Fight:Battle at the Hill of Peace

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The Hill of Peace: The land here at the wondrous view of hollow seems to have magically grown outward, causing the grasses along with many different flowers and plant life, to stretch the edge out a bit further. One plush tree of peace is set off to the side, giving a shady spot to rest under, as you gaze over the scenic view. The feeling of tranquility is strong here for some reason, causing one to only question; is it because of the memorial, because of the magic blue glowing rose dancing in the wind, or is it the ghostly silhouette of a closed gate, that reflects off of both moons just before the dawn? As you examine the magical stone you see writings upon it in all dialects, “Syrus the Silver, May the final Delavian, who sacrificed his vampirc fangs for the wings of a dragon, watch over us always, and may his teachings never be forgotten.”

Hikoro told Samir, "*Let out a scream as she'd stumble forward upon her knee's, her body collapsing upon the earth of the hill of peace. He'd discover her name was not Hikoro Hasika but Orokah Darknight, Protector of the Kiss of Death. A former assassin who HAD no friends, as was the law of the assassin. He'd discover she simply saught to find out if he'd been guilty of using her name to find out information of the seals. Her meer appearance being the clearest thing of all. Long flowing black hair, dazzling rose red eyes that were vacant of life. Her body clothed in a white flowing gown with white wolven fur linings about it.Being a feline with black ears and tail. "Please...stop...""

Syrus , hearing the disturbance within her daughter's mind, forms with eyes ablaze. Softly a hand would move to her shoulder as he spoke gently, "Daughter, what is it that is going on?"

Samir appears from below.

Hikoro slowly look off in the distance, a blank look on her face as she lay on her side. She hadn't noticed her fathers presence, for if she had, she'd have warned him to leave.

Syrus :: With hands gentle and mind fixed, the elder man lowered his arms to wrap about the small form of the feline, cradling her in his arms. With his beard, slightly damp due to the evening bath, he would brush upon the child's forehead attempting to bring her from her state, "Child I feel your fear..but I know not on what you hold such a pain for. I shall take you to a healer who will help you."

Samir descends on the hill of peace from high within the clouds, powerful wings propelling through the air at breakneck speed as with both eyes and mind he tracks the woman who'd become his prey. He plummets toward the ground, moving so fast that to mortal eyes his appearance against the quickly darkening sky would be as little more than a blurred inkblot, falling from the heavens. The Ancient's ragged wings flare out as he nears the ground, jerking him violently into a slower rate of descent before he impacts the ground hard. Body collapsing into a low crouch, the force of his landing sinks him an inch or so into the soft dirt, and it is a good moment before his head lifts upward, staring straight at Hikoro without even acknowledging the other presence he'd felt from above. Samir rises silently, ragged attire flowing around him as he moves like a wraith across the grassy turf, his precise footsteps carrying him swiftly toward Hikoro as within her mind, his voice would be bellowing once more.

Samir told Hikoro, "*"Do you have any idea what you've trifled with, child?" the Ancient roars at you from within the darkness, his voice still echoed by thousands of others. *"

Hikoro blinked, managing to realise, in the state of her confusion and disorientation, her father was there with her. "" she'd stammer, cutting off her sentence at the first word when the voice bellowed out in her mind again.

Hikoro told Samir, "*trembles, shaken from the voice. "I didn't...mean to threaten you...I was after someone else...I thought you were them....""

