Battle:The Death of Alareik

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Cenril Town Square

The first signs of hell breaking loose was the sounds of the civilians screaming and running in fear. A large stampeded was herded before the lycan as he stomped down the roads. His nose hitting that air as he tracked the woman down by scent alone. The first signs of the lycan was that horribly massive, evil , sword that Alice had forged for him. The next moment the nine foot lycan could be seen walking onto the scene. The lycan was massive barrel chested with new wounds inflicted recently. Along both his arms where wounds that weeped his infected blood onto his solid white fur then dropped onto the ground. His legs held the same wounds as his arms. The worst though seemed to be the massive hole that went right through his right hand. It was perfectly round no meat or tendons... Not even bones had stopped the silver spike as it rammed through his hand. The lycan had a crazed look to his eyes as he was met by the guards and multiple forces aligned to stop him. This was going to get ugly very quickly. The lycan lifted his blade to the heavens preparing to smite the people that stood before him and the target of his rage. " ALICE! COME OUT!" he wouldn't strike yet but the blade seemed to pulse and groan as black flames erupted around the entire blade.

There would be no sound of civilians screaming, save, perhaps, for a few men. Had Alareik been looking about, there had been an order for all civilians, save a few strong and able-bodied men, to stay inside until given permission to leave their homes. Only a very small few had disobeyed these orders; they had heard of the lycan attacks on the streets. The people of Cenril were by no means stupid. Al turned, hearing the sound of someone calling her name. Her eyes narrowed. So the pup had decided to turn his back on her, just as she had anticipated. Her hand went back, drawing the axe that had been strapped to her back. This specific axe seemed to have been made for such an occasion. As the light glinted off of it, it would become very clear that this was not steel, but silver. The woman pushed through the group of men standing with her, gladiators of Gualon, warriors from the warband, archers from sage, and of course, the guard, from here in Cenril. The fiery lass was prepared; and she would not falter. Standing behind three rows of men, with shields up, her voice came back, strong, and sounding just as gallant and prideful as she looked. "I'm already out, ye traitor." There was a venomous ice to her voice. "'N here I thought maybe ye would o' kept yer word." She was furious. How dare he turn on her? This only made her more furious at herself. How dare she trust him in the first place. Her hands gripped at her weapon as she stood there, snarling like some sort of beast.

Alareik eyed the men before him down. Pretty sure the snake was going to get him killed." ME !" The voice was laced with the rage the lycan felt at the moment." I've done no such thing until your person strapped to a chair. " He held up his massive clawed hand. One large yellow eye staring right at her through the hole." Your word did this to me. You sent that.... that thing to torture me..." The eye in the blade spun as it looked at each and every threat the head started to become unbearable for the people in their Armor... Except for alice if she still wore the fang earring he had given her. " I trusted you." Was his final words as he brought the blade down in a fighting stance. The horrible black flames danced and swirled about it. He was furious... She turned on him... Even after he had split himself from his beast half... And then the torture.

Alice growled with disgust as a few of the men in the back, all of the Cenril Guard, began to waver. The gladiators and archers did not seem to be quite as effected, as their armor was light, there was little metal to be heated. Al herself wore his earring still, and she glared at him right through the hole in his hand. "How dare ye." Her voice boomed back at him. "How dare ye come in this town, after I gave ye me trust, let ye walk out o' here alive in the first damn place, then come accusin' me o' tryin' ter kill ye." She was incredulous. She had no idea how he'd gotten his wounds. At this point, she didn't care either. She was too hurt, too angry. "Dinnae who gave ye that wound, but it weren't fer my sake." She spat.

Alareik turned his burning gaze to the crowd of men. " Leave." Was his only word of warning he gave them. The sword in his hand pulsed once more as if it craved the blood of these humans before him. The lycan twisted his massive blade around and sunk it three feet into the hard cobble stone ground beneath them. His form shifted in that moment back to the human ish appearance. The wounds looked twice as bad on him at the moment, but he was trying to keep from murdering the woman and men around him. His burning yellow orbs where locked on alice as he simply started to walk forward." It could have only been you that sent that person after me. Only you that knew of my plans.... I gave you my trust .... And you crushed it under your boots. "Alareik's rage was starting to get the best of him as even now flames rolled around the lycan. Roaring hot flames of the brightest white small traces of the scorching black flames." How could you ...?"

