RP:A Drink With Linken

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The Whaler's Bar

Alice said to Linken, "Now, wha's she look like, gimme a full description. Oh, an' I'll be needin' her full name'n whatnot."

Linken stepped up to the front door of the establishment, pulling the latch and stepping to the side as he opened the door for Alice - who said chivalry was dead? - before pulling it shut behind him. The scent of the sea was strong in this place, and it's familiarity was welcome; The elf hadn't set to the seas in near half a decade, and a small part of him longed for the open waters, but that was no longer his life. He had a family now. "Hmm..yes? Oh." Her question snapped him back to the situation at hand, reaching for his journal and flipping to the page containing her portrait. "...shoulder length, chestnut hair, mossy green eyes..." He ran his fingers across the page in contemplation before ripping it from the book, extending it to Alice pinched between two fingers. "Go ahead, take it. I pray it will be of use."

Alice nods, and takes the paper, making her way to the back of the room, where the board, already cluttered with notes from herself to the people of Cenril. This particular note made its way right there on top of all the others, except for the note telling everyone to stay indorrs while the threat of attack still loomed over them. She then turns, to the bar, ordering herself a drink, and bringing it back to a particularly clean table. It looks like this table was specifically meant for her. For some reason or another, the woman seems to be of importance in the town, she's certainly well-liked enough. She leans back in her chair, and motions for him to join her, if she hasn't done so already.

Linken lingered near the door until Alice had left the bar and made her way to the table, and when she motioned towards the shair he smiled and did exactly the same, though he would relieve his shoulder of his weapons and lean them against the next chair over before seating himself. "I feel I must thank you again for assisting in this matter," he said with a bright smile, folding his hands across the table, "I have a strong feeling that your assistance will help."

Alice rolled her shoulders, and a series of pops left them, echoing through the room. She was sore. Real sore. "I'm hopin' me work here helps too. An' I'm sure that with my help yer chances'r definitely upped at least a little. Least I ken do." She raised the glass of what appeared to be ale to her lips, and took a swig. She really did have a drinking problem, it was already halfway gone. Either that, or she could just hold her alcohol well. She thought back, fondly remembering the time she and Lady Larket had a drinking contest.

Linken would not admit it, but he had quite the problem with drinking as well. Tonight, though, he would not indulge, for he felt the need to stay as focused as possible in case things go awry. She was out there, somewhere, possibly in need of help, and being inebriated would not better his chances of finding her and need be saving her. "Still, I appreciate it, and know that I am not one to forget those who do me kindness." His posture seemed to give a little, and once his elbow struck the table he pressed his hand to his cheek and slouched forward, a faint air of dismay escaping his quiet breath as he exhaled. "I can only pray that we find her soon... These last few weeks have been horrible enough..."

Alice understood the need to find someone. She had lost someone a long time ago. "Well. We'll find 'er. Yer girlfriend'll be safe." She grinned, and tilted her head towards the board, where the missing persons poster was now hanging, taking up much of its space. "She'll be found in no time, y'hear?"