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Forgotten ~ Forsaken ~ Foredoomed

Everyone I know goes away in the end.

» ————————— ————————— «

Road to Milous.Clouds roll in over head. Black. The sun swallowed whole. The sound of thunder echoes; Lightning flashes. A single drop casades- earthbound, its final destination upon flesh. A cheek.

Two eyes of cold steel open slowly, a sense of confusion wrought within. A silver encased hand reaches up and brushes golden strands from view; the other pushing the torso upward to become seated. Blurred vision settles, head pivots to gain some sense of direction. Nothing familiar.

To the east there appeared to be some sort of city in the distance- The road required to travel: a long, unsafe looking bridge spanning across some form of chasm. To the west a trail that seemed to lead toward a forested village.

With great hesitation the man rises, wandering off toward the lesser settlement to find answers...

No one knows who Trent is or where he came from. There are clues. Many clues. And yet, each new answer leads to many more questions. Having arrived in Hollow is 2014, Trent has spent a long four years trying to decipher the puzzle pieces and figure out his past. He has traversed far and wide, to the mountains and beyond, searching for anything of relevance to help solve this mystery. Along his journey he has met some great allies, and suffered through testing hardships to get to where he is now. With the sentient gauntlet at his side, Trent faces off against a mysterious organization of undead stalkers and the looming cycle of death and rebirth. How long until this quest breaks him for good?



BIRTH NAME... Currently Unknown.

RACE & CLASS... Human Spell Blade.

GENDER... Male.

AGE & BIRTHDAY... Unknown.

ORIENTATION... Straight.



EYES... Steel Blue.

HAIR... Golden Blonde.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6'2" - 170lbs.

OCCUPATION... General Labourer. Merc for hire.

CLAN... The Steel Collective.

HOME... The Steel Collective barracks for now.

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Good.



This blonde haired, blue eyed male stands approximately six feet in height (give or take a couple inches), and weighs about one hundred and seventy pounds. The flesh that encases muscle and sinew is lightly tanned, and appears physically fit- quite battle hardened one might say. Scars of varying shapes and sizes can be found upon a large majority of his body and limbs, signifying that this man has been through many altercations in his lifetime. This would be a lifetime not too far in length, as his general appearance would give the impression of his age being around the late twenties or early thirties. Around the man's neck lie a chained pendant of silver roots, grasping a crystal clear gem of quartz. A light blue aether energy seems to swirl inside.

Broad shoulders carry a long, black, silver-trimmed leather trench coat that sweeps just below the knee. Beneath this jacket lie a charcoal shaded, sleeveless shirt to dress the torso, and loose fitting black cloth pants. As of late, Trent has purchased a black chest plate and a matching gauntlet for his right hand, as a means to armor himself in some fashion. His boots seem to be battered and worn, no longer the deep shade of black they once had been so long ago. They have been enchanted for speed, however. To contain most of his valuables, Trent carries a medium sized leather bag that hangs down his right side and off his hip.

Most peculiar of the stranger's garb is perhaps the silver, intricately designed gauntlet that dresses his left hand. Why only this gauntlet is silver and so meticulously designed is a mystery- even to Trent.


Trent is typically a serious, yet calm and quiet person that values friendship and hard work. He is a good man that seeks to do others no form of harm, instead choosing to be caring and thoughtful, taking time out of his own journey to assist others in dire need. Altruistic in nature.

Trent is very polite and honorable, and happens to be fairly well mannered. He is careful to not offend others, even in jest. While he may poke fun here or there with those he is most comfortable with, if he thinks he may have overstepped his bounds, he will be the first to apologize.

He rarely gets upset at others, instead choosing to shy away from violence or confrontation unless there is a dire need to defend himself or those for whom he cares. He would rather sort things out with words if it can be helped.

There may be a darker side to Trent, however.

One particular incident saw Trent slip into an altered state and attack those closest to him. It has thus far only happened once, but it is still a lingering concern in his mind.


