RP:Allanon delievers the material and Kain completes the commission

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Kain stretches as he steps into the smithy, nodding to the apprentice smiths that handle the day-to-day tasks. Then he notices someone else as his eyes adjust. "Hello sir, I'm Kain Shannarra, Prime smith 'o Larket. I dunno if any 'o the apprentices here already took care 'o yer needs, but I'm available..." Pausing, he then asked, "Hmmm, or mebbe ye be the man I were comin' ta meet? A mister..." (checks letter) "Allanon Nonalla?"

Allanon had arrived but only a moment before Kain. Behind him was a mule branded with a seal pulling a cart with a large tarp like cover over it. Allanon had his right arm in some sort of brace, it was frozen solid with what appeared to be a curse of the legendary Frost Dragon that he had eventually defeated only to save his comrades. "Aye, my name is indeed Allanon. I only just arrived. Perhaps you would like to see the material that I spoke of in writing?" Skipping formalities, it seemed the loss of his right arm troubled him still as a slight tinge of pain would suddenly sear through his body. He quickly recovered, trying hard not to let the pain show.

Kain nods. "Indeed. Can't very well start without it." Noting the sling, he figured this man wasn't interrested in shaking hands in meeting, and instead walked over to the cart to get a good look at the hides he would be molding into armor. "I'll be wantin' ta take a few measurements of ye, b'fore ye leave, though I kin work around the sling easily enough in measurin'. Just so the size be right, ye understand."

Allanon would nod as he undid the knots and removed the rope. The tarp had to be pulled away instead of just removed. Somehow, it was frozen. Once removed a light mist would rise and dissipate from the cart. Warm air striking cold scales. Perhaps they were simply still cold from Frostmaw, or perhaps it was the innate magic of the creatures the scales had come from. PermaFrost seemed to cover the Drake scales to a degree that Allanon had never seen. The cart was full, every spot upon it filled. Material to suite maybe two men in Frost Dragon armor was present. And plenty enough Ice Wyvern Scales and Frost Drake scales to do what was needed he was sure. Also there appeared to be several pelts of wolfs fur and a large couple stacks of Frost Wyrms hide. All of which Allanon was sure that the Dwarf had never worked with before. "I have plenty extra material here. For you to test with and such so that the final result may be perfect as I do so require. As for your coin required it will be paid in full once the armors are completed. Oh and take these," from the Mules saddlebag he would pull another small leather bag. Handing it to the Dwarven Smithy he would say, "I wish for two of each of these claws to be mounted sturdily upon the backhand side of the gauntlets. I imagine you can do this, correct?"

Kain nods. "Aye, that's easily enough done. Claws arranged so ye kin slash with a closed fist, I be assumin'? Interresting how cold they be still." Removing an armload of hides, he began transporting them into the smithy, each type of hide getting it's own spot. After arranging them as he wanted, and informing the other smiths that they were off-limits, he headed back out with a measuring string and bowl of soft clay. Setting the bowl down, he informed Allanon to remove his boot and make a good impression in the clay, so he could size the boots properly, while he took measurements of the man and jotted them down on a piece of parchment.

Allanon did as he was asked. Removing a single of his boots and stepping firmly upon the clay to leave an impression as needed. "Aye, you are correct in what you assume of the claws. They belonged to that of a particularly strong Ice Wyvern from Frostmaw. This is my way of, cherishing the memory." he gave a light chuckle.

Kain checks the impression in the clay and nods. "Good. I kin measure wrist ta elbow fer the length 'o yer foot, but don't want the boots ta be too narrow, 'r too wide, but this be a good cast. Ye gonna be wantin' hard leather on the bottom, 'r more 'o a metal, like a soldier's ridin' boot?"

Allanon thought but for a moment. "Make the bottom a had leather, reinforced with the scales of a Wyvern. Enough of them so that it remains tough, but not so that I easily fall on my rear on slick rock. Understand?" In truth he wanted the extra protection. The scales upon the bottom of the boots, even if just beneath the leather being used, would make a kick much more painful than if it was simple leather.

Kain nods. "Alright then, that should cover the boots... 'n most everything else be pretty self-explanitory." Writing a few last notes, he tucked his stick of charcoal back into his beard, then asked, "Should I have need ta contact ye, should I just send another letter, 'r be there a better way?"

Allanon nodded confirming, "Letter be good enough. Ill be returning home to Rynvale tomorrow morn. I personally miss the salty air in my lungs and the burning sun on my skin for a change. Either way, Ill be close by for a good time." His eyes would glance around at all the black smiths around him. "Are you done with me for now then?"

Kain nods, extending a hand out of force of habit. "Aye, that should be everything. I'll try ta git started on them in a day 'r two, but it's been a while since I worked with leather, so hard to say when any 'o 'em will be finished. I'll let you know as each piece comes along, so you kin say if it be satisfactory 'r if I still need ta keep workin' on it."

Allanon nodded and ignoring the hand offered instead a simple bow. What business does a dwarf having in touching one of such high status anyway. The bow was a show of some respect, though, there wasnt much to truly offer. "Very well. Goodnight to you." With that he would exit and head back to Kelay where he would find lodging for the night.

Kain nods, then turns and heads inside, to look over the pieces and make an initial decision as to which he would test on, and which he would save for the actual project.

Kain nods to himself as he picks up the hide. Looking it over, he begins marking it with a stick of charcoal, pausing every so often to measure and correct.

