RP:An Interesting Night

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LOCATION: Kelay Tavern

Neema is already at the bar, frowning at the stain she is trying to wipe away from favorite outermost lime green robes. Her drink slipped from her fingers just moments before, causing her to yelp with surprise and jump out of her skin so much that she nearly fell out of her seat. An overreaction? Definitely. After getting most of it off, but still leaving a big stain on the precious fabric, Neema removed it from herself as if it were just a layer of skin, revealing another robe out of the six or seven that currently constricted her body. This one happened to be purple, just like the avian's gigantic purple hat that topped her head. After digging through one of her socks for some coins for another drink, Neema rolls up the green article of clothing and tucks it underneath her feet. From there, goes to chewing on a jagged fingernail, blinking with confusion at the unfamiliar paladin that she could've sworn wasn't nearby before.

Kelovath gives a nod to Nancy once sitting down. And before he was even able to order a drink, which he never drunk, his attention was turned to the yelping and now scrubbing avian with the big hat. A faint smile was sent her way, but there was something unsettling strange about her. She looked normal enough, sure, but her behavior confused the paladin probably more so than his presence was confusing her. If that was even possible. Either way, Kelovath would lean a bit closer to the avian, still smiling faintly. "You look rather nervous, miss. My being here isn't making you uneasy, is it?" A curious question more than anything, really. He didn't mean to be a bother.

Senith walked into the tavern as his eyes carefully looked about. As he heads for his usual table in the back corner of the tavern he notices the bartender looking at him far across the room. The feline then places his hand up with two fingers signaling what he would want to drink. The bartender then just nods his head and heads back to work as the feline finally made it upon his chair, taking a seat with his feet onto the table.

Athxess lumbers in to the Kelay tavern the mismatched and sown together being dragging the corpse of a dead dragoon a few days old .Mesthak wrinkles his nose at Athxess but doesn't object even when The undead picks up the corpse and slams it on the table.Then starts methodically taking apart the corpse with surgical precision.

Neema decided not to take a drink from her newly acquired glass just yet. She only had six other robes left. No need to ruin them all, you know? Long digits nudged it away a bit, just in case it was knocked over it wouldn't head in her direction. Hopefully. At the sound of the paladin's voice hitting her pointed ears, Neema turns, wobbling awkwardly on her seat while doing so. She doesn't look the least bit uncomfortable by his presence, judging by the big goofy grin plastered to her face. Her head shakes, knocking the precariously balanced hat forward so it covers her nose and eyes. After a quick readjustment, she speaks. "Oh! No, I just didn't notice anyone was there, is all."

Kelovath continues to look over the avian as she moves the glass away. At first, he didn't quite understand why she had done so, but it soon became clear to him. His gaze is then brought to the hat, which he blinked at several times before looking back at her. Really looking at her. "Ah. Yes. I see. Well, good. I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. My armor has done so in the past, I'm afraid...Not that it matters..." The latter part of his words were mumbled mostly, and before long, the paladin leaned away from the avian, shifting his gaze once more to Nancy, who appeared to be occupied with someone else. He sighed.

Nemisis appears rather abruptly in the center of the tavern. A shockwave adorned with various red sparks escorts him along with dust. Before his form can even be seen, his shadow outline is shown reaching into his pocket and pulling out a cigarette. A faint light pierces through the debris before the man finally steps out in the clearing with his hands in his pockets. As he walks to his seat, lazy red eyes scan the room once. This glance was followed by a stare when the demi pulled out his chair and slouched comfortably within it. After putting his feet up on the table, blowing out a puff of smoke, tilting his chair back on the hinds, and finally resting his head on cupped hands, a conversation began in his head. Today's subject was boredom: Intelligence groans, "Today was not interesting at all." Mischief agrees saying, "Not one bloody thing." Madness pipes in, "No action at all." Honor, whom is in control, smiles saying, "No trouble at all." Intelligence scoffs say to Honor, "Pfft, you are so not interesting most of the time." Honor chuckled slightly saying, "I like it that way."

Neema 's foot fidgets. No real reason behind it, aside from one of the coins she stuffed in one of the several socks she wore on each foot (her socks were her pockets), was stuck beneath her foot and made it feel funny. Without any other alternative to fix it besides taking off all of those socks and moving it, Neema decided to just leave it as is. It was her turn to really look at the paladin, which the avian did, then blinked. "I like your armor," she comments, tucking a beaded strand of hair behind her pointed ear. "It's one of my favorite colors." One of those teeny dot eyebrows jumps up on her forehead at Kelovath's actions, head beginning to tilt off to the side before Neema stops herself. Wouldn't want the hat to fall over again.. "Are you alright?"