Helping those in need.
Working with his hands.
A simple conversation from time to time.
Drinking Tea.


The taste of strong whiskey.
Those that would do harm to others.
Not having the answers to his past.
Has an unnatural fear of heights.


Left hand has a mind of its own..
Has trouble remembering his former life.
Has trouble discerning between humor and truth.


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Meri ( )
The first person to help Trent out after his awakening. They grew close for some time, until their trip to the Tower hidden in the Xalious Mountains. Things took a sour turn and due to unexplained disappearances and veiled warnings from strange undead creatures, their friendship has deteriorated. He still holds the woman in high regard, and hopes to one day find her again.
Aarika ( )
Clan Leader of The Steel Collective. Trent considers her as a boss of sorts, but her generosity has her seen as a friend as well. She helped him return to the Tower to look for new clues.
Raphaline ( )
Trent met Raphaline through Meri. They get along pretty decently, but Trent doesn't know her as well as Meri does. He considers her a lovely woman and pleasant to talk to.
Rinn ( )
Trent is not fond of Rinn at this time. After attempting to hire the woman for a job, she tricked him into following her out to the Vailkrin graveyard. An unexpected con job turned into murder- Or so she thought. After a tense confrontation in Cenril, Trent has once more hired her for a difficult task. Although he does not quite trust her, she's the best person for the job.
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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"He's an amnesiac."
"Very kind and helpful."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.
"Fought against werewolves in Cenril!"
"Text, text, text, text."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.
"A Forsaken Knight."
“He's possessed!”


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"Rumor Goes Here" Name Goes Here

Essential Skills


Trent is currently discovering new and useful abilities as he ventures down unexplored avenues of his past. While he is an average swordsman with his right hand, the sentient gauntlet upon his left has become more active and even showcased strange and unique abilities that have saved the human's hide in more ways than one.

The first ability of Trent's Gauntlet is that when he is on the right path, or when there is something of importance needing to be found, his Gauntlet takes on a self contained glow. It is subtle at first, but glows brighter when aimed in the right direction. It has acted as a makeshift compass in the last couple of years.

Trent's Gauntlet also seems to sense impending danger and is in tune to the Amulet that hangs around his neck. Whenever a situation proves to be suspicious, the runes on the armored arm begin to light up one by one and the Amulet starts to pulse like a heartbeat. The faster and brighter, the more danger he is proven to be in.

The runes on the Gauntlet have begun to activate in the recent months. Whenever combat has arisen, all thirteen of the sigils burn bright and an azure flame encases the appendage. The flame itself is able to be fired like a bolt from the palm, giving Trent some form of long range ability to combat pesky mages or archers if he should need to.

The flame can also be shaped and formed into different offensive and defensive tools, depending on the circumstances. When confronted by melee attackers, the flame has extended out from the fist and tapered off like a blade. It easily cut through wooden training dummies brought to life, and had little to no trouble severing the legs of an undead colossus.

In a more defensive approach, the flame has formed the shape of a large heater shield and was able to withstand blows from melee weapons.

When it comes to magic users, the Gauntlet seems to be able to in some capacity use an opponent's magical ability and turn the spell in to ammunition for its own counter attacks. The symbol in the palm of of the gauntlet has acted as some sort of vacuum on a couple of occasions, leading to the following scenarios:

  • During a bout with Solas, the Gauntlet was able to weave the dragon's magical fog like a smoky thread and shoot it toward the faerie dragon as a projectile encased in blue flame.
  • During the bout with Solas, after the faerie dragon threw a net burning in enchanted flame, the gauntlet was able to suction the magical essence and shoot a bolt of fire back at his opponent.

All is not without consequence, however. Whenever the Gauntlet uses a sizeable amount of power, whether it is in deflection of a powerful blow, or expending too much magical ability, the runes on the gauntlet begin to fade to black, one by one. This has lead Trent to believe that the Gauntlet only has a finite amount of uses until it needs to be recharged in some manner.

