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Shen the Sage

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Hair: Very dark brown
  • Eyes: A dark green
  • Class: Ranger/Sage
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Tatoos: Insignia of a Sage on the left arm
  • Main Weapons: Twin Blades (Amaterasu and Susanoo)
  • Bears the Titles of:
    • Priest of Xalious
    • Captain of the Rynvale Militia
    • Rynvale's Emissary to Kelay
    • Governor of Rynvale


Not much is known about the man who bears no last name. Even he does not know who his family was or where he came from. Brought here by forces unknown to him and raised by the now deceased Tohru, the lad found his natural talents amongst the Kelay rangers, and Xalious mages and priests. As he grew older and developed his own unique skils, the mage's guild sent him on a mission to find two ancient artifacts: Amaterasu and Susanoo. After going to great lengths and dangers to obtain them, the guild restored them and gave them to him as a parting gift, a testament to his determination and will, and sent him out to make a name for himself.

Soon thereafter, he way into the ranks of Freedom's Call where he became Donovan Keane's protege after demonstrating superb qualities during the war of the seals. Naturally a bright and curious individual, Shen was well suited to the tasks set upon him and quickly engaged in his own pursuits, spending much of his time wandering the ancient great forests of Kelay and Rynvale.


There was a time however, before the war of the seals, when Shen had another master; and old man whose name was known only to him. One day upon becoming lost in the great forest of Kelay, Shen stumbled upon a small clearing whereupon light shown brightly through the dark branches. Stepping cautiously into the clearing, an old man presented himself to Shen and engaged him in discussion. After what seemed like an eternity, the old man offered to pass on his wisdom to the lad and all the powers and responsibilities that came with it. Not one to step down from what appeared to be a great challenge, Shen happily accepted and was thrust into his most intense training yet, not returning to civilization for many days and nights. It would be at this time in history that the war for the seals began.


Not many soldiers who survive a war like to gloat, or even talk about it and Shen is no exception, viewing himself as a failure when it came to what was he greatest task at the time; protecting the seal of courage. Although he doesn't like to talk about it, there are people still around who know the part he played, and they might be generous enough to oblige what they know. The lad just won't talk about it strangers.

Freedom's Call

Perhaps one of the most important decisions he ever made, Shen decided to take up the sword against the forces of evil and took the vow to uphold the values of Freedom's Call. Seeing great potential, Donovan took a personal interest in him, making him his personal assistant and was vital to Shen's ascension to becoming a priest of Xalious. It is from this point on that the man has become who he is now and serves a vital role in the activities of Freedom's Call, and more recently, the port town of Rynvale.

He is currently the emissary to Kelay and is in command of the Rynvale Militia in addition to his duties as a priest and sage.


Having a strong background in both magic and sword, Shen is an excellent all around fighter and can readily adapt to almost any situation. When it comes to dueling, he is very crafty, often using outside elements to devastate his foes. If any could attest to this, Xarden could do it best. He still carries Amaterasu and Susanoo with him everywhere he goes, and is constantly learning to use and manipulate their powers. As a servant of Xalious, his white magic abilities have blossomed and he has a natural talent for defensive manipulations; to face Shen in combat is sometimes a very dangerous and risky endeavor.