Arc:Dragon's of Industry

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"Few can match the unspeakable wealth of the Dragons, their power and their longevity. But since their known existence dragons have been simple in their exploitation of wealth and power, but what if they made use of their wealth and power and built civilizations rather than destroy them?"


  • Secure location to build bank.
  • Begin construction
  • Journey to other kingdoms offering services to store money,
  • Finish construction,
  • Begin investments in support of new businesses, hire prospectors to secure quarries and mines.
  • Earn the trust of kingdoms to store their treasuries.

Want to get involved? Scandal is looking for craftsmen and women, witches, rune-makers and more, to construct not just a bank, but future for a possible time of peace on hollow.

OOC Note: At some point perhaps should hollow attain a period of piece I would like to promote this Arc for the peace time of hollow.