Senith moved his arms as he crossed them behind his head. His eyes looking up at the old ceiling as shadows formed upon it from everything around it. His eyes then shifted as the bartender brought his usual drink that was a sweet apple wine, his favorite. The drink then raddled as a glow from the middle of the tavern gave way, within the smoke an outline was drawn. As he removed the drink from the bartender he then paid him as he watched the person stepping out of the smoke with a lit cigarette in his mouth. His eyes then turned over to the other who was taking apart a dronicain peace by painfully peace. "Good thing its dead" he mumbles to him self as the bartender took off to his post.

Kelovath turned his head slightly at the sudden noise in the tavern, but shrugged it off once recognizing who it was. It was then, once he turned his head back towards Nancy, did he even hear the avian's question. Everything else was lost. "Yes. I'm fine." He looked at her, then at her hat, then back to her. "Been a long night is all. Thought I'd come here and relax some, but I'm unsure if I wanna stay." Another shrug came, this one more noticeable than the last. "Your hat is distracting. It must be annoying for it to be too big, huh?" Yet again, another curious question.

Nemisis' body didn't remain still for too long. His body popped up and leaned over the table, with googley eyes as he pays more attention to Neema's big.......purple....hat! Obviously Honor wasn't the one in control anymore; not with his legs swinging back and forth in mid air under the table. "Ooooooh" was the sound of awe, both inside and outside as Joy mouth fell more and more open with passion. The personality really felt no need to speak only inside when he was in control, and so he didn't, "Its so big! Awesome and purdy! I wanna touch it!" Madness slapped his forhead and shook his head, "This kid......" Intelligence chuckled and said, "At least it is more interesting than when Honor was in control." Mischief nodded with closed eyes and folded arms, "Agreed." Honor just lazily said, "Both of you....bite me."

Neema kept up her goofy grin, briefly turning to grab up the glass on the bar and take a drink. No spills this time, if you don't count the little bit of drink that sloshed over the glass's rim after she set it back down. It totally didn't count, in her mind, seeing as how it didn't actually spill -on- the avian. Her attention is back on Kelovath when he continues, nodding. "It's too crowded here sometimes, you know? My wings can barely fit through the door." At mention of her hat, she touches it, thin fingers running across the oversized brim. "Nope. It's my favorite hat." She explains, "Small hats get lost too easily. That's annoying to me. Big ones don't, usually." Neema almost goes on, but is distracted by another voice nearby. Her head peeks over a winged shoulder at Nemisis, and that goofy grin only gets bigger. She liked compliments. "It is pretty, isn't it?"

Athxess ||| After the dragon is in pieces,Athxess then takes out a needle and thread.Then picking up a bloody peace of the dragon and starts to sow the flesh to the parts of his body that has rotten away. The bits that were slightly rotten on him,he cut off and replaced with the dragon flesh.

Kelovath shifted his attention over at Nemi as well after hearing the odd sounding compliment. The paladin blinked many, many times at Nemisis before finally looking back at the avian. In a slightly hushed voice, the holy knight speaks to Neema. "You may want to watch out for that one." Amber eyes quickly glanced back and forth from Neema and Nemisis, but after looking at the two a few times, the paladin leans away from the avian and goes back to...Well...Doing nothing.

Senith places the glass up to his mouth as the wine slipped between his lips. He then places it back onto the old loose table. With his right hand a claw escaped from his index finger as he placed it onto the table, carving into the wood that was starting to frail. With that he returned his arms back behind his head as he examines what he just carved. Some symbols only he can read which explains the date the young feline has entered the place, along with some older symbols that looks alike. His nose then caught the smell of some fresh blood in the air as his right ear flicked a little due to the air flowing about. He then looked over at the avian with the tall hat as he shakes his head a little. "I can't picture my self wearing that" he thought to him self as he watched the undead replacing his rotted skin with some fresh meat.

Nemisis clapped both his hands and his feet while nodding, "Yep, yep, yep! Purdy purple that hat is!" As Intelligence watched with a grin he says, "Wait.....for.....it..." Mischief chuckles while saying, "This is satisfying with each passing second." Honor says lazily, "You guys are so wrong....." Before anyone could notice, the draconian was up and out of his seat with a pointed finger inching slowly towards Neema's big purple hat with deadly silence. Even though Joy was the most peacful, he still utlized the skills of the others to satisfy his habits. If the beekeeper went back to looking at Kelovath, she may not see the silent googley eyed man trying to touch her hat.

