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Description: The Quest for the Pieces of Six, shards of a meteorite. Legend says that if the Six are re-united, they can be made into an item of inestimable value.

QUEST: Pieces of Six

  • Opened on November 7, 2008
  • Completed on: ACTIVE

Status of the Stones

  • Sterling: RECOVERED
  • Cobalt: RECOVERED
  • Emerald: RECOVERED
  • Amethyst: RECOVERED
  • Auburn: RECOVERED
    • Notify Cyllarus via hmail if you have recovered a Piece of Six. Use the subject: Piece of Six Found and in the subject, state which Piece of Six it is. No names will be revealed on this wiki or elsewhere as to keep the identity of the finder secret, unless they choose otherwise.


It was the year 47 past the Age of Man, in the infancy of the rise of the civilization. It was a late autumn’s night, filled with the stars and moons of Hollow, calm and serene. In a moment, it was shattered. Across the cloudless sky streaked a burning rocket, sent from the heavens above until it exploded high over head. Six distinct pieces broke off, each retaining their own colors of ruby, sterling, cobalt, emerald, amethyst and auburn. These shards scattered out over the lands, seemingly lost to time, however, it would not be so…

It appeared as each major race at this time had its own encounter with the shards, each having mystical properties, lore told about them in song and poems. Though what beheld these pieces as a whole was what one daring adventurer sought. He was a nobody; a simple elf at the time, but he would grow to be much more.

He managed to gather information related to these “pieces of heaven” or “stones from the gods” or many other terms used by the varying tribes who happened upon one or more of them. Many years he searched, garnering as much intelligence about their whereabouts until, after nearly fifty years, he completed his journal of his travels. Each stone was detailed, about what it looked like and where it was kept. And so, the next phase of his journey began.

Over the next twenty years, he ‘acquired’ each, either through deception, deceit, bribery or other means one might look down upon. He cared not, for his ambition drove him to the brink of insanity. That was, however, until he managed to secure all of the six.

Upon gaining the last piece through less than noble means, this simple elf saw a miraculous thing. The parts seemed to want to join again, their properties wanting to be complete, to be whole once more. And so it was, one night, many moons ago, that they were joined before the giddy eyes of this elven explorer.

The stone was something extraordinary as he was enraptured by all six colors blending together now with one another. He tested this new material, and it proved to be equally extraordinary in feats. Nothing could destroy it, it seemed. He would need a blacksmith, however, to prove such a thing. And so he sought out the best blacksmithery in all of Hollow, whom he learned of on his travels to find the pieces of six.

Upon arriving, the head blacksmith was similarly astonished, but vowed to turn it into something useable. However, war broke out, as it usually does in times of peace. The armory was turned into a full scale production line for equipment needed in times of conflict, and the mystical material was placed aside for the time. This did not please the elf one bit, and he attempted to break into the blacksmith’s shop to retrieve his item. But, he failed. Fatally.

Caught red-handed as a thief, he was quickly tried and beheaded. The grizzly looking blacksmith now the sole owner of the stone of six, now kept quietly in his shop. As he arrived back, however, he noticed the material was missing. How could this be? It was secured in a safe, but it was quickly revealed that a hole the size of the stone was blasted through the side of the heavy steel structure. It was free once more.

It is said that the stone returned to the places where the elven warrior found them, as if in a final tribute to its finder. It is also said that the leaders of each race knew of the magical powers embedded in each stone and wanted the whole piece for themselves, but a powerful archmage broke the stone, showering the pieces of six across Hollow once more. Lore or not, that is for you, noble adventurer, to decide.

Rules Regarding the Pieces of Six

  1. There are 6 pieces: Ruby, Sterling, Cobalt, Emerald, Amethyst, Auburn
  2. If you hold a piece, you must accept ALL challenges for a duel, PvP or RP, or you forfeit your piece.
    1. How to challenge for a Piece of Six:
      1. You must find out, IC, who has one. Anyone who violates this rule will be severely punished for bringing OOC info into IC play.
      2. You must formally challenge them, such as "Bob, I have proof that you are a wielder of a Piece of Six. I, Fred, challenge you for your piece."
      3. The defender will get the right to choose what type of duel will take place, either PvP or RP, as well as the location. Challenger will get to decide if they wish to go first or defend first (PvP or RP).
  3. You CANNOT transfer a Piece of Six from one person to another if you are challenged while you are holding onto said Piece of Six. This is cheating, and you will have any and all pieces stripped from your inventory and handed to your challenger. You may, however, give your piece to another for safe keeping BEFORE you are challenged.
  4. All 6 are needed to complete quest.
  5. All 6 MUST be controlled by 1 person to complete the quest.
  6. At the end of the quest, you will receive an item which can be turned in for an armor piece or a weapon that will bear the name " XXX of Lore", such as "Blade of Lore", "Staff of Lore", "Shield of Lore", "Earring of Lore"
  7. The stones themselves do not contact enough magical properties themselves to be used separately.
  8. Together, the stones have much stronger magical properties, so the end product is described here. (Coming Soon)
  9. Rules will be added and changed as necessary...