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The Scholar

Name: Skylei Helena Lucindio
Race: Half-Elf (Rynvali Human and Wood Elf)
Class: Ranger
Profession: Scholar & Scout
Home: South Cenril (current) Sage (prior to the drow invasion)
Origin: An Eastern Enclave
Affiliations: The Elven Council; her former Enclave
Height: 5"5
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Grey
Skin Colour: Pale
Notable Features: Scar from left cheekbone to jaw. Star-shaped scar on her right temple. Large upper back scar. Freckles
Alignment: Neutral Good


Knowledge: Scholar by trade, if she doesn’t know an answer, she knows where to find it. Her specialist subjects are dwarven, elven and human history, runes and artefacts, but her interests range from pyromancy to lycanthropy to astrology. Her memory is close to, but not quite, eidetic. Knowledge is the greatest weapon and Skylei uses it to her advantage.

Archery: Being brought up an elven enclave, Skylei has been using a bow and arrow for as long as she can remember. For this reason, she’s rather good at it. It is her favoured form of attack and by far her most deadly.

Throwing Knives & Projectiles: Favouring raged attacks, Skylei is also well practiced in the use of curved bladed throwing knives. Should they not be handy, she’ll throw whatever she can get her hands on; knives, stones, literally anything.

Elemental Magic: Skylei’s inherited talents in magic are only found in the school of pyromancy. Her talents may be limited but as she continues to use and develop them, she can only hope they will grow. Her fire initially had a unique quality: it burned with an azure flame and burned cold. It was established that this was due to the impurity of her blood diluting the Lucindio boon. Since then, she has developed the ability to produce and manipulate fire of a normal colour and heat and her own form of spellcasting that she has nicknamed 'contact pyromancy'.

Possessions of Note

Amulet of Everlasting LoveTyler. Complicated. Unworn-ish.

Blackwood Bow – Enclave. Prized above all else.

Double-Breasted Long CoatEzekiel. stolen, borrowed, never returned. Faint smell of spiderguts, vomit, blood and tar. Beloved.

Lock of Hair - Gevurah. Taken during the pair's first meeting. Yet to be utilised.

Mental Link - Senka. Less a possession and more a burden. Emotional and thought transference. A duality of minds. Fading.

Pendant of Poison Negation - X. Gifted during the drow-elf war. Protects the wearer from the physical effects of poison at the cost of their sanity. Minimal usage advised.

White Fur-Lined TrenchcoatHildegarde. Gift. Originally Kirien’s. Worn in Frostmaw.


Skylei’s own history is long, confusing and complicated. The briefest version I can offer is this.

Skylei was born after a long and complicated chain of events involving an absent husband, a human living in a racist elven enclave and a clandestine affair. Her parentage was concealed from the enclave as a whole and only revealed once she had reached adulthood and left to make her own way in the world. Sky will tell you that she worked ‘freelance’ in Rynvale for a few years before moving to Sage and being united with her father. It’s technically true, but there’s a lot more to the story than she would have you know.

A Lucindio Family History

The Lucindio’s are an old family. In the time prior to the Crown Wars, they served the court of the Sylvan Empire as mages specialising in the element of fire. The story goes (unsubstantiated, of course) that one of the Lucindio’s that served in the days of the Empire had a pet phoenix whom he desperately wanted to touch but could not, without getting burned. Kanos granted this elf the power of pyromancy, and this is supposedly why all Lucindio’s possess a talent with fire. Though the Lucindio’s were never associated with court royalty or nobility they were nevertheless valued members of the Empire.

Following the wars they relocated to a far flung enclave in the near east. Though not entirely suited to enclave living (the Lucindio’s are an oddball family as far as traditional elven values go), this arrangement continued for centuries until a Lucindio refused to abandon his wife after she was savaged and turned into a vampire. The entire family was banished from the enclave (and that particular Lucindio met his death after his wife’s blood lust got the better of her). From this point onwards they were enemies of the purist enclave and hunted. Most of the Lucindio’s met their death in this way and, since that incident none have chosen to re-join the traditional elven way of living.

Sometime in the near future, an exiled Lucindio by the name of Quoen would happen upon a female elf and, impressing her with his display of magic, they fled deep into the forest, eventually having six children; Letch, Dario, Nasurate, Satora, Theneko and Korataro. All but Nasurate and Korataro were slaughtered over the years at the hand of their family’s former enclave. Dario had at least one child before his death, a son named Silimaure who was killed during the Rynvalian War. It remains unknown to Skylei whether he, or any of the other Lucindio’s, had any more children. Korataro was revealed to have been savaged by a lycan and received the curse himself before disappearing. And, most importantly, Nasurate drank a lot of ale, got into a lot of fights and generally lived a life of excesses, summed up by the fact that he died at least twice, but not before fathering a half-blood daughter who had, in the years prior to his death, come across her estranged father in Hollow.

Of course, her name is Skylei.