Trent is not exactly sure how the sentient arm is able to be recharged as of yet. He has only had one experience in which the Gauntlet was able to do so, but the method in which it accomplished this goal is a little murky. It was during the return to the Tower in the Xalious Mountains that Trent was facing a group of undead gatekeepers. One of which was of a spell-casting nature. When it was able to get close enough, the hand latched onto the face of the ghastly mage and the rune lit up, drawing forth from the creature its magical essence. The spell-caster soon died afterward.

Outside of the obvious magical abilities, the gauntlet has also showcased feats of strength and speedy reflexes that defy the ability of a traditional human. Trent is unable to do the same with with his other arm, signifying that it is indeed the gauntlet that holds the power.

To combat his slow human nature, Trent now wears Black Leather Boots that are Enchanted for Speed. While not as fast as say a vampire or elf, he is able to at least find himself on some sort of more level playing field than if he did not have the boots.

The Mystery


Silver-plated and shield shaped. Highly Polished; Almost Mirror-like. Embossed onto the surface, a sword piecing a skull from the top, the letters F and K on either side. Toward the bottom a ribbon banner rests, a name encapsulated within: TRENT. Below this, three stars are slightly curved in an upward arc.

Is it merely decoration? Is it military? Does it even belong to its current owner? Regardless, whomever it once belonged to, it is not an item that one brandishes to the general public- as recently discovered. So far Trent has been spit upon, banished from establishments and even faced threads of physical harm while inquiring about the item's origin. Yet, not all encounters have been without luck. Whilst showcasing the item to a teller at the Bank of Cenril, Trent discovered he now had access to a vault of his own that contained a sizeable fortune of wealth. As it so happens, even in the darkest of days a sliver of light always seems to shine through.

As he has come to learn, the item has been proven to be linked to a former dark army, known as The Forsaken Knights- A clan that once plagued the land in the name of the Dark Avatars, Kaizer and Solaris.

Blackened Ink. Simplistic design.

The right bicep plays hosts to a simple band of ink, three letters- FᚢK. It is assumed that between the F and K is not in fact a common letter, but a symbol of runic nature. What it represents is anybody's guess.

The opposite arm, the one that houses that infernal Gauntlet, has a more intricate band of symbolism inked into the bicep. Thirteen vertical lines, each with varying degrees of thickness, stretch horizontally across three inches of flesh. Just above this are a series of symbols, seven in total, of an unknown dialect.

Searching far and wide, Trent seeks one who understand old and archaic languages to help him decipher their meaning. Perhaps there is no meaning. Perhaps they are just relics of a wasted youth or an unwise choice after a lengthy pub crawl. Regardless, it is just one item on the list of unanswered questions that needs to be put to rest..

Crystal clear quartz. Roughly the length of the average human male thumb. The setting in which it is housed is nothing more than sterling silver set in a root-like shape; The chain from which it dangles, quite thin. Within the quartz, a blue azure energy seems to hum, reacting and pulsating to various instances that Trent may find himself in.

Strangest of all, is that the amulet seems to be tied to the amnesiac on some level. Various attempts at removing the item have left Trent both physically weak and exhausted, and at one point caused the man to lose consciousness before he could slip it off over his head. Is this a means of control? A binding pact? Or is this the very thing keeping the man tethered to the mortal plane?

Discovered: A crafty thief managed to render the amulet from Trent's possession. The result? Trent, or what was perceived to be Trent, withered away into ash and his belongings were collected by strange corpse-like figures in black. Does the amulet act as some sort of life force for the man?

Sentient. Temperamental. Cursed.

