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This page is to list any changes that are made by the programming board, keep checking for updates!

Recent Changes

Most Recent Changes

The most recent changes are available on the main page of the wiki.

Previous Versions of Hollow

Hollow originated in December 1998 and went public April 1999, with Sven, Lore and Hind at the helm. Originally hosted on Hypermart.net, Hollow was later moved to the Barrysworld server. As Hollow grew, the server and bandwidth needs grew with it. Due to these added needs, Hollow is now hosted on dedicated servers.

Hollow was originally programmed in Perl but was changed to PHP shortly after the change from Barrysworld.

Hollow2 was open to the public from April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2007.

All of the characters of Hollow needed to have their statistics reset during the change over, due to the various changes made.

Hollow2 involved a massive change in the layout of Hollow adding areas such as Vailkrin and Trist'oth. Hollow2 also added extra places characters could wear equipment including the fingers and arms, extra races were added such as the Drow and Half elf, extra classes such as the bard and spell blade, the new classes were given new skills and the selection of class skills were expanded. Many extra items were added for the players to wear and use as the number of shops was vastly increased.

Hollow Trinity was made available to beta testers on September 17, 2006, and was released to the public on April 1, 2007. Trinity was reprogrammed from the ground-up, resulting in much more efficient code that decreases the effort needed to program new features. The code also decreased page load times significantly, especially for 'update-chat' blank queries. New features include:

  • Shops are now capable of having a limited number of items, which will be replenished throughout the day, or as customers sell back items.
  • HollowWiki was incorporated into the website.
  • A complete redesign of the in-game messaging service, H-Mail, which now include paging (only display 50 messages at a time), along with more 'email'-type options.
  • A more convenient command bar was added to the bottom of the screen
  • More dynamic room locks added.
  • Roaming NPCs and Monsters.
  • Shout radius implemented (only hear people in a 10-room radius, etc.)

Current Version of Hollow

The current version of Hollow was released on August 22, 2015.

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