RP:A Demonstration

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Cerinii smiles to Neema, as she ushers her inside. "Ah, this is mein lab. It's rented for now. Until I can build mein own in the new city." She chuckles, "Please, sit." She gestures to a comfortable chair, as a burly thug passes by with a mop, bucket and floral apron. He grumbles as he mops away some blood upon the floor. She murmurs to Neema, "Mein apprentice, Alvina, should be here shortly. There is something that I wish to show her, und think it would benefit you to see. In your line of work, you will see many bewildering things."

Neema was trying to fix her hat and preen her feathers at the same time while following Cerinii inside. It wasn't working out well. Her hat was still knocked sideways, but her black, feathery wings were just about done being bothered with. She wanted to at least try to look kind of presentable around Cerinii, to show at least a small amount of improvement. The winged woman stopped fixing herself up to take a look at her new surroundings, then takes a seat on the chair offered to her. She nods while readjusting her big purple hat, "I'm sure I will." She looked very eager to see whatever it was Cerinii was going to show both herself and the elder avian's apprentice.

Alvina opened the door to the lab rather quickly, doing her best to straighten her attire before walking in. "Teacher," Alvina said swiftly, giving Cerinii a quick bow. The bard lifts her frame and offers the stranger a smile. "Good afternoon," she beams before closing the door behind her.

Cerinii pivots on her heel to look at Alvina, "Good day, student." She gestures to Neema, "This is Neema-Sian." She then gestures to Alvina, "Neema this is Alvina, mein apprentice.. As you may have guessed." She chuckles softly, before inhaling sharply. "Well, then. I want to show ein.. recent development. I find it both useful yet.. worrisome. You," she gestures to Alvina, "may find this interesting, as mein student. Neema-Sian, you may find this interesting as ein healer." She chuckles, "Are we quite ready?"

Neema gave Cerinii's apprentice a smile in return, along with a wave. "Hello." Her attention on Alvina was quickly taken away to hear more about what Cerinii was going to reveal to Alvina and herself, especially when Cerinii said 'healer', one of Neema's favorite words. The avian was literally on the edge of her seat, nodding her head eagerly, so much so that her hat almost slipped off. She didn't bother readjusting it. Whatever Cerinii had to show was far more important than a hat.

Alvina allows a quiet look of concern for Cerinii before taking a seat near Neema to cast her full attention on her teacher. She had to bite back the nerve to warn caution while excitement and wonder swirled in her stomach like butterflies. A soft nod indicates she is indeed prepared.

Cerinii smiled, "Excellent, then." She then paused, her tone very serious. As it is when instructing Alvina, or talking about politics. "I must declare, nein harm will come to you. Please, do not panic. All is quite alright." She gave that playful wink to Neema and Alvina, hoping to reassure them. She takes a step back, inhaling deeply through her nose. She closed her eyes, allowing her thoughts to swarm about her mind. Particular thoughts and fantasies that caused her brow to furrow with disdain. Her thoughts were like an angry swarm of bees; attacking at her ancient, paranoid mind without mercy. Her titanium arm shot out straight, to show very clearly how the liquid sheen grew thicker. Into a goo like state. Said goo begins to crawl up past her steel forearm and beyond the metal arm. It is then seen again, at her throat. Slithering over, like a symbiotic or parasite with dark intentions. Her mouth remained shut, unwilling to open. Yet, a twitch at the corner of her lips so happened as the goo reached her chin. Her mouth opened ever so slightly. But the goo, like a coiled viper ready to strike, was quick to curl around her bottom lip and slither down her throat. A brief and small gagging sound was made. But tendrils of goo continued their journey, travelling up her nose; into her ears and into her eyes. The goo then solidified. Steel, was all around her. A steel casing. Armour at her will. Metallic orbs opened and looked to the two females. A gravelly voice with a peculiar echo was heard, "Strange, ja?"

Neema 's jaw just about hit the floor at what she was seeing. Never in Neema's life had she seen something that looked so disturbing, yet completely fascinating at the same time. She wanted to shudder and look away when she saw that goo slither its way into Cerinii's mouth, but couldn't. Her eyes widened, she twitched in her seat. A sharp gasp passed her lips as Cerinii's face morphed, or was covered, Neema wasn't entirely sure, in steel. It took the fellow avian's voice to snap her out of her shocked stare. Neema blinked, still unable to believe what she saw. "Very strange," she nodded, resuming her unblinking stare once again, "H-how..." she stuttered over her words, before becoming speechless.

