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To all who want to know

I try to play Scandal as eccentric as I can, if it isn't already obvious he doesn't fit any real sterotype as a dragon, than i think succeeding perfectly. Scandal is known oddball, physically as scary as they come by appearance for red and black dragons, but with heart of gold, he might one day be rememberd like a legendary tale like pecos bill on hollow or something who knows. Anyway,

I try to include everyone in my rps, sometimes i forget to, and if i have in any of them, please let me know i am sorry for the oversight, I work 2 jobs and 7 days a week typically. Thankfully the jobs are not full time, however compiled together sometimes i just can't juggle everything at once.

I am a strong believer in

I am strong believer in building others up, whether that is by donating gold, to help you get that custom, or helping you flesh out your character, or working on personal arc with you, whichever it be.

While I am not going to death duel, I would be happy to fight your character if it helps better your reputation.

I like to believe that if everyone on hollow helped build each other characters up, we would have a much stronger and safe community that protects one another.

Sincerly Scandal.