Dead Caves

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The aptly named Dead Caves are home to some of the most vile and dangerous creatures in existence; what's worse is the utter darkness of the harsh stone caverns in which they live. Only death, pain, or eternal slavery wait for those who unsuspectingly enter the Dead Caves.


Deep beneath lower Craughmoyle, to the southwest of Trist'oth lie the Dead Caves. They are made up of a cavernous stone maze riddled with deadly creatures at every turn. No plants live there as it is a particularly dry area lacking in Faerzress, meaning no mold, mushrooms or native Underdark plants can survive.


The Dead Caves are slightly cooler and dryer than the rest of the Underdark, possibly because it is even deeper than other areas. It remains near 50°F at about 50% relative humidity.


The history of the Dead Caves is unknown, possibly existing for thousands of years in its current state before anyone who founded it ever escaped to tell the tale.


Though there are no specific settlements or natives to the caves, many nefarious beings hide there to feast or enslave unwitting creatures who wander into the caverns. Among those who dwell there are the supremely intelligent Mind Flayers, various creatures which can kill with a glance, and a number of other creatures which pose serious dangers to one's mind or body.