Alvina watched with her palms working the hem of her robe with worry. The goo, moving along her teachers form was controlled, she reminded herself just an instant before it began to move towards her mouth. Gods, Alvina clutched her hands tighter, the metallic fingers biting into her fleshy palm, her two hands intertwined. She held her breath, fighting the urge to close her eyes until it ended, for a multitude of reasons. "Teacher.." she whispered faintly, as the goo reformed around Cerinii. A flawless stronghold of steel, costumed fitted...and incasing more than just the exterior. "I...must agree..." Alvina finally stutters, as the Avians begin to speak. The human standing to move forward to examine it from a closer range, right arm outstretched in fear to touch it. "C-can you breathe all right?" A more personal question, for the more personal turmoil the girl fought.

Cerinii nodded slowly, the metal deducting her speed. She spoke with that echo and strange gravelly tone, "Ja. It's strange, but I can. You may touch.. This armour however, does not cover me all.. It only covers up to mein waist. Beyond that, it is flesh." She looks to Neema, "The twisted gift of ein friend.. He gave this to me, not expecting it to do this.. I cannot 'return' it or anything."

Neema still appeared speechless at Cerinii's change to being covered in metal. She still sat, frozen, believing her eyes were tricking her for a moment, even though she knew they weren't. Her head just couldn't completely wrap around something so unfamiliar. The avian hoped she would fully understand at some point. Her eyes began filling with curiosity, and she managed to ask the question she wanted to ask before, "H-how..how did you do that? Does it hurt?" She assumed being wrapped in metal might be uncomfortable, seeing as she'd never worn a suit of armor herself, "And how does this relate to me, being a healer, Cerinii-Raan?" Neema seemed to be full of questions today, "I'm afraid I don't understand.."

Alvina touched the cool metal encasing Cerinii's upper half, sturdy and strong it felt to the touch. "So many questions..." Alvina stuttered aloud, "Movement in reduced in speed because of the weight, it's packed tightly against you. More a shield then a weapon...do it affect the use of limbs not covered, in speed and the like? This is amazing..." Ribbons of crimson curls obscure her view briefly. "What was it made to do... exactly? If this is not the original effect?"

Cerinii shrugged gradually, "I do not know. It is different to each user." She nodded stiffly, "Mein movement is restricted greatly. I can strike ein blow, but it is slow.. But the power is maximized." She gestures to the bedroom, "Go fetch the knife." She looks to Neema, "It does not cause much pain. It is painful during.. transition, when it goes down the throat und in the eyes.." She then pauses, "You will see things you are not accustomed to. Und as ein healer of the Republic, I will be one of your patients. If you have foresight of ein problem, the solution is quicker to arrive to you. This will prepare you."

Neema nodded, slowly. There was so much she had to learn. She thought she was a great healer, fantastic, really, but with so many new and unfamiliar things coming her way, Neema had the feeling she was going to begin second guessing herself. A lot. The avian nodded again toward Cerinii, and shoved her doubt-filled thought right out of her head. She wanted to become a healer of the Republic, and knew it wasn't going to be some simple task. "I understand," she said, letting a slight smile touch her lips, "It looks like I'm going to need to improve a bit with my abilities." Good thing Neema was eager to get better, or this would be even more difficult than it probably already was.

Alvina nodded at the instruction, leaving the two for a moment to grab two knives she saw on the stand beside the bed. "I wonder what your purpose will be today..." she asked them quietly, before stepping back in with them in time to hear Neema's worry. "The key is to continue forward, each new day yields something more wonderful and confusing. “She smiles, before presenting the knifes to Cerinii, anticipating instructions on her part. Leaning over her shoulder, her emerald eyes catch Neema briefly. "At least she isn't making you remove someone's eyes with a spoon." She laughs, a mild tone of seriousness beneath the banter.

Cerinii nodded, as Alvina returned. A small grin at the mention of removing eyes. "She'll do that in her line of work, soon, I suppose." She gave an echoed chuckle. She then nods to Alvina. "Alright. Stab me. Aim for the head or neck with one, und ribs with the other. Do not falter, student. If you cannot stab me, you will not be able to slice open ein client."