Alice gave a motion of her wrist, and with no hesitation, a rain of arrows was shot from somewhere in the sky, down in Alareik's direction. He was attempting to attack in a city full of people ready to protect it. The arrows had come from the guard towers, from the roofs of the buildings, in many directions. She motioned again, ordering some of the men to stand aside, then she immediately held her axe before herself, in a blocking position. Even the hilt, it seemed, was of silver. "I knew o' yer plan ter attack the city, an' I trusted ye when ye said ye'd no' do it. An' I knew 'ow you placed yer men in my guard ter try an' kill me all secret like. An' I took care o' them, but let you be. I give ye me solemn word though, I never ordered nothin' on ye te be hurt. So what're ye gonna do? Ye gonna try'n kill me now? Fer what? Lettin' ye get away with so much already?" The way her voice wavered, the frustration, confusion, the pain she was expressing at him even /thinking/ she'd aim to have someone hurt him. She was furious, and betrayed. She reckoned when she did find out who was behind attempting to kill him... she'd have a few strong words for them.

Alareik didn't bother to dodge the arrows as his body was turned into a pincushion of rather epic proportions. He wasn't afraid to die. Why would he be? He was brought into the world during war and by god he figured he'd die with a sword in his hand. But not like this... Not feeling so betrayed. The lycan tried to say something... Anything to express the thoughts running rampant through his mind. Instead an odd gurgling noise could be heard as his lungs slowly filled with blood. A shuddered cough and the lycan fell to his knees his eyes still locked on her. The massive blade behind him turned its gaze to the archers hiding up in the towers. As if all on its own swirling columns of black flames erupted around the archers. The lycan didn't move the cursed blood pooling about his body as he fell flat on his stomach. The arrows shattering then pushing further into him. More then a dozen erupted out of his back. The lycan was tired... Ohh so very tired after being tortured then being bonded back with his wolf... Looks like this was the end of the road for the lycan... So many things left unsaid... So many people he couldn't keep safe.

Alice motioned for another movement. Burned archers fell, dead, of course, and others took their place, bowstrings taut, ready to release the plan b arrows, the ones with silver at a moments notice. She strode up to the fallen male, her eyes ablaze with fury at the accusations. Had she not been wearing gauntlets, he might have seen she was white-knuckled in her angry grasp. "I told no one ter harm ye, til just now." She tilted his chin up with her boot, before pushing him away, remembering he wasn't the harmless fellow she had thought he was. "I told ye before. I wouldn't hurt ye unless ye tried ter hurt this city. An' yer hurtin' it now with yer blasted flames." She hissed down at him. "But I did not send anyone ter kill ye. Never would o' dreamed o' it. So I tell ye now. Stand down, an' I'll find ye a healer. Keep fightin' me, and I'll end ye here." The venom had left her voice. If anything, there was a note of pity, as she had come to grow fond of him either way. She'd always been the kind to find a friend in someone who could keep up with her, and he had most certainly given her a hard time. She could respect that. She couldn't, however, respect false accusations, and she couldn't respect someone who hurt the people of the town she called home.

Alareik 's head turned as her boot forced it over. His eyes no longer burned with the hidden rage of the beast. They where where clouded over in the grips of death. " I never attacked anyone.Even in my rage... I only came to find you...." Blood trailed from his mouth, his ears and and ran from the corners of his eyes. The light going dim for the lycan as he didn't even have the strength to stand back up or to move her foot from his face. His dim eyes slid over to look at his sword.Umbaras's fury.... It had started to glow again. That sadistic pulse of power as the flames erupted along the blade once more. " Never tried to kill you.... Only converted those that wished it... At least in the guard. " His hand came up and weakly tried to push the boot away." Leave me to die little smith. I'm a wolf off the leash for far to long. " Umbrara's fury decided this was the moment to act. The blade fell free of its impalement. The handle slapping into the hand of the lycan as those damned dark flames rolled up his arm. Alareik gave a gasp of pain as the fire ate away the armor then started to eat away a the flesh of his arm. The world went black for a moment and he slumped onto the ground. No more fight to give and far to weak from the silver , the torture and now this.

Alice acted quickly. The axe she had been holding dropped to the ground. Of course, the lass was never one to be unprepared. From her side she drew her second weapon; the sword she had used for a short time back in the war against the Time Lord. Anyone who knew her well would recognize that the slightly blackened blade was nearly always by her side, a token to remind her of where her alliegances were. She gazed down at him, and muttered a grumbled apology. Without a moment's hesitation, she swung her sword down, aiming for just below his shoulder, in an attempt to lop off the portion of arm that was being devoured by the flames. He'd be better off without it. She could feel how evil that blade was, and she had a feeling that if she didn't do something now, his whole person would be erupted into flames somehow.