He had spent the past few days refreshing himself with leatherworking and spent a few hours yesterday with a cobbler, practicing on one of the lesser quality pelts. He was glad he did, as a few minor mistakes had been pointed out during the process, and he had made sure to learn how to correct them before leaving.

Now he was putting that newly refreshed knowledge to use, as he carefully cut the pelt, keeping to the outside edge of his line as he did so.

Once both sides had been cut, he went over and dug through a few crates looking for the leather he had tucked away a while back. It would work well for the sole, being both tough and roughened enough to provide good traction. "Ah, here ye be." Laying it down on a table, he measured then raised an eyebrow. "Gonna be close, no room for error..."

Using the cast mold, he poured in a bit of molten metal, let it cool, then carefully extracted it. Using the artificial foot, he marked the scuffed leather, nodded, then carefully cut out both soles.

Setting the pieces together, he sighed in relief, seeing they would fit together right, then went and retrieved a strong, yet very thin, wire that he would use to stitch them together.

Lastly, he cut the inner sole, making sure not to loosen the scales as he did so.

With everything cut, measured, fitted, and ready, he began the process of stitching the pieces together, using the artificial foot as needed.

Nodding at his work once finished, he set them aside, and wrote a short letter, letting Allanon know that the boots were crafted, and that he should come by for a final fitting and inspection. Should they be up to snuff, then he could take them, and if not, Kain would continue working until they were satisfactory.

Returning to the smithy, Kain took the time to build a rough framework of metal bands, based on the measurements.

After completing this, he inspected each of the hides for the one he thought best, and made careful measurements. Cutting out each piece, he draped them across the dummy until each was cut.

Next, he took the time to forge a thin, yet very strong mithril wire to sew the pieces together with.

With the wire ready, Kain carefully stitched together the under-layer, pausing every so often to check against the dummy, making certain nothing was too tight, or too loose. After completing the under-layer, the real work of securing a thin padding, and then attaching the outer, scaled layer began.

Pausing every so often to sip off his bottle of ale and check by slipping it on the dummy, he nodded and smiled.

First the sides, then chest piece overtop, and back section. Once they were secured, he took a few swats at it with different things, before he felt comfortable enough to continue with the shoulders and arms, and eventually a thin layer of wire mesh to secure it to the dummy.

With the project together and secured, he moved the dummy and armor into a large chest with the boots, then wrote another letter, informing Allanon that not only the boots, but now chest armor were ready to be final fitted and inspected at his convienience.

Feeling more comfortable working with the leather, Kain measured out proper sized sections for the sleeves. Cutting carefully, he again used mithril wire to stitch together the lengths, then added some strips that would allow for a snug attachment to the vest, while leaving them as individual sections of armor.

As before, he crafted the armor in layers, with the scaley hide as the outer layer, a thin bit of padding, and then winter wolf leather on the inside for both warmth and comfort.

Becoming much more comfortable with leatherwork now, Kain took to measuring and marking out sections to use in making the greaves. Cutting carefully, he again used a fine mithril wire to sew it up, and as before, lined the inside with winter wolf fur for additional warmth.

Using a mesh of very fine mithril chain-mail to allow for full flexibility at the knee, he carefully hid the metal between the layers of hide and scales, making it all but impossible to see, unless one were to lift the edges of the scales and peer under them in a well-lit area.

Nodding to himself, as they came together, he gave them the standard test, hitting them several times to ensure the quality, then carefully looking them over for any flaws or sign of weakness.

Satisfied with his work, he packed them away with the rest of the order, and decided against writing another letter right away, as all that was left to do now was the gauntlets.

"Might as well wait until I get them done, then let him know that his entire order be complete," he said to himself.

Kain stroked his beard, looking over his measurements, and the remaining sections of leather. Chosing carefully, he cut and stitched, measuring every piece as he took each individual finger into consideration, making sure not to damage any more scales than required.

"Alrighty... now as ta them claws. Thought 'e said back, but I don't think I asked fer enough details on that." Kain frowned, followed by a shrug and sigh. "Well, let's just make it customizable, so 'e kin set 'em however 'e needs 'em fer the situation." Nodding to himself, as he drilled carefully through the claws, and formed thin, yet strong and stable, bracings to hold the claw blades into place.

The first trilogy of claws were arranged to face forward, allowing the wearer to rake with a knuckle punch. Next, he made a set with backward facing claws, making for a very vicious backhand.

Finally, he crafted a set out of the least curved claws, producing a series of 'spiked' knuckles.

Each of the three sets could easily be detached and switched out, or completely broken down and customized by individual claw. The whole thing was very thin, and carefully sandwitched between the outermost layer of scaly leather, and the central insulating layer. Only at a few certain points were glimmers of metal visible, as they couldn't be concealed, lest the outer layer be disturbed each time one wanted to swap claw sets.

"There, that should work." Kain muttered to himself as he finished testing the last set. Filing off a slight excess in the linking bar, he tested the 'knuckle-buster' set for the left hand, filed a little more, tested again, then nodded.

Packing everything up, he sat and drank an ale before writing a letter to Allanon, letting the elf know his order was completed.


I have completed the last piece of your set, and await only your confirmation of quality before I can consider the job completed. I would appreciate it if you would inspect and ensure proper fit for each piece at your earliest convienence. Should the work all be satisfactory, payment will be expected.

Kain, Prime smith 'o Larket