Neema glanced at Alvina when she returned, giving an appreciative smile for her words. Her eyes widened a bet at mention of another's eyes being removed with a spoon, but she laughed along with the woman. She'd never removed an eye before, but it sounded like something she might end up doing down the road. Neema thought it might be similar to amputation, which she had successfully managed to pull off two or three times back home, but couldn't remember. It was Cerinii's instructions to Alvina that caused her laughter to stop. Again she was on the edge of her seat, thin fingers crossed while she watched the avian and her apprentice, hoping that that metal encasing Cerinii would protect her from being stabbed.

Alvina twitched at the command, her laughter floating down to silence as she looked Cerinii over. As always, Alvina was sure there was a reasoning behind it, and that no harm would befall Cerinii...or so she hoped. Her trust of the Avian's instructions had grown with time and she doubted herself less and less. A swift nod, while she takes one knife into each hand. Straining back, the bard's limbs stretch like wings behind her, right arm coming down on her neck, left on the ribs. Her left eye continues its nervous twitching, the bard holding her breath as the second passes.

Cerinii stood strong as the knives came crashing down. The first knife, reached her neck. It screeched as it broke through the metal, but it never touched the flesh. The metal had grown thicker, to protect the more important parts of the Avian Senator. The attack on the rib however, was swift. The metal was torn into, the knife smashing against her sturdy silver rib. A small grunt is ushered, the metal fading back to goo then slithering back to her forearm. The knife was quite stuck, but only a sliver of blood came forth. "Ah. It's quite effective." She grinned to Alvina, "I'm proud, student." She whispered, very quietly.

Neema once again found herself staring, awestruck at Cerinii. Watching someone attempt to stab her, even though it was asked for, frightened the avian. She was glad that the first knife Avina thrust at Cerinii hadn't gone through, so she wasn't as worried while watching the next one. It was when she saw the blood, however, that caused Neema frown. Her eyes flickered between both student and teacher, unsure if whether she should offer to help with the blood or not, even if it was minimal.

Alvina set her jaw strongly as the knives became lodged in the armor, the rough sound ringing in her ears. Her mouth dropped, inhaling sharply as she released the weapons to cover her mouth. "Teacher, they are still..." she muttered through her hands before her eyes came to settle on Cerinii's face. "You are?"

Cerinii sighed softly, nodding her head. "I know. I feel it." She chuckles softly, "Ja, I am. But.. don't let it get to you." She winked, before stepping back. She clamped her hand upon the hilt of the knife, grumbling lowly as she tugged on it. "It's quite stuck.. Any assistance?"

Neema didn't know why she shot her hand in the air, like an eager child waiting to be called on in a classroom, but she did the moment Cerinii asked for assistance. She would've waved it around, and went, 'pick me, pick me!' but thought it wouldn't be a smart idea. This would be the avian's chance, she hoped, to show what she could do. Realizing how immature she must appear, with her hand up in the air, Neema lowered it, speaking in a slightly timid voice. That confidence she showed only days before with her healing abilities didn't look like it was there anymore. "I could help, Cerinii-Raan. If you want me to."

Alvina gave her teacher a warm but understanding smile through her digits. "Of course not, “she said, before stepping away to allow Neema a better look at the wound. "It seems I've done enough for the moment," she smiled, " Neema- Sian, I leave this in your capable hands."

Cerinii looks to Neema, "You may." She smiles, "It's very well stuck. Go ahead, have ein go." She winks playfully at her. "Don't be shy, Neema-Sian. Ein healer must not hesitate."

Fuan whistles a quick, cheery tune as he stalks gracefully from a shadowed tree. The whistle is somewhat altered due to his dark mask, the cheerful tone sounding a tad muffled. He looks at the house from where he stood, sniffing lightly at the air. There was the scent, stronger than ever. Smiling to himself, he glides over to stand just off the front porch, debating if he should simply storm in or not. Chuckling softly, he steps up onto the porch and reaches the front door, phasing through it without a second thought. Looking around, the sun shines eerily off his blood-stained mask, his arms and tails hidden within his robes. He follows the scent without pause, turning a corner and spotting its producer, surrounded y two others, "Well well well. What have we here, I wonder?" His voice flows smoothly through his mask as his unnaturally amethyst eyes shine with molten emerald streams, "This I must admit, is quite the surprise."

