The empire sure made good use of it's prisoners.” he nods.

Xzavior | A well dressed man watched the other come in for a moment before finally heading over to stand beside him and placing his hands behind his back. "That we do. Quite a strong thing this one. Are you looking to buy? Or browsing around." The last bit added dryly. He didn't care if he didn't buy anything, but having someone like the man before him might intimidate his other clients.

Garrio stands placing his own hands behind his back. “You are the manager my mistress told me about?” he says with a nod. “I am Garrio Dragana. Lady Larewen has sent me to come collect an order for her.” he continues down to the next cage eyeing the next human. A sniff quickly leaves the vampires nose as he steps closer, but still out of reach from the one in the cage. “Wolf?” he asks with a slight disgust.

Xzavior || The man glanced overnto him with a more satisfied look. "Dragana? Why, of course. I have your request waiting in back." He goes to lead him to it as Garrio calls out one of the slaves, "We hold whatever kind of merchandise we can get our hands on. Everyone has their taste. So it is best to be prepared." Cash revenue and all. He lead him past a few guards stationed here to keep safe, not only the order, but any other special request that had been made. Nodding once to the both of them, they stepped aside to reveal all the cargo, each with a symbol of who they belong to. The dragana symbol clear on a crate nearby.

Garrio follows behind the man, following him into the he glances to the guards eyes looking them up and down. He removes his hand from the fold of his robe, and stumbles tripping into the larger of the guards aiming his hand so that it pushes into where ever it is against the man he lands. Quickly he pushes himself off and brushes away where he landed on the man. “I appologize, I've been sailing the past two weeks, still getting used to the solid ground again.” he moves to the crate.. “And you all will have the transport ready for it?” he asks back to the man.

Xzavior || The guard growls at him for the slip up, but one look from the manager told him to shut up and stay quiet. After all, this is an important client. Grumbling he walked away with the other while the manager frowns a bit and contemplates cutting his pay. "Indeed. We can have it out to you as soon as you want it. Though it'll come with it's costs. Extra guards and safety and all. It isn't a pleasant trip after all."

Garrio nods watching the two guards walk away. He crouches down looking at the set of twins. He tilts his head. “Larewen will expect me to give a quick inspection of the two, make sure they are siblings and not just look-a-likes.” he nods as he takes a step back can you open the crate for me?

Xzavior || He casted a wary glance his way when he asked that. Why should he be skeptical of the children. After all, it's nearly impossible to get a look alike unless through magical mean. "Fine. But not for long. We can't risk them escaping." Pulling out a key he unlocked the crate and took a step back for Garrio to take a look at them.

Garrio dips a hand into the folds once again pulling out a vial holding a blue liquid after removing the cap, the vampire using his race gifted speed would charge toward the manager. When in range a hand would stretch out reaching for the manager of the shops throat gripping it tight. When the first grasp for air would be have, Garrio would tip the liquid into the mans mouth and cover it releasing the grip on his throat forcing him to swallow the sleeping potion.

Xzavior || He watched him carefully, but by the time the vial was seen he had just enough time to say, "What are y-" before being strangled. He didn't put up much of a fight before drinking the liquid. He thought he was dead. Even more so when he started to pass out. He knew something was up. And now he paid for it. The guards on the other hand, remained oblivious to the entire thing having not heard the struggle.

Garrio lowers the man down to the ground softly as to not bring additional unneeded injury. He glances to the twins holding his index finger to his lips indicating to the twins to be quiet. “Come on out,” he whispers. “I need you to help me get him inside.” He, with the help of the two children lift up the man and carry him into the crate dropping him in gently. “There's an exit through the back, run out that way and make sure to get away from here as far and as fast as you can.” he continues to whisper as he ushers them out of the back door.

Garrio stalks from the back door to the store room. Reaching into the back of his person, he draws out a black mask to position it over his face. Dropping the house insignia back in side of his shirt he wraps the cloak around his body. The image of Bloodlines HG displayed with pride.

Drawing out a dagger he takes the sheath placing it in the manager's desk. He searches the desk and pulls out one of the shipping orders. “Cenril Fish market, In care of Rusilan” he places the shipping label on the crate covering up the emblem used by House Dragana and drags the crate out the same backdoor the twins used in escaping. After placing the crate by the edge of the road and returning to the desk, he grabs hold of any coin or valuable item he can find.

The vampire moves to the show room moving behind one of the guards, using the dagger belonging to the sheath on the managers desk he thrusts the blade into the mans back, pushing the steel through his spine. A smile crosses the masked mans face as he twists the blade breaking the nerve system. Leaving the blade in the guards back, Garrio allows one of the daggers hidden up his sleeve to fall into his hand. With a quick throw the blade lands in the mans throat.

Walking over the fallen man he takes his dagger out of the gash, and wipes it on the other mans shirt. “Well.. that's that...” he says with a grin and heads out the door returning back to the docks of the island ready to sleep before departing the next day back to the main land.