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RP:A Researchers Job

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Location: The Adventurers Guild Headquarters

Synopsis: Scandal, the head researcher for the Adventurers Guild seeks out Sandman, the weapons expert of the same guild. A person with a nefarious exterior who looks to be into shady, underhanded deals. It seems that Scandal has a job for Elioyahazer, and lays out his want to have a vampire in Vailkrin, named Lord Shenorath, eviscerated. They strike a deal. Elioyahazer, A.K.A the Sandman receives a peculiar weapon and the two part ways.

A Researchers Job

Scandal's office in the Adventures guild HQ was often found at south end of hall, mainly for this reason as this allowed his office to be as far as possible from Navigators Office. His office was spacious enviorment, with a three floor high book shelves and twin balconies. Here he kept many books on the shelves for his reasearch, as he was after all the Guilds Lead Researcher. Despite the books though, there were still a great assortment of maps on the wall, one of which took up the entire back wall of his office, where he had been continously painting it, from memory. Today though was different, he had neglected to in recent times listened to Arkhen words about the Gods had tired of a Vampire known as Lord Shenorath, his cruelty and malice had gone to long unpunished. In return for the death of this Vampire, he had been promised that he would be well fed, with another large creature. Being the size Scandal was, when he was not in his ten foot tall anthro form, was really hard to find food, and Kraken which for a while had been his sole source of food, had become smarter to know to avoid him. Now he relied solely on the gods for sustenance, and in return he did favors for them. Finding his recent trip to Vailkrin had forced him to pass up his opportunity to kill the Vampire, he recalled that man known as Sandman, might have find interest in building up a reputation, so Scandal, rising from the chair beside his own hand crafted desk, moved towards the Armory of The Adventure's Guild. Knocking upon the door he said in his metallic stone scratching voice, he had discovered to be his own, he said. "Sandman, do you have a moment, I would like to speak with you, its about a job that I need help with."

The Sandman looks up from his work bench to the knocking upon his door. It would seem the assassin had spent a great ordeal of time reorganizing the room. “Come on in,” his voice calls out from behind the door. “Just finishing the shine.” Eli’s mismatched eyes twist back down to the sword within his hand and wipes a powder free from the blade. “There,” he mumbles to himself. “Good as new.” Within the room is a wide assortment of ancient weapons to modern ones. Arranged by type and size. There is also a plethora of armor stands conveniently displaying the many different types that exist. Nearby are separate books used to check the equipment in and out; this is so that Elioyahazer knows who has what. The item within his hands is sheathed, and placed back upon its stand. The weapons expert turns his gaze to Scandal who has presumably, taken his advice and entered the room. As usual the man is draped in red desert clothing. His face is covered by a keffiyeh, which is just a fancy name for rather large scarf, and blocks his features; everything but those mismatched eyes. It would seem the assassin carried no weapons, but making that assumption could easily turn into your own undoing. He thinks for a moment and presses a single digit to where his lips might be beneath that scarf. “Our lead researcher, Scandal if I’m not mistaken. How can I help you?” Eli’s head leans to the side with a curious gaze thats transfixed on the researcher. What kind of job was this giant man looking to have Eli take up?

Scandal entered the room, watching as the Sandman was finishing up the shine on a sword. "You do an excellent job in keeping these things polished," He made note of what little features he could distinguish. Choosing to cut to the point he said. "Would you be interested in taking out a vampire?"

Elioyahazer had a reaction that if visible, would have been a giant smile. Clearly, Scandals words were going to draw a prolonged laugh from the weapons expert. “Taking out a Vampire? I don’t think my Girlfriend would enjoy me dating another, Scandal.” His voice is laced with the inflection of humor, a joking tone. “I do think you mean something other than that right?” He points to the weapons on the wall. “Perhaps involving one of those?” The Sandman moves towards the door, where his hand reaches for the lock. An audible click denotes that the room is now locked, and gives the two privacy. Eli drops the friendly act and gets straight to business. “So, you need a Vampire killed.” The bluntness of his words shows that he may or may not be interested in such work. Either way, he would like to hear of the details before deciding. “Tell me the basics. Their name. Where they can commonly be found and how, you would like it done.” Is Eli serious right now? Absolutely. “But I warn you Scandal, whether we agree on a price or not, this conversation stays between you and I. Crossing a killer is never a wise decision.”

Scandal took a breath, and thought carefully before he said anything. "I am a Dragon, but unlike most I am very old and very massive, finding food is not easy, especially food that is in my size, so to speak. What you see is not my true size." he paused going for the point, "The Gods tell me they think somone or some creature has escaped justice for acts or of extreme cruelty, in returm, the gods send a creature my way to eat." he then switched to target the assassin question. "Lord Shenorath, lives in Valikrin, I myself do not want you to go anywhere i am not willing to go, I merely asking for you to join, me to offer advice, if you want to kill the vampire yourself and gain some infamy be my guest. "I don't reveal anything, and you ought to know, That dragons are not a thing to cross either." He added that to match the mans threat not to intice further hostilities. But merely putting forth the same caution the man was. "If it comes to price, I am a Dragon, how does your weight in gold sound?"

Elioyahazer quirks a brow at Scandals response. Sure he might be a very large dragon indeed, but a skilled killer is truly in his element when a challenge arises. However, he makes no mention of this and instead, shrugs it off. He thinks over the offer for a moment. Offer advise? Surely Scandal wanted more than just advice. “Very well.” He nods in response. “You have acquired my aid, when you so need it.” Eli, does not offer a handshake, and instead nods his head. “When that time does come, you can find me here.” A hand waves to the room they both stand in. His other hand unlocks the door, so that Scandal may take his leave whenever he so chooses. The assassin meanders back over to his workbench, and if the dragon has no other words for him, starts to work with those weapons once more.

Scandal looks towards the door and then back to the Sandman. "How does tommorow sound?" In addition to this he added, pulling out a a very unique likely never before seen blade, with a hilt to large for any human to use, from a magically enchanted back the metal silver but with a strange blue glow, and making a hollow bell like noise as it moved, almost like a subtle whistle. "Perhaps this is something you can add to your collection, I found it, in a tomb, Its from my homeland, Uldenbraug, maybe you might be able to appreciate more than I."

Elioyahazer shifts his attention back to Scandal, and then to the weapon. “Well,” he leaves his bench to approach the dragon once more. His eyes study the weapon. Its glow. The metal. The hilt. All of it in its entirety before offering to take the weapon from Scandal. “Interesting specimen.” Elioyahazers voice is low, and more directed at himself then the lead researcher. “I wonder what metal this is?” The large hilt is rather curious, but his brain is in motion. “Very interesting. You found this in a tomb?” He starts to pace looking this sword over still. “I shall have to run some tests. An assassin is at a loss against a weapon he has not studied before.” The topic has switched from a job, to that of weapons. Clearly he’s rather interested in figuring this item out and completely forgot to answer Scandals question. “Tomorrow works great,” he gives a nod to confirm his words. “And thank you, for the unique item. I’m sure we can find a very good use for this.” The weapons expert moves to his desk once more, and enters the weapon that Scandal has just handed over. Entitled, unknown sword. Magic, unknown. Metal, unknown. Strength, unknown. There were so many things to discover.