Syrus ::Soft would be the smile upon the elder male's face as gentle digits roam through the locks of the child. Thoughts of times passed venture through his mind like a warm dream, lost gently to the frail words that were spoken, "Oh child you fret to much. Rest now and know Father is here…and will no longer let such things happen." Like the slow movement of mountains the wrinkled head of the man turns to gaze upon the avain whom he knew not, eyes of silver flame offering a blink between stationary states. Like a rock, he elder wizard would stand seeming slightly happy that it was this unknown man that was before him. With out warning or thought, the elder male would gently raise up upon his toes before his frail form was completely raised into the air near half his height. At the speed which he could walk, Syrus lifted high into the sky, until his form was ever so close to the translucent doors which were within the sky. It is at this point, that his soft, and soothing voice spoke out seeming to be that which he would offer to a friend, "I greet you avian to my place of rest. May I request your name?" It is during this that a bright green light begins to emit from his old, long nailed, hands. Softly, the glow began to grow stronger, causing those below to be unable to gaze directly into it, "I am Syrus, the silver dragon. One whom was once a prince among a powerful family known as the Delavians." The light now would seem to glow through the feline, filling he body and pushing through it as though it were colored glass, "However, I do not expect you to know of such a title, so simply know me as one whom is not fond of oranges…" A thunderous blast then exploded through the air, causing a ripple of sound to jet forth in all directions from the dragon. This force held not the power required to lift a man from his feet, but perhaps enough to cause him to glance down in fear of dust clawing upon his eye, "Or ones attempting to harm my daughter." With those words, the body of the feline would become trans parent, and fade, leaving only a soft wisp of crimson energy. The cloud, known as her soul would leaner in the man's hands for a moment before vanishing into his arms as though never to have been, destroying the connection upon her mind due to the fact that the brain of the creature was know more. Flames of cerulean then gaze down upon the ancient, "I do presume it is a conversation you are seeking, for battle is not wise."

Shaelus floated down from the heavens suddenly, yet gracefully. His body glowed with an unnatural, golden light that cast shadows all around him in. His right hand was wrapped around a sickle with black a blade consumed in black fire. It was a weapon that some believed existed only in legend and myth, but the same was sometimes said of the man holding it as well, if he could be called a man at all anymore. Thousands of souls made up this one being, and the legends surrounding him tell tales of how he acquired many of them. The Fallen God landed lightly upon the ground, somewhat near Samir. His mouth didn't twitch in the slightest, and those who were paying attention might notice he wasn't even breathing at all. Breathing was something only mortals required, after all. A voice boomed from every different direction, presumably addressing Samir, "It looks as though you have found yourself in a bit of trouble, little cousin. Is this something you do often?"

Moonlight flies in with a scream of death as she whizzes around above the others. Circling above them in the sky the druid calls out for her powers. As the clouds start to obey her they circle as well. A loud sound is hear as the sky cries out and lighting shoots across the sky Another scream came from her lips as the clouds rumble in the sky and lighting shoots between them.

Samir finds himself shunted back midstep as Syrus releases his minor little 'explosion', yet even still he ignores the old man, focusing entirely on the woman who was his prey, for the other is inconsequential. Againt the blast of energy Samir begins to stalk forward yet again, throwing his shoulders forward and moving through the 'wave' without further pause, It is not until Hikoro somehow fades away that Samir pauses, eyes traveling upward and resting heavily upon Syrus. The Ancient is about to speak, his lips parting slightly, yet then they close once more and his head snaps into the sky, tracking Solaris as he too descends from the heavens. "This is not trouble, Shaelus Khar." Samir responds, bowing his head to the Ancient despite the shame held within their last meeting, always showing his 'better' respect.

Hikoro had not felt what had occured only moments before. A silent fading and a sudden peaceful rest until she felt in a way, her eyes opened. She saw what her father saw, spoke what he spoke. It was so hard to explain the meer oddity of such things. The feeling she was still in her own body, still laying in the grass, was completely gone. However it was not the feeling she stood with the brave soul and leadership her father had carried with him. They were truelly one for that one moment in time. And she was safe.

Syrus softly offered a smile as his hands lowered gently toward his sides. The bright green ash that was once his daughter floats slowly down toward the only ground, vanishing out of sight several feet above the heads of those whom stand upon it. The act was completed and no longer was his lofted location needed, and so, in much similar a manor to which he had rose, the wizard descended. Toes would touch first upon the spongy grass followed by his hardened heels. Magestic long locks of silver floated outward behind the man as his head tilted to a side, seeming to question the gem upon the avian's neck. A shrug would remove such a worry as he began to depart the hill top, seeing that he, along with his daughter, were no longer needed, "Come Lady Moon. Let us go forth to have a bite to eat. Upon my copper it shall be."

Moonlight flies down and hovers at the shoulder of Syrus and gave a nod of her head* "I could use something to eat. Shall we go then?"