Arc:Laugh Now, Cry Later

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In which the Cenril people try to drain the swamp.

In mob-controlled Cenril though, swamp drains you ...

Mistakes Were Made

This arc picks up from Through A Glass, Darkly.

Hudson Landon, “real estate magnate” and local racketeering kingpin, had left Cenril with his wife and their four children. Indeed, no amount of puff pieces about the Landon family and their philanthropy efforts could exterminate the stink left by the suspicious disappearance of the beautiful Rynvalian actress Candice Snow, who had worked for Hudson and with whom he had been rumored to have had an affair. Family members and friends were talking, some of them to the media. And when one of them disappeared too, the papers became even bolder.

The headlines read:


Is Mayor Uma Abelin Compromised by Cenril Organized Crime?

So the Landon family left. They covered the furniture and locked up the beautiful estate in Cenril. They were gone, for awhile.

... But I'm Not Effing Leaving

... Except Hudson came back. The people want to complain that Cenril's a mob town? The people want to complain about Mayor Uma Abelin?

Let 'em.

  1. I Remember A Party
  2. I can't know; I wasn't there
  3. An Ice Water With Lemon
  4. Bitter, Right Down To The Marrow
  5. Promise To Be Very Good
  6. We Always Made A Good Team

At the End, You Probably Don't Hear Anything

Mayor Uma's popularity hits an all-time low after a deluge of criticism for her mishandling of Cenril's zombie outbreak. The criticism can be traced back to Valrae Ivy Baines, a woman who Hudson knows very well, from a romantic entanglement many years ago, and the many occasions they've found each other on the same team since.

Hudson realizes it's time to throw in the towel on Uma, and start a new chapter in the city.

  1. We’ve done our share of pretending
  2. Fresh Air
  3. Uma's Done
  4. Aldonza
  5. Favors For Some Unknown Stranger
  6. Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
  7. At the Start
  8. La Mantra Mori