Arc:A Larket Assassination Attempt

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Ault Fredik, private patron of Larket, came to the castle in search of King Parsithius Mediccino and found his office locked. Confronting the guards and soldiers in the main hall he was informed the King had been called away for business unexpectedly. With his immediate plan foiled, Ault decided to find another way to injure his King. Entering the office of Queen Jacklin Mediccino the man approached her desk and began to speak erratically. When the Queen didn't give the answer he requested the patron took a small knife enclosed in his fist and made a stab at Jacklin, driving deeply into her shoulder and ripping down her arm. Ault was quickly detained by Sapheul and Larket guards. Unfortunately, the man escaped his holding cell in the night.

  1. Ault visits Larket
  2. The morning after
  3. A new bodyguard
  4. The search for Ault intensifies