Neema 's grin faded a bit, leaving behind a puzzled expression at Kelovath's words. Having never met, seen, or heard of Nemisis up til now, Neema had absolutely no idea to see a reason to be worried about him. Besides, he complimented her hat. Anyone who likes hats has to be good people. But, just to be safe, she turned her attention back to the man in gold armor with a little nod. "Oh. Alright, then." She fidgets some more, playing with the little golden honeycomb beads attached to her hair in random places. There wasn't much else she could think of saying, or doing really. Unaware that Nemisis was coming closer and closer with each passing second, Neema leans forward to grab her drink again, mostly just to hold it and swirl around the contents in the glass.

Kelovath is also, completely unaware that Nemisis was on his way towards Neema and her big hat. The paladin had focused his attention on Nancy, who appeared to be busy with yet another patron of the tavern. The paladin was starting to get annoyed now, but remained calm. Something he could always rely on. Finally, with sigh, Kelovath looked at the avian and smiled. "I think I'm going to take off for the night, miss." And just as he was about to stand and leave the building for who knows how long, Nancy came right over and winked at the paladin, dropping off his drink right quick and then kept on going. "Maybe not..."

Nemisis' finger finally reaches its destination when it touched the plushy hat. As his finger slightly sunk into the delicate fabric, the curious open mouthed, googley eyes man's expression increased. Big red eyes got bigger and googler, filling with tears of appreciation and a smile big enough to make the sun rise with chirping birds. However, the toothy maw of his dragon heritage threw off the priceless expression. Joy fully ignored everyone around him as he spoke outloud, wrapped up in his interest of the hat, "Its so mushy!" Like people wrapped up in a good storyline, Madness, Mischief, and Intelligence leaned in closer as they waited for the priceless reactions that Joy tends to bring with his childish antics. They all loved it, even Honor opened one eye to oncoming scene. As silence grew inside all they said was, "Here it comes...."

Athxess smiles a shark tooth grin flexing his newly repaired arms saying "thanks for the meat " referring to the dead dragon, as he then moves the rest of the meat into a rucksack next to his feet on the floor with a wet "plop." Athxess then calls to Nancy who walks over trembling he gestures for her to get closer to him .She then leans in and whispers in Nancy's ear making her face go white and she backs up saying "yes,right away." and then she hustles off in quite a hurry.

Neema almost frowned. Almost. She still wanted to sneak little looks at the paladin's golden armor a few more times. Gold was up there on her list of favorite colors. Just after purple. But then, he chose to stay. That goofy grin reappeared. "Goody~!" She almost cheered, but suddenly the avian froze. Was that someone's hand on her head? Her hat? The avian made an uncomfortable twitch, head once again turning to the side to peek over a winged shoulder. Nemisis. She frowned at the googley-eyed man, and began to inch away toward Kelovath, in hopes that Nemisis' hand would move from her hat-covered head. Now she was beginning to feel uncomfortable and understand why the paladin gave her that warning. She mumbled. "Um..Please don't do that."

Senith closed his eyes as he started to day dream. He was thinking about his daughter and how much he has missed her. As he was back in his past, he started to get annoyed as someone next to the avian was saying something loud. His eyes were then fixed upon him in an angry expression, as the feline wanted some quite time to unwind. His left hand then made it back to his glass as he picked it up taking some more sips. Senith then sat back in his chair as the feline felt the drink taking its curse, feeling a little buzzed.

Kelovath watched Nancy as she left him there, slightly let down that she wasn't going to indulge him in conversation tonight, but the tavern was rather busy. After eying his drink for a moment, the paladin turned, began to speak, then tilted his head to the side somewhat as he saw the avian move closer to him. He paused everything, then looked at Nemisis. Kelovath blinked, looked at Neema, and blinked again. Finally coming out of his...Thing...Kelovath stood and faced the familiar male, but did not speak. He hoped his presence would be enough of a hint for the man. As if Neema's words weren't enough already.

Nemisis' smile vanished and was replaced with an "O" as Neema inched away rather creeped out. Joy was obviously confused as the hat pulled away from the position of his finger. Inside, the rest was rolling with laughter. Mischief rejoiced, laughing and holding his stomach, "Joy has done it again!" Intelligence floated in the air laughing, "That was interesting!" Madness shooking his head, his form jumping from the feeling, "Sometimes I love this kid." Honor was the only one not in full blown laughter. It took a lot to get him to laugh hard, when he was not being threatened. Finally did Joy actually decided to look at the others but as usual spoke outloud, "Huh?" This confusion was then offered to both them and Kelovath who stood up to face him. The man not in the least threatened by the big golden knight, he instead turned him into more entertainment, "Gold......" is all he said as he lifted a finger and flashed a bright pure white harmless light at him, intended to make him shine and sparkle.