Of all the items in his possession, this Gauntlet is despised by Trent most of all. The plating is thick and solid, held together by an unseen construction; Any source of rivets or chain links are well concealed beneath the surface of the armor. Shiny and silver-toned, the Gauntlet seems to run the length of the forearm and nearly to the elbow, the underside scored by various shapes and symbols of different dialects; Thirteen in total. Some are known to be runic, others unfamiliar to Trent in whole. Three have been deciphered thus far into the journey as Runic, each relating to 'Mind', 'Body', and 'Soul'. The rest are in dire need of translation if the mystery is to be solved once and for all. The palm of the gauntlet, guarded by five razor-sharp talon-like digits, hosts one final symbol; Origin unknown.

It is speculated that the symbols in combination are some sort of binding spell. The Gauntlet, regardless of what has been attempted, can not seem to be removed in any sense. It is as if they, together, are one in the same. Worst of all, it seems as though the Gauntlet also holds a strange level of sentience and has stirred up quite a bit of trouble for the amnesiac multiple times. It has groped barmaids, thrown objects, and on a few occasions started physical confrontation. Most times it seems quite at random, an act of defiance, or to even cause problems for the blonde haired man. Other times, however, it acts as some sort of defense mechanism to protect Trent from potential harm.

Is it all in his head? Is he doing this on a subconscious level? Or is something far more sinister taking place?

Discovered: As told by Sacrilus, Face of the Damned, former Wraith of Arrecation- Some of the symbols are of a dead, demonic language wrought by the former Dread Lords. One that he recognized spoke of immortality as a curse. Upon asking Trent if he had ever died, a seed was placed in the man's mind, relating to his waking incidents upon the Milous Plain. Another spoke of binding. That the gauntlet was bound to Trent, and Trent to it. Punishment, or as its Guardian?

Five out of Thirteen Translated.

Discovered: During a spar, Trent's gauntlet seems to have activated in some manner. The runes along the underside, as well as the one in the palm, each lit up in response to active combat. Two of its attacking abilities seemed to feed off of the magic of the faerie dragon that Trent had been facing, while the third ability seemed to create some sort of energetic blade that was an extension of his arm. Trent now seeks to figure out exactly how the gauntlet is able to perform such feats.

Discovered: The more these abilities are used, one by one the runes seem to lose their power, eventually fading to black. However, during an altercation with some sort of undead spellcaster, the gauntlet latched onto the creature's face and seemed to draw forth from the unholy magii, the arcane energies within his being. This resulted in the runes to once more take on their full glow and signify that therehad been some sort of recharge.

The sword is no more. During a spar for his entrance into The Steel Collective, the gauntlet purposefully struck it against a wall, whereby it shattered into multiple pieces.


