Battle:Elf Counter Invasion of the Sage Drow

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Part of the Surface Tension Arc

With the drow looking inward on the brink of civil war after the attack in the arena, the elves decide that now is the opportune moment to strike. Led by Gilwen, they raid the drow's military fort in Southern Sage Forest with the aim to drive the drow back underground and reclaim their homeland.

Skylei and Irthos v. Laezila

In the forest, just outside the camp and the orb of darkness, Matron Laezila came across that plucky half elf Skylei and a pyro-loving pixie named Irthos.

Duel: When Fire Fought Fire... with Fire?

Laezila razed a significant portion of the forest to the ground, removing cover and making any future attacks on the drow camp increasingly difficult. Furthermore, the destruction of the forest is a spiritual blow to the elves.

Quinn v. Rauva

At the drow slave pens, in a cavern dimly lit by faerie light, two rangers clashed.

Duel: Clash of the Rangers

Rauva not only managed to outwit Quinn, but also captured 15 elves, including Maegus, an elf elder and Gilwen's colleague on the council.

Ynhaldei and Beldur v. Larewen and Vanzel

Inside the dimly lit watchtower of the drow fort, the necromancer Larewen and Vanzel were forced into an unlikely alliance against elf-sympatizers Ynhaldei and Beldur of the Warrior's Guild.

Duel: Bringing Down The Tower

Ynhaldei and Beldur destroyed the top half of the drow’s watchtower, effectively ruining the drow ability to survey the forest from above and defend their camp with archers for some time.

Gheneroc v. Gevurah and Eyris

In the tunnel that connects the drow camp to the underdark, Eyris and Gevurah find the intimidating Cave Dragon, Gheneroc. The battle takes place in total darkness.

Duel: Surf the Magic Dragon

Gevurah and Eyris drove back Gheneroc long enough for Gevurah to successfully protect the tunnel with powerful, divine magic so that it cannot be collapsed (ooc: until Gevurah’s player concedes to its destruction)).

Pelarin v. Vuryal

In the sky near the battle, outside the orb of darkness, Pelarin, set on vengence comes across Vuryal, the religious fanatic of Arh’Nuk. The battle takes place in light.

Duel: A Collision of Ice and Time

At a critical moment in the battle as Vuryal used his spatiomancy talents and Pelarin used his cryomancy talents, Pelarin manages to disrupt/manipulate/otherwise redirect Vuryal's spatiomancy. This causes an Ice Blast inside Trist'oth, which has never never seen snow or ice before, and subdues the city with a terrible blizzard for two days; what effect this will cause is yet to be seen.


  • Drow Allies: 3
  • Surface Allies: 2