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The Coward

Name Zaros Beceth

Race: Human Lycanthrope

Class: Brutal Illusionist

Sex: Male

Height: Six Foot

Weight: Two hundred pounds

Alignment: A shade of gray

Marital Status: Single

Age: 32

Eyes: A foul red

Hair: A blinding white

Skin: Light

Clan: None

Deities: None

Titles: None

Current Status: Zaros has once more; Come to the land of Hollow.

Biography: Zaros was born and raised in Cenril, The city of humans. Growing up his family wasn't rich nor poor.

His father worked as a crewmen on one of the ships that traded goods with Rynvale the city of elves. While his mother worked at the Bank of Cenril.

Growing up Zaros didn't have much to do. He would sometimes play with the local children yet many of them seemed very close-minded and hateful to other living creatures. In fact their

favorite game to play was "Kill the dwarf". Where one of the children (usually the ugliest) would be picked as a dwarf and the others would chase him down and beat him until he bled. Not finding this lifestyle very comforting Zaros began turning away from random physical violence that was so popular among the city of Cenril.

One day when his mother sent him out to fetch some flour so that she could bake bread for dinner, Zaros stopped by the library on his way home. It was there that he found a book entitled; "The Lore of the Illusionary arts". He requested to borrow the book from the establishment and had to lie about his age in order to obtain it from the place. Once he got home he gave his mother the flour and quickly locked himself in his small room under the stairs and began reading. The story's fascinated him, the thought of one being able to make a dream come to life was nearly unbelievable.

After a few more weeks of reading, Zaros finally finished the book and found out the author. It was a wise mage by the name of "Beskin" who laid his head in the Mage Tower far west of Cenril. On his eleventh birthday Zaros told his mother that he was going out to play with some of the towns children, but instead he quickly made his way east towards the Mage Tower of Xalious.

It took the young boy seven days to travel from his home in Cenril to the edge of Xalious. He survived on stale biscuits and spoiled milk until finally seeing the beautiful sight of the Mage Tower. It extended to the clouds and gave off a power that made Zaros feel enthralled with energy. He entered the tower and after a few hours of searching found the wise old mage "Beskin".

Beskin wasn't what Zaros had pictured. He portrayed a handsome human, with long locks of hair and runic markings that seemed to bristle with life. Instead what he got was a rather old, irritable, halfling. Zaros had brought the book with him and spoke about its contents with Beskin; who only agreed to let Zaros speak for one hour for every chore he did about the tower.

Zaros stayed in the tower for three weeks with Beskin before finally asking the question. "Can I be like you?" The old halfling frowned to Zaros and placed his palm upon his head. The halfling replied in a disappointing voice.

"You ain't got a lick of magic in your veins boy. There is no way for you to absorb the energy needed to perform illusions and such others."

Zaros frowned and his eyes welled with tears, "Please! Please Mister Beskin there must be a way! I swear, I'll do anything!" After the boys pleading and hollering, Beskin finally caved.

"There is a way young Zaros. But it will require something great and something that will last a life time. Your blood."

Zaros was confused but it would soon be made clear as Beskin reached into a dusty old trunk and pulled forth the most gorgeous thing the human boy had ever seen. It was a amulet made of crystal. A diamond in shape that had two hands strectched out from beyond and hovering over its frame. After Beskin spoke with Zaros and told him the benefits and repurcussions of this act, the eager boy agreed. He would make a pact of blood, with this amulet, and Beskin, would divert his magic into the piece.

Beskin held out his hand and a large wisp of blue mana pressed from his flesh into the amulet and it seemed to glow strong with life. Once he had finished delivering his magic he then reached to Zaros and pulled out a tiny razor and cut the boys right arm. Zaros's eyes filled with tears but he allowed the mage to do what he wished. As Zaros's blood made contact with the amulet, The hands came to life. The right that beared long nails and cracked skin filled with the crimson liquid of Zaros's life. The left that had a silky smooth touch and elegant presence began to glow blue with Beskins magic. Zaros had been given the gift of magic, he and the amulet would share one life.

