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Veldrin Vraus

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This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
Veldrin Vraus - (Weapon - melee)
Creator: Unknown
Last Known Owner: Vakko

A subtly curvy single edged sword that appears to be elven made. The hilt is polished white wood with vine like designs of inlayed mithril snaking about both the hilt and the scabbard. The blade however was far from anything forged by surface elves. The grayish black blade appears to constantly be shifting under the curved surface of the blade. As if the weapon itself was comprised of living shadow.


The name meaning “Shadow’s Edge,” was placed upon the sword upon its founding by the drow mercenary Vakko in the lair of a black dragon. The true name of the artifact was lost to the ages as it has been until the black had come across it in the darker places of the realm and took it for the simple fact it was shiny. Before Vakko was able to flee the cavern with his treasure he was discovered by the black who thankfully did not kill him on the spot. He was able to keep his life and the blade after striking a deal with the black, thought the particulars of the deal are kept secret by both parties. Though he could tell it was of elven design the dark aura it exudes would place it more of a blade from his own people. Still unsure at to all the abilities of the strange blade the mercenary finds himself training with it every chance he has, the more familiar he becomes with the artifact the more of its secrets he will unravel, at least that is his hoping.