  • While in the Cenril library, Trent finds three symbols relating to Mind, Body, and Soul in a book about runes. These correspond to three symbols on the gauntlet.
  • The badge has Trent outcast and spit upon, yet opens a vault of wealth at the bank. Someone said the phrase Forsaken Knights.
  • In the sand, a tower is drawn with mountains around it and a winged beast beneath when talking to Raphaline. (Now assumed to be the Tower he and Meri found.)
  • VISION:"When Trent's sentient hand lifted and touched the one Meri had fastened around the amulet, almost a life time of shattered memories would flood Meri's mind. Their order randomized, split and broken, barely discernible. Some images stood out fairly well. Blackened skies, terrible beasts and undead. The former Dread Lords and their infamous army of olde. From these would come happier images, nights of camaraderie in a tavern, a woman and sensations of love. Again the images would shift almost instantly, a War, the Knight of Hope, a winged necromancer in black, tattered robes. The images would come very fast and no doubt painfully, a migraine of sorts."
  • When Trent tried to sell his sword at the Cenril weapon shop with Meri and Emilia, he was accosted and told to leave.
  • VISION:"First, would be visions of long ago. A blonde, short-haired knight in black armor stood proud amongst an army of soldiers; An army comprised of ghoulish and terrifying entities. Next, a large dark figure surrounded by seven wraiths- his power could be felt. It was near Godly. A flash. The same blonde knight was now upon his knees, shoulders held down by two massive arms. It seems he were prisoner. Forced to watch. Suddenly a woman draped in red fell to the ground, murdered. She could only be seen from the rear, a pool of blood forming beneath flowing blonde locks. Another flash. The blonde knight appears again, upon closer inspection he very much resembles... Trent. A bellowing scream is let loose before a blade is plunged into his stomach- self inflicted. The visions continue to pour out. Fire. Unimaginable creatures. A black castle. The blonde knight is speaking to a figure in black tattered robes. A crimson hand can be seen; The pair shake."
  • VISION:"A selection of visions that would come at a frantic pace; A plethora of memories infiltrating the furthest recesses of her mind. First she would bare witness to the world around her in a much different state. Almost unrecognizable- yet familiar. A black armored knight with short, slicked-back blonde hair, traversed by horse at the forefront of a military line; the soldiers behind comprised of various races and twisted monstrosities. Thousands of them- it was a war march. In front of the blonde knight, a gathering of unholy entities. Wraiths. One in particular would surely be most recognizable- A creature who wore a mask; And beneath this mask, a face of ever-bleeding scars and scripture. It was the face of Sacrilus. Suddenly the scenery would change. The blonde haired knight was now wandering a gorgeous garden, a flaxen-haired maiden upon his arm. They laughed, sensations of romance emanate from the pair. Again the scene changes. This time a grave. It bears a name, barely discernible. Upon closer inspection, one particular part of the name stands out- Trent."
  • VISION:"Most would be fleeting, barely able to be made sense of. However, an odd few stood out best- A shrouded figure of great power from long ago; A power so twisted and wrought with evil that she may feel terrified. He was surrounded by seven wraithen entities who lead forth an army of ghoulish and undead creatures. Accompanying them a blonde haired knight in blackened armor. Fire. A black castle. Corpses of the innocent purged."
  • While exploring a damaged Cenril, Trent comes upon Sacrilus, a former demon of the Dark immortal's army. He translates a couple of the sigils on Trent's gauntlet to speak of a curse of immortality, and another of binding the gauntlet to Trent. He asks Trent if he has died before, and asks if the gauntlet is punishment or meant to be guarded.
  • The Gauntlet showcases the ability to glow when pointed in certain directions, acting like a compass. It leads Trent and Meri to a Tower hiiden high in the Xalious Mountain. Inside the Tower, they find a room with a large cauldron. In the highest room, a platform beneath a sea of stars. The gauntlet emits a pulse and controls the stars until a certain constellation is brought into view. So far, Trent can find no record of this constellation. Upon attempting to leave, Meri is given a psychic warning to avoid Trent.
  • After seven months of absence, Trent and Meri meet in Cenril. She witnesses those same undead murder Trent and take his arm- Yet he once again woke upon the Milous Plain six months later.
  • Once more the Forsaken Knights are brought to light by a woman named Celaeno. Trent seeks to look into this name.
  • The Gauntlet now showcases magical combat abilities, with the runes acting as some sort of power source that needs to be charged.
  • The name Arrecation is spoken when Trent and Aarika visit the Tower in the Mountain.
  • The amulet around Trent's neck is finally removed by a thief. In this act, he withers away into dust and dies. His belongings are collected by a trio of stranged black garbed figures. Three days later, the Thief and Trent cross paths again, where she reveals what took place.




New to the World Called Hollow, Trent finds himself looking for answers to his Amnesia. He meets a woman named Meri, and together they attempt to solve the mystery surrounding his condition.

