Battle:Empire takes Gualon

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Part of the Battle Over Gualon Arc

The Invasion and Incorporation of Gualon

Took place on 10/18/07 at approx. 9:30am Hollow Time

Vuryal smirks, posing outside the gates of "New Gualon", the darkened hood covering a majority of his face, though the expressionless mask does the entirety of such a thing. The staff in his hand is held in check, clutched lightly by right handed digits as the amber stone on top begins to glow with a bright golden hue. "Fools of this realm, to think that mere gold can purchase these items of great strength..."

Bryyn stands by his lord, as a corona of energy crackles around him and his sword.

Seeing the gates before him, the chronomancer raises his staff, a few choice words spoken into the stone before it unfurls an eerie luminescent light that strikes the wooden structure. In seconds, the gate explodes, the molecules of the monstrous barricade reversed, leaving nothing remaining of the once towering structure. The gnome grunts, amused at the ease of entrance into this city. “Have to change that in the future...” he quotes, before footsteps stride him onwards into the city proper.

With a great guttural cry of “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Several muscular Orcs dash at the Gualon watch tower a strange mixture of primitive of primitive wooden spears and rune inscribed scimitars clutched in their thick gnarled hands as the swing and stab their way past the mounted outriders in their flimsy light armour. The startled guards of the tower quickly grab at their bows and begin randomly firing at the sudden and unexpected attack. Arrows fly through the air accompanied by high pitched whistles before stabbing into the thick green exposed hides of Orcs spilling thick dark green blood upon the swamp grass. As the wave of green fury seems to thin the marksmen sigh with relief whipping sweat away from their soaked brows. Perhaps they would have realised that they rested too soon if they had seen the poison tipped dagger that quick inserted itself into their backs. The three guards fall together to the floor with three loud thuds, the last thing to meet their eyes a faded image of a green face with a hideous grin and the low grumble of “Gualon for the Orcs! Long live the empire!” drifting softly into their ears.

Bryyn flies over the ramparts looking for hidden foes, and alights near his leader.

Vuryal stands there, momentarily pausing to glance upon the guards here through tiny slits in the expressionless mask. A fluid wave of his left hand, palm out, sends the guards into nothingness, a rift in space swallowing them and forcing them into a new realm. “Enjoy that trip,” Vuryal states, continuing his trek onwards to the main city street.

Bryyn keeps his eyes out for any enemy missed by chance.

Vuryal turns to Brynn. "Continue on, I have a temple to desecrate," the chronomancer states, laughing all the while.

Bryyn says "As you wish lord." Bryyn exits south.

Bryyn becomes a blur of many colors as he darts in and out of the market stalls, piercing the hearts of any that hold weapons against the Elite.

Ryeanna says to Vuryal, "Did I miss anything exciting?"

Vuryal smirks upon entering the shrine. "Forever and Always. How amusing." With a gentle lean of the staff, the rock faces onward towards the shrines assembled here, causing each to blow up simultaneously, their atomic properties reversed. Debris and dust showers the area before the chronomancer moves to the north.

Vuryal says to Ryeanna, "Not as of yet."

Vuryal nods to Brynn. "Did you encounter much resistance?"

Ryeanna says to Vuryal, "Oh good." *the lich rubs her hands together with barely disguished glee*.

Bryyn says "Gualon is yours, the tradesman offer that gold to beg to stay in business."

Vuryal says to Ryeanna, "I have not seen any indication that the black dragon has even been here in some time. Let us..."have our way" with this city."

Bryyn says, "Very little resistance lord, once the guards were dispatched."

Vuryal laughs at Brynn's comments. "Good. Now, I know of a secret lair in this city, filled with resistance fighters. See if they will join the Empire, or else, dispatch of them as well."

Bryyn says, "I have been to the hidden lair, they await their new master and misstress."

Vuryal nods. "Very good. Then, prepare a hunting party to ensure that the city has been swept clean. Call upon the rest of the guard to assist, if needed."

Bryyn bows, "As you wish lord."

Ryeanna slowly lifts her staff, as it moves through the air gripped in her silken gloved hands it leaves a trail of flakes of snow Taking aim with the ancient relic the Lich grins as the staff of frost begins to crackle with barely contained magical energies that ripple across its shiny frost encrusted silver surface. The build up of power reaches breaking point suddenly and with a loud crack like that of a whip a pair of bolts of bright white energy shoot fourth from both sockets of the skull decoration at the top. The twin bolts crash into the pixie idol and obliterates it in a second flash of bright white light, and then all that is left is a pile of flash frozen rubble steaming upon the temple floor.

Vuryal grins upon seeing the magicks of the Lich Queen. "This was too easy. The rest of the lands, hopefully, will present some challenge. Now, who should we devote this shrine to? Delisha? Vakarash? Solaris?"

Vuryal steps outside, announcing to all in the city that the Empire has arrived his intention.

Vuryal shouts, "To the city of Gualon. You are now part of the Empire of Archmosia! Consider this a favorable thing, for your borders shall be protected and your riches will grow in abundance. To those of you who are not willing to accept citizenship into the Empire, I suggest you leave now before I decide to erect a guillotine."

Ryeanna waits as a pair of human children, dirty and wearing but simple rags watches a platoon of skeletal warriors march slowly up the steps into the meeting hall of the province of Gualon. The skeletal warriors are encased in shining heavy armor of black metal lined with gold detail; each carries a large obsidian halberd with a frosted green axe blade at the top over their shoulder. The sound of heavy booted feet and the shambling of bones within metallic armor is near deafening but before long the dread platoon lines up outside the building and their regimental sergeant comes fourth wearing a slightly more elaborate suit of armor and a glowing enchanted longsword. The sergeant nods to his soldiers before planting an imperial banner over the doorway, all of the undead soldiers then salute the flag as it billows in the wind amidst the smoke, all in perfect union.