Alareik gave a sudden groan of pain as the arm was cut loose. Alariek would suddenlly roll over his hand grasping the nub where his burning arm had been. As he roleld more arrows pushing into his flesh exploding through his stomach, neck , chest and more then a few at exploded through his hips. A weak , gurgling , groan escaped the lycan who had suddenly gone through hell in the span of one day. He looked to her then to the burning arm just a few scant inches away from him.But he could still feel his arm... He could feel the pain... The phantom limb...

Ranok speaks, watching this little show from a rooftop. He'd climbed earlier, unsure if he needed to intervene what with how many men and guards had been slaughtered. "Leave him. He killed scores of people and the noose awaits no matter what. Save yourself some time and a cell, girl."

You grunted. Ranok was... he was right, in a sense. This man would have to be under arrest, and he would take up a jail cell. And he would, more than likely, end up at the noose. She rubbed her face, kicking aside the burning limb, and turning. "Someone get them arrows out o' 'im, an' bind the wound. I want silver-armed guards at 'is cell. I'll be there at some point or another." She kicked at the limb, and leaned, hand hovering over that peculiar sword for a few moments. "...Worst o' my creations."

Alareik 's eyes snapped open. No.... Not the cell again anything but the cage... " You should have killed me alice.... I won't go back to a cell." He lifted his hand away from the stump then lifted it towards the heavens. Slowly the lycan realised his runes had been damaged.. The ones to control his rage. " You really should have killed me." And that was the last thought the lycan had as the beast's rage washed over him. A thousand thoughts being slashed and torn asunder as the beast tore control from the man. In the moment the human looking male looked at her with a forlorn look then it was gone. Burning yellow eyes a snarl and his bones started to snap and break. Muscles tore and reformed, fur erupted across his body as his form lengthened adding on weight and height. The beast scrambled to its legs. Blood pouring from the multiple wounds. All it saw was the world through a haze of red and rage. Its right arm lifted into the air as Umbara's fury flipped end over end before beign grasped in his holy clawed hand. The beast didn't wish to hurt alice but they'd have to kill it before it allowed its host back intoa cage.

Ranok tsked as the girl refused. "Perhaps you'll learn what it takes, one day. In the meantime, I will clean up after you." Fingers reach and pull his ranged weapon of choice out of her oiled leather holster at the small of his back. Mirabelle, as she was called, her name writtin in the mahagony frame in gold. No typical crossbow, either. It could accept any number of projectiles because of the way it was constructed. Following old principals Ranok liked to adhered to, his objective of choice would be soon clear. A red bolt drawn from a interior pocket, bulbous and almost comical looking. Placed into the slot and the weapon shouldered all in practiced ease. A moment to sight, an exhale as any good marksman would do, and a squeeze of the trigger. Runes erupt into eerie blue green along the weapon as it activates and sends flying the bolt square at Alareik. When it hits, anything at all, its intent becomes clear: kill it with fire. White phosphorus, kept airtight, revealed to the air promptly reacts energetically. Which was a way of saying everything near it caught fire, and then the things that could catch fire caught fire. Woe be any creature nearby.

Alice heard the bones shifting, cracking. She'd been attacked by a lycanthrope once before, and with a heavy heart, and with the sound of Ranok's disapproval, she let out a noise she hadn't let out since she was last at war. It must have been some sort of battlecry, for as she emitted it, she stooped, grasping up the weapon she had been trheatening Alareik before. She knew what she had to do. The axe was clearly a heavy one, but she seemed to have no problem lifting it. Fast as could be, and nimble as ever, she charged forward, the axe swinging. If she was successful, the blade would sink into his neck. She was aiming to decapitate. The woman uttered a sort of apology as the axe swung through the air; she had not wanted to hurt this friend of hers. The redhead, however, had to do this. Ranok was absolutely right. No one would finish what she had started but her. She would be the one to end this, once and for all.

Alareik turned from the human to the female. Then the sudden noise and sound cause his attention. A crossbow bolt really? No more arrows... No more arrows. The beast let its maw open its lungs filling with air as magic coursed into ever fiber of its being... And it howled. The howl was of pain of loss and regret. As the corssbow bolt came closer and closer the lycan contrinued the howl more magic being forced into its voice until blood started to fly from its mouth. The howl shifted the air in front of the lycan started to shimmer then quake as the howl hit its final note. Defiance in the face of death! Visible waves of sound could now be seen the first smashing into the crossbow bolt with the force of a brick wall.As the firey storm of hell fire erupted around the area the lycan gave the woman a sad look...

