RP:Blanchette Swears Loyalty to Slit

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

Blanchette had wondered into the desert stroking her hand harp not paying much attention to where she was going, each vibration from the strings made an heavenly sound, sparking from fingertips came flames. By the time she had wondered into the palace she was covered in white flames, with a white flaming hummingbird swirling around her zipping in same rhythm as the music. As the fingers stopped flirting with the strings, the white flames left into a black mist looking up to see Slit nodding to her. The strawberry curls hung up in pony tail looking to Slit with her big deep blue eyes, a soft smile spread along soft red lips, "Oh, uh..hello."

Slit smiled towards Blanchette, he scratched his old white beard pulling any knots that had collected in it. He then sat back in the throne with his hands on the arm rest. He raises one hand and motions towards Blanchette "what buisness do you have comming into my castle?" then laying his hand back down, he awaits to hear what Blanchette has to say

Blanchette blushed vividly, looking at the male and around the throne room. Slightly gulping, the pryomantic bardess had her shy sides at times and well this was one, "I accidentally wondering in..I apologize." Cursting, "I am Blanchette, once head mistress to the bard's guild but I had to venture out of the lands for a bit for my child. Seems I was gone a bit too long," As she stood back to her full height of 5'11, flames sparked all along her body looking to react to her emotions, her long muscle toned form had a nice sweet golden tan to it.

Slit grabbed leaned forward with a stern look in his deep blue eyes, he looks the young woman over and then his ears perk up a little when he hears that she wandered in accidentally, he laughs a little and then says to her " I am Emperor Slit, Hero of the Sage Elves and Lord of the Cateran people, you have wandered into my realm and my throne room, although I do find it interesting that you were the head mistress of the bard's guild, do you still have any pull in that organization?" Slit looks slightly excited from the news that a guild head has came to him and he anxiously listens to her

Blanchette nods, a smile brightening her face as she so loved talking about the other bard's, "Of course, Lady Eilyo and I run it equally I have a lot of pull in it still. I even at this moment been looking for new recruits, seems my time away has killed the ones in it, everyone I knew but my ex-lover is still in these lands." Placing her left hand to her plump lips giggling, bowing her head, "Oops sorry I get excited over meeting new people of high standings; it's a pleasure to meet you Emperor." Moving towards him, she would bow on her knees, her visage looking to his feet in respect of such a high standing individual. "Pardon me Emperor Slit, but what is the Cateran?"

Slit smiles towards Blanchette, "that is very interesting I have been attempting to contact Lady Eilyo for some time, perhaps you could be of assistance with that." then again stroking his beard and shapping it into a cone his thoughts running through his head, "Does the Bard's guild have a place to call home in the land still? if not I shall grant you permission to build the Bard's guild in my city, although I would require an oath of loyalty to allow such a boon." he then begins making plans in his mind how could he best make use of the bard's guild and to what purpose they could secretly serve

Blanchette 's smile fades, "I haven't seen Eilyo since I left with my child in hand. Well, I do own my own theatre that has secret doors in it where I once allowed bards to sleep and use to live in. Seems all bards are gone now except myself. Alas, I will not give up on search for more young ones that want to be a part of such. I don't mind anyone using the hide away sleeping areas as long as I can trust them, my chamber is there even and so I have to know I can trust those. Your people can use it as a safe house if ever needed, you are the first one to be so kind to me since I have returned." Pausing a moment, "Maybe we can work out something? Those that venture so far from theatre could use a place here to crash at too?" Blanch always cared for others above herself if they gained her trust.

Slit nods in agreement with Blanchette's request "I shall grant safe passage to all who need refuge from the desert within my city, and should they need employment I can give them work as well." tapping his fingers on the arm chair he hesitates for a moment before asking a question then deciding not to he instead says "I always seek more hands to help my cause, assisting the poor with education, clothing and food."

Blanchette tilts her head as she hears the last bit of his statement, "I can help if needed, I don't mind help housing and helping with clothing anything really also I am a really good cook. I make best cookies and pie ever I been told." Blanch smiles brightly.

Slit nods his head at the agreement, "perhaps in time you will join our organization and help us bring stability to the world." he then calls one of his advisors over and takes a look at his schedule to see what he has to do later today

Blanchette said to you, "I....want to join."

Slit said to Blanchette, "very well here is your oath, Do you Blanchette the Bard, hereby swear your loyalty to the cause and ideals of the Cateran people and to offer your loyalty to its Emperor Slit, that you will do all that is within your power to bring stability to the world and end the chaos that plagues the land in all its forms."

Blanchette puts her hands behind her, and repeats what he says for her, yet each word sounds as though she sings it it out in the utmost joy and pride that anyone might have ever heard, in doing such the white flames appear sparking along randomly through her golden flesh, "I Blanchette the bard, hereby swear all my loyalty to the cause and ideals of the Cateran people and always to offer my loyalty to its Emperor Slit. I will do all that is within my power to bring stability to the world and end the chaos the plagues the land in all its forms."

Slit stands and places his hand on Blanchette "I do hereby proclaim you to be of the Cateran."