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Full Name: Thomas Johanas Summerson Preferred Name: Tommi Titles and Aliases:

Age: Twenty-four Gender: Male

Race: Human

Patron Diety: Passively observes Delisha Alignment: Chaotic neutral Faction: None Faction Rank: N/A

Class: Alchemist Specialization: Healing, surgical, and other medicinal potions

Occupation: Healer and surgeon

Height: Five feet and six inches Weight: One hundred and twenty-seven pounds Build: Lean and somewhat slender

Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Skin Color: White


Thomas is, without any shadow of a doubt, dreadfully small for a male at a stunted height of five feet and six inches where he likely only stands taller than the shortest races. This pathetic height is accompanied by a lean and absolutely scrawny physique that would look sickly on a taller person. While the tone of muscle does exist on Tommi's form, it is a subtle thing and not easily noticed without close inspection. His skin tends to fluxuate back and forth from being the ghostly pale of a shut in and the light tan of someone who at least occassionally ventures outside. His stunted growth has also left his body nearly hairless, girlishly smooth almost anywhere that one might look.

Atop his head, Tommi has the hair of someone obsessed with looking good with dark and thick black lots of hair cropped to ear length. These tresses are never not brushed to a silken fullness and styled to be messy in a fashionably spiky way that looks intentionally messy. Habitually, Tommi decorates his hair by string beads through his bangs or sticking a flower behind an ear. His hair, like the rest of him, has a strange indistuingishable earthy scent of burning something to it as if he were perpetually recently standing next to a bonfire recently. The best way to describe Thomas' facial features is to say that he could easily pass for a boyish girl with soft rounded angles about his face rather than the hard edges of a man fully grown. His stunted size has left Tommi with youthful features more at home on a young teenage female than on a full-grown twenty-four year old man. Tommi only furthers this by wearing dark eyeshadow around his eyes and a dusky pigment upon his lips, purposely perpetuating the idea that he is a girl rather than a male.

Thomas only furthers his feminine appearance by wearing clothes that would allow him to better pass as female, albeit one who is terribly flat in the chest. He likes to wear dark clothes that fit just losely enough to somewhat hide his more masculine bone structure but nothing he wears would look anything less than quite at home on a woman. He frequently dons dresses and billowy shirts with a penchant for arm-length gloves and knee-high boots.


Thomas is obsessed with alchemy to the point that he is always seeking new ingredients or methods for brewing a potion, his eyes always wide open for something that he has not boiled down and stuck in a bottle yet. While he frequently seeks to invent new draughts, Tommy has the loftier goal of finding a way to bottle immortality. It is a goal that tends to be all-encompassing for him in that, to Tommi, any potion he creates is just research material and a stepping stone towards that final goal of liquid forever.

Thomas' propensity to dress and act like a girl comes mostly from him making the best of a situation that is actually kind of bad. Thomas' obsession with potionmaking has caused him an addiction to various types of potions that has ended with his growth being permanently stunted. He is making the best of his small stature and youthful looks by choosing to appear as the gender that such things would look more at home on. He tends to act with a great deal of confidence despite this though, to the point of coming off as mildly arrogant. Sleeping does not come easy to Thomas and he is often suffering from mild exhaustion, prone to moments of odd outbursts or just zoning out and staring off at nothing in particular. Sleep deprevation has made him somewhat emotionally unstable and apt towards slight fits of anxiety. While he tries to keep it maintained as best as he can, Thomas will sometimes go so long without sleep that he will even begin hallucinating.

Despite his peculiar ways, Tommi is a bit of a social butterfly and will go well out of his way to meet someone that interests him regardless of whether or not they actually want him around. He often seems utterly oblivious to people not liking him and engages them as if they have been long time friends. While Thomas is fully aware that people are pushing him away, he simply does not care.

Thomas struggles with a terrible addiction to potions from years of testing his own brews. While he hates himself for this addiction and often has long bouts of depression over it, Tommi simply cannot seem to bring himself to stop. He can fight it for periods of times but eventually he gives into his problem.


While predominantly a non-combative sort and is relatively ineffective in a fight, Thomas is prone to carrying various shivs hidden within his clothing and he is not above stabbing someone without warning if he feels at all threatened by them. He is not overly accurate with his makeshift knives but Tommi is fond of the 'stab and keep stabbing' philosophy of fighting.

Thomas is a somewhat profiecient surgeon, having practiced various medical skills while he was learning to master the art of alchemy. He can sew up most wounds and tend to the mending of broken bones with ease. And while he is capable of making an incision to some degree, Thomas is more focused on the closing people up aspects of surgery than he is of the opening people aspects.

Tommi's primary skill though, is alchemy and specifically the alchemy the centers around creating medicines and potions of healing qualities. He has poured countless hours into mastering his craft and while he still believes he is nowhere near as good as he could be, Thomas is fairly decent at mixing up a worthwhile health potion. He can brew other types of potions to a lesser degree but their effects can sometimes be a bit questionable.