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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Name: Sevirow Santaris

Age: Looks 46 real age Much older

Skin Tone: Medium Brown

Hair: Bald but if had hair it would be jet black.

Eye color: left One Blue the right One Green - accrued due to a magical accident....original color brown.

Hight: 5'10

Weight 210 lbs

Children: Dema (Offspring from laying with a Succubus long story.)

Married: Never

Favorite color: Diamond clear for it is every color when it sparkles. (Obsession with sparkles)

Weapons Currently unusable there broken will fix later time.

Weapon of choice: A black magic crossbow made mostly from impure wood such as dead oak tree that shoots bolts of blood shots. He calls To-Tach some people hear Don't touch but that's not what it's called. For the weapon though it thrives off him feeds off his very being as he uses it in combat. (Uses Sevirows very blood for ammunition)

Second weapon of choice: A white magic crossbow made from the purist of materials such as Cherry blossom and the finest ore in the land that shoots blue energy bolts of blue. He calls the postal Lu-Tach. This weapon uses Sevirows soul energy (Magic Power) to heal his wounds.

Wardrobe: He wears a white button up shirt with riles going down the center of the shirt next to where the buttons are. He also tore off the sleeves of the shirt for it chafed his under arm for his muscles where to masculine for them. He also wares Brown puffy pants that are made from silk of a spider he had as a pet growing up. He also wears a thin black leather trench coat that has a hood to cover his face with a