Nothing From Nowhere, I'm No One at All Trent awakens upon the Milous Plain, soon meeting a woman named Meri. After a brief incident with the sentient gauntlet, she shows him to the local Inn.
An Enigma in Ink Trent runs into Meri and a woman named Leone at the Grogshop in Gualon. Leone investigates the symbols inked on Trent's arms.
Defense Mechanism Upon finding out the meaning of a couple of the runes on his gauntlet, Trent finds Meri and her friend Raphaline in the Whaler's Bar in Cenril. Trent has a bit of an episode and an elf named Vaan has to step in.
A Passing Conversation Trent and Meri discuss what took place in the Whaler's bar. He also speaks of a mysterious vault of wealth, and of a former clan called The Forsaken Knights.
Artistic Reunion One month later, after being hired at the Cenril docks, Trent meets Meri in Gualon and she showcases her art for him. There's a slight mistrust of his sentient gauntlet.
Delving into Her Past Trent and Meri speak of her past in the Whaler's Bar.
Sandcastles and Psychics Trent and Raphaline chat on Trent's lunch break. In their chat, the sentient gauntlet draws some sort of tower in a set of mountains with what looks like a dragon underneath. Later that day, Meri meets Trent at the docks and gets more than she bargained for when she touches his amulet. After being bombarded with fleeting memories, Trent escorts the weakened woman to the Inn to rest.
Friendly Checkup Trent locates Meri in Gualon to see how she is doing. They share a bit of conversation and a lovely walk before parting ways for the evening.
We'll Take Our Business Elsewhere Trent tries to sell his sword, but is immediately told to leave. Later that night, he and Meri have a quiet chat next to a bonfire. Meri tries to touch the amulet again, only to be stopped by the blond haired amnesiac.



After that night at the bonfire, Trent is not seen again for at least two years. When he arrives, he once more finds himself waking upon the Milous plain and running into his former friend, Meri. Sadly, Meri does not know who he is.

Every Day is Exactly the Same Trent and Meri reunite by meeting the same way they had two years prior. Meri seems to have lost her memories and doesn't really recall Trent.
A Brief Reintroduction Trent tried to jostle Meri's memory, only to come to learn that she has been trying for a year. Although it is most likely unrelated, he assumes it is similar to his situation and feels guilty.
Inadvertent Stress Tensions rise as Trent continues to poke and prod at Meri over her memory until it sets her off.
A Familiar Scenario Trent finds himself in an all too familiar scenario as he finds Meri and Raphaline in the Whaler's bar. he once gain meets Leone who observes his tattoos, before Trent and Meri discuss ways of finding answers to his predicament.
Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls After having been sketched by Meri and stung by a bee, Trent gets a repeat performance when Meri decides to go for the amulet again.
Memories Frozen in Time Trent meets Emilia again, yet she has changed much in the two years he had been gone. The ice Genasi grasps the amulet and is shown memories of a time long ago.
Tastes Like Crab, Talks Like People Trent come across and most strange and unusual creature named Kreekitaka.
Recovery and Recollection Trent meets Meri down in Gualon, and the pair discuss the visions that she were shown.
Night of the Blood Moon As Trent was returning to the Inn, Cenril comes under siege by a band of terrible lycans, lead by Desparrow and Mihael. Despite his best efforts, Trent is wounded and makes off to safety.
Prophetic Translation Exploring the damaged city of Cenril to gauge the damage, Trent enters a cathedral where he comes upo the Face of the Damned, Sacrilus. Sacrilus, a wraithen entity that served the former dread lords, revealed that some of the runes on Trent's gauntlet were actually of a demonic language, relating to a curse of immortality, and a binding of man to gauntlet, and gauntlet to man. The question posed: Punishment, or as a guardian?
Answers in the Stars While purchasing a house in Gualon, Trent asks Meri to accompany him to Xalious to find answers. As they draw closer to the mountains, the gauntlet exhibits a strange azure glow that strengthens and dims depending on the direction it is aimed. Despite being followed by figures in black, the gauntlet leads the pair to a tower hidden deep in the Xalious Mountain. They find strange rooms as they ascend, including a room with a large cauldron that took up most of the available space. The gauntlet seemed to react when the cauldron was touched. higher in the tower they came upon a room that was large, open and filled with stars. The gauntlet let loose apulse of energy into the sky, revealing some sort of star map. A specific set of stars would be highlighted and brought to attention, deepening the mystery of the gauntlet and the amnesiac. As they tried to leave, they would be confronted by strange, robed, undead creatures. A warning was given to Meri before the pair finally escaped.
A Simple Plea Disturbed by the warnings of the undead, Meri tries to convince Trent to abandon his search for answers. Trent offers Meri a room in his home.
Every Day Is Not Exactly the Same Seven months have passed since Trent and Meri last spoke. When they meet again, Meri is pissed. yet Trent does not understand why, as to him, it's only been a couple of nights. Trent decides that maybe it's best they avoid one another after all that has transpired- Yet on second thought, he tried to apologize to the woman who had once been his closest friend. before he could do so, cloaked, undead figures ambush the man and murder him, taking his arm as a trophy. Meri was left to watch as Trent's body was ignited and turned to ash.