Neema was glad the attention on her hat appeared to be gone, but still inched further away. She actually stood up and went to sit the seat on Kelovath's opposite side, so she was hopefully out of the way and Kelovath's shiny golden figure worked as a barrier of sorts. She peeked out from behind him once or twice, however, eyeing Nemisis with a mixture of fear and curiosity. The avian ducked back behind Kelovath afterword, resuming her awkward fidgeting and readjustments of that big purple hat that she loved so much. She cringed. It wasn't very often that she allowed anyone to touch her favorite hat.

Kelovath didn't understand why the man had changed so much from what he remembered, but it wasn't for the better. His head, still tilted slightly, shook a little bit as the light aimed his way reflected off of his armor. No attention was payed to the avian as she hid behind him, but of course, he knew she was there. "You're about as simple as they come, aren't you?" It was an honest remark, possibly a bit rude as well, but true nonetheless. The paladin remained still, allowing the light to make his armor shine and sparkle, as intended. It was quite a light show.

Nemisis facial expression changed and his free hand rose to scratch the side of his head as Intelligence took over for a split second, "You know us better than that Kelovath." The scratching hand dropped and the googley eyes returned before another comment was made, "Oooh sooo shiny! Gold......gold.....Goldy!" The draconian proceeded to clap while one hand shined, causing a flickering to take place within the tavern.

Neema temporarily forgot the uncomfortable feeling she had from her hat being touched. Her dull eyes filled with wonder while they watched the paladin's golden armor gleam from the light Nemisis' produced from his hand. The avian actually stood, standing on tiptoe to look over Kelovath's shoulder to get a better look. She kept a comfortable distance though, so as to not breathe down his neck or end up looking really creepy. And now she had a name for him too, which made her grin. Now she could slap a name to a face and remember better, even if that golden armor was more than enough for her to remember him. After a while she returns to her seat, the fidgeting coming to a stop while she chewed at one of her fingernails.

Kelovath stood there while the draconian continued to make him look like a giant, metal light. Again, he felt a sudden annoyance starting to creep up on him, or that could have been the avian wanting to get a better look. He wasn't for sure, but for now, he stood there for a moment, quite unsure why the male who once was his leader, was now somewhat pointing at him and giving the tavern a light show. It was amusing, but surely there were questions that needed to be answered. For another time, though. Kelovath had no intention of ruining the simple-minded male's entertainment. "I'll try to know you...All...Better, but for now, I'll leave it alone." A smile flashed and he turned slightly, peering at the avian. "At least now you know a face to watch out for." Another quick smile was given to Neema this time, his amber eyes shifting back towards Nemisis.

Nemisis finally stopped clapping and stood up properly. Cracking his neck and stretching, Honor took control. A dull lazy look appeared into his eyes and his smile flatlined an almost fell to a frown. Another cigarette was pulled out and placed into his mouth before being lit. The demi looked at the knight before saying, "Deal." Looking over the knight he said to Neema, "Have a nice night." With that said, he went back to his seat and returned to his original position of slouching

Neema found herself peeking around Kelovath again, at Nemisis. She was completely confused. How could someone switch from being childish to acting..normal.. within a matter of seconds? She blinked, turned back to Kelovath, and nodded with a little grin. "Yep, you're right." Without much else to say, the beekeeper resumed biting her fingernail.

Athxess looks around the tavern slightly confused.

Kelovath wasn't quite as confused as Neema was. He was still pretty damn confused, but figured that he'd attempt to understand Nemi at a later time. For now, he nodded to the draconian, turned and faced the avian, and smiled. "And now, before I get turned into another light show or something worse, I should probably go on back to Larket. It was nice meeting you and tonight was..." He paused there and looked back at the Demi. "...Interesting, to say the least." And with those parting words, the paladin wove to Nancy, smiled and bowed at the waist slightly to Neema, and left the building. Leaving his drink and Nemisis without a second glance.

Senith eyes looked about to see what was going on inside the tavern. He then yawned due to the drink effects. The feline then crossed his legs that were still on top of the cheaply made table, which would fall apart soon anyways. His head rested against his arms as his eyes closed, which were heavy from the work he endures today. Senith then fell asleep with a smile on his face as he though of something, a mystery to anyone else that was wondering why?