"Now listen boy, There be only one way to break your oath to this amulet. If you ever wish to become nothing more than a simply human once more you must do as I say. Take the amulet to a place where the stars are in your reach. Bring a willing other with ya, speak of this oath in place and pass the burden of the amulet to the other. You will lose all of your magic but you will also lose the blood pact. The other that is with you will reap both the benefits and repercussions."

Zaros nodded and his life forever changed. Zaros decided to stay at the Mages Tower for the next few years of his life, training to perfect his arts. He soon began to develop blue runic markings across his arms and legs and soon his face along with the rest of his body. Zaros trained under Beskin for many, many years. Missing sleep on many nights and missing meals on many days. Zaros trained until he reached the age of twenty-five human years. Beskin proclaimed Zaros a master of illusions and allowed him to go on his leave and live his life in his own way.

Zaros finally left the Mages Tower and made his way home. It had been fourteen years since he last saw his parents. As he entered the gates of Cenril he came to noticed things had changed, many shops had been rebuilt and homes destroyed. Yet his own place of residence had remained. Zaros for the first time in fourteen years, was home.

Zaros would later come to find that his mother had passed in his time at the Mage Tower, she died of natural causes. His father had been awaiting his return but did not approve of the pact he made with the amulet around his neck. His father did not hold a grudge as he decided to leave the land of Hollow due to the rising Archmosian Empire and other evils that had revealed themselves such as the Fermin and Preklek. Zaros' father bid Zaros one final farewell and "I love you" before leaving the lands for good.

It was from this day forth that Zaros proclaimed to live his own life only to follow the light, To have a family and to live his life.

The story of Zaros, Had begun.

The Beceth's

Zaros nodded slowly to Adro; "Very well. My friend." Zaros stepped forward fully onto the fountain edge. He pulled the vampire to the side with him, Staring into the pool of blood before him the man held out his arms. "Angels and Demons of Hollow I call upon you, I call upon you and demand of you a task of those worthy of blood. This task; Is the blessed and damned, the gifted and the cursed. I call upon you to make a blood pact. A blood pact with Adro Beceth, between he and I, Zaros. The Beceth name to be risen to that of another realm. The realm of the deity's." The parchments writing began to glow a soft red aura as the ones on Zaros began to glow a bright blue. "I demand this blood be slathered upon this earth and this fountain in the claims of this pact to be sealed and forever held. The persona I now share with Adro Beceth is that of a Vampire, His blood long gone." With a flick of the wrist Zaros slit his wrist and blood began pouring from his vein, The sky above them soon to become clouded and thunder rumbling through the world known as Hollow. Zaros grinned and flashed his teeth; his eyes glowing a pure white as he gripped Adro by the back of the neck and threw the vampires body into the fountain of blood, dunking the vampire under he held the man under for a few minutes. "Gods of this plane! I call upon you. Bless I, and Damn this soul as this pact is made in blood. Our souls and fates sealed!" Zaros then pulled the crimson colored Adro from his dwelling and tossed the body onto the concrete ground, Zaros himself then turning and falling backwards into the fountain purging himself under the depths of the liquid life force. Lightning struck before them and collided into the form of Adro and Zaros both. The blood boiled as the smell of burned flesh emitted from two persons. Zaros pulled himself from the fountain and spit out a slew of saliva, blood and vomit as the sky began to clear. The moon basking down on the duo. Climbing from the fountain Zaros moved to Adro and pulled him to his feet. He held out the wrist he had cut and showed it to Adro; It bore a symbol. A symbol of the Beceth. A cursive B with a streak of lightning directly through the middle. Zaros was unsure where the mark had been implanted upon Adro yet simply smiled as the blood dried on his flesh. He tossed the dagger and the parchment into the fountain. "Adro Beceth, My name is Zaros, Zaros Beceth. We are brothers, We are the beceth. We shall rise, we shall fall and we shall do all... Together." The human stared deeply into Adro's eyes. Hoping that the enchantment and the blood pact had freed the vampires mind of insanity for good. The blessing and curse of the gods now residing upon them both.

Members of Beceth blood: Zaros, Coral, Adro (Deceased)