Six more months have passed since that fatal incident in Cenril. Trent awakens on the Milous Plain in snow, yet this time things have changed greatly. His home is gone, his money is gone, and his friend seems to have moved on in her life. Trent struggles to adjust to his new situation, yet presses on in his quest to find answers.

Waking in Winter Trent wakes again upon Milous, this time to find the seasons have shifted to winter. The gauntlet leads him to Schezerade, where he meets a one winged avian named Yoshika, and Celaeno, a half-elf with metal hands. Noticing the runes on Celaeno's gauntlets, Trent asks for her aide.
The Wrong Library Trent discovers that his home and bank vaults are empty, and heads off to meet Celaeno in the Mage Tower. After some conversation about the things Trent could recall, it turns out that due to the demonic nature of some of the symbols on his gauntlet, the Mage's Library will unlikely have anything of value. Celaeno speaks of two other libraries in the world- One in Schezerade, and one in Vailkrin. To Trent's surprise, he learns that Meri has opened up shop in Larket.
Chasing Ghosts After having questioned people in Larket regarding the whereabouts of his friend, Meri, Trent comes to learn that she has not been seen in some time. He sets out to look in places both familiar and new. He stumbles upon the city of Gamorg, where he meets a strange blue Troblin named Dyzz.
Carry On My Wayward Son Going back to Larket in search of answers, Trent meets with Callum and asks about Meri. The outcome is not the one he had hoped, but he offers his support until the woman can be brought back to safety.
The Right Turn in the Wrong Neighbourhood Trent and Celaeno are ambushed by a group of vagrants on their way to the Cenril Library.
A New Recruit Trent meets Aarika and she offers him a position in The Steel Collective. A duel with Solas reveals new abilities of the Gauntlet.
Early Morning Experimentation Aarika puts Trent's Gauntlet to further testing in the early morning.
Seeking Support‎ While seeking a meeting with the Mages, Trent meets Brennia and learns of the turmoil in Schezerade..
Return to the Tower Trent breaks his promise and returns to the Tower with Aarika. He learns of a new name: Arrecation.
Tracking a Walking Corpse Trent helps a young Monk named Bastion put a zombie to rest.
A Con Job Turned Murder Trent meets his demise at the hands of a greedy thief named Rinn.
The Face of a Dead Man Rinn faces down the man she thought she killed.





About Me
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■ I don't death duel. It's pointless unless pre-planned.
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Where Trent May Be Found
Patrolling Xalious Village.
At the Docks in Cenril.
Whaler's Bar in Cenril
Overlooking Gorge between Kelay and Cenril.
Patrolling along the main path between Xalious and Cenril.

Possible RP Opportunities
Trent is looking for an arcane combat instructor.
Trent is looking for someone knowledgeable in runes.
Trent is always looking for work. Merc/Labour/etc
Trent may be connected to the Forsaken Knights.
Trent has no memory of his past, so it's an open book for any that want to incorporate themselves. I can fill you in on the defined details that I have pre-planned..
Trent is a Good Guy in a sense, so would fit into arcs of good vs evil.