Neema felt a bit better after Cerinii smiled and winked. Those two actions that the other avian made had to be contagious, Neema thought. She smiled back, even though she was still a bit nervous. Removing a knife could be dangerous if not done carefully, and at the moment Neema wasn't entirely sure she trusted herself, but she wanted to show what she could do. She mentally smacked herself to calm down, then stood, and moved to approach Cerinii to remove the knife and get to healing, but stopped short at the appearance of a masked man. Her head turned quickly, knocking that giant hat sideways once more, when the male spoke, but decided not to speak to him and readjusted her hat. She assumed he was a friend of either Cerinii or Avina's. Her eyes instead returned toward the knife stuck in Cerinii's body, then frowned. "Is there anywhere that you could lie down, perhaps?" She didn't think yanking the knife out while Cerinii was standing up would be smart, and she wasn't entirely sure how she would work around the metal encasing Cerinii either. "I could try working around the metal, but it might take longer and you might lose a lot of blood if I can't reach the wound quickly," Her confidence was obviously lifting a bit, judging by the fact that her voice wasn't wavering. She was definitely within her element now.

Alvina spun around at the sound of a new voice, a strange one she'd never heard before. The hair on the back of her neck jumped to attention, as her eyes fell on the male, mask hiding his face. "You are one to talk..." She responded promptly, before wishing she could withdraw the statement. "Apologies..." she muttered quietly, looking towards Cerinii to see if he was indeed foe...or friend. There was some connection between the two but until it was revealed...Alvina kept her position between the stranger and her teacher.

Cerinii had been all smiles, winking and laughter. But then, he stepped in.. Her face went somewhat darker. "You. Herr Fuan. What brings you to mein lab und home?" She then moves towards the steel table, slipping onto it and laying flat on her back. "Should this help you, Neema-Sian?"

Fuan tilts his head to the side as a soft chuckle escapes him. His gaze moves from each figure to the other, a soft purr rumbling in his chest. He watches as the woman each turn to him in turn, one re-adjusting her hat as the other finds need to apologize to him. He stares at the metallic avian as she speaks to him and lies down. Quirking a brow beneath his mask, he removes a small, black notebook and turns its pages. Finding the one he desired, he knicked the tip of his finger with a claw and made a small note on the page, snapping the book shut and dropping it back into his pack. Bowing with a deep flourish to each of the women, he stands to his full height, "Pardon the intrusion, yes? I was simply passing by and couldn't help notice the faint smell of blood. This blood wouldn't normally have caused any interest, had it not been surrounded by other interesting scents." He looks to the knife stuck in the woman's figure, "Now then, only recently healed and already injured again. What shall we do with you?"

Neema had more important things to be concerned with than a masked man in Cerinii's lab, so she simply glanced over at him one more time when he spoke, then followed Cerinii to her steel table. The winged woman gave a nod, and bent to remove the sock she kept all of her most important belongings in from her foot. She still didn't have any pockets, and she didn't have a bag to carry things with either. Neema really needed to work on that. Judging by the knife wound, she would need to stitch it up, and bandage it as well, so from the contents of her long stripy sock, the avian retrieved a roll of bandages (clean, of course. Neema wore two pairs of socks on each foot), along with a needle suited for stitching flesh and special stitching thread. The wound would probably have to be cleaned as well, and that caused Neema to frown. She didn't have anything to keep Cerinii's injury from becoming infected because of the knife, and promptly explained that to the other avain with an apologetic frown, "I won't be able to heal you fully, but at least the knife will be taken out and stitched up for now," then added, "I'll be able to fully heal you once I've gathered a bit more supplies. It shouldn't cause you very much harm." Words were easy to say, but actions would be far more difficult, now that Neema grew nervous again. She didn't know that Cerinii had mettalic ribs, nor that the knife was bent because of them. After warning Cerinii that the next few moments were going to be very uncomfortable and most likely painful, she grasped the knife and gave a tug, expecting it to come out cleanly. It didn't. Instead the knife jerked awkwardly since it was bent, most likely causing Cerinii to feel a great deal of pain, and Neema immediately let go. "S-sorry! I'm so so sorry, Cerinii-Raan," she looked worried. "The knife might be in further than I thought, or bent...This might take a bit longer than I thought."