Alice took a deep breath, her arms feeling heavy with the weight of what she was about to do. Sure, she'd killed before, and she'd probably kill again, if it meant safety for the city. She gave the lycan a sad look of her own, and opened her mouth for a moment as she prepared for the next swing. Her apology never came. Instead she clamped her lips shut, and swung the axe again, taking the oppoortunity. He had asked her to kill him. He had told her she should kill him. He wanted this, she convinced herself. And even if he hadn't... she had to. There was a city full of people boarded inside their homes, for fear of what this man would do. She knew he had committed murder in this city before. If she planned on standing as a defender of these people... she had to administer justice. She'd already taken a vow to make this lawless place just a little less lawless, no matter the cost. As the axe made its smooth movement through the air, a hiss of breath left her teeth. The axe, forged of silver, aimed for his neck, would hopefully be the end of this ordeal. For now there would be no regret.

Ranok meanwhile reloads. This time he uses a ghroundium bolt. Too heavy to deflect aside, and strong enough to punch through anything to boot. An expensive measure but well, when you wanted someone dead. He holds fire, however. Hopefully a silver axe to the neck does the trick.

Alareik saw the blade coming in." Bye little smith... I'll miss..." But that was it the axe blade pierced into his flesh and he knew the burning pain of silver. And then nothing as the blade finised passing through his neck. His body dropped dead to the ground and then his head did a few spins before slapping wetly on the ground. That same sad smile to his face that he had held for a while.

As the blade sliced through him, a sort of roar left her, fierce as always, in the face of danger. His blood made it's way to her face, but she hardly seemed to notice. His pet name for her, little smith... it seemed to fall on deaf ears, for now. As the blade of the axe passed through, her arms finally went a little limp, watching as the head rolled to the floor. A wheezing noise left her lips, but it was quiet, she doubted anyone could have heard it. After a moment or so of staying that way, she slowly straightened up, her expression steely. Without a word, she slowly placed her axe back in its place on her back. Her eyes then turned to the malicious blade she had been a part in making. "Have that thing destroyed, by any means necessary. If'n ye can't destroy it, have it hidden away somewhere. Use..." She hesitated. She would take a note from Alareik's book. "...Use magic if ye have ter." She then leaned, and her gauntletted fingers laced into the hair atop the now lifeless scalp. She straightened again, and then motioned to the body. "...Have a boat ready." She'd at least send him off with a friend's burial, whether or not he deserved it.

Ranok tips himself off the edge of the perch he was on, landing with a grunt. As he walked towards Alice, Mirabelle was disarmed and put away without a trace of emotion, "Now isn't the time, girl, to break down. If you have any intent of taking and holding this city, any at all - you need to keep it together." Hands close the duster and he's close to Alice now. "The first of many. The gangs won't turn belly up, no matter what you offer. Not all of them at least." Fingers pull out two smokes, one for him, the other offered to Alice. "Mental. Not tobacco. Makes the mind go sharp and alert. Might give you the kick you need. Or not, as it sometimes it can make you overthink by dredging up memories and making hard to stop thinking." If she took it, he'd light it for her. Either way, he was going to smoke the one for himself no problems.

Alice didn't even have the energy to snarl at Ranok, but she did retort, in a voice that almost sounded... tired. "I never cried about nothin' an' ye won't see me cryin' now." She looked at the smoke... and then took it, allowing him to light it. She simply watched as the body was carried off. Her grip tightened in the male's hair. "Guess the danger's up'n gone. I'm gonna keep patrols on the streets, though." She took a drag of the smoke, staring off absentmindedly. It seemed that what she'd done hadn't exactly hit her yet. Either that, or the woman knew how to put on an incredibly brave face. Sure she'd killed before... but never a friend. She'd never done that to a friend. Then again, she did realise that she'd have brought his death on himself. She turned her eyes to Ranok, and offered a grin, though, it wasn't quite as bright as it usually would be. "I'll be with ye in a bit. This thing is heavy." She then turned to the west, with the aim of pinning this trophy up for all to see.

Ranok clasps a hand onto Alice's shoulder for a long moment, meeting her eye, "You did well." A rare compliment paid from the smith and he sounded like he meant it, "I'll keep out of your hair now, let you clean things up. Looks like you might want some time to yourself."

Alice paused in her walking, turning to meet his eye as he met hers. After a moment of silence, she nodded. She appreciated that, in this moment of rather numb feeling. "Aye. I'll get ter ye later. Ye'll hear from me." She then returned to moving west, off to tie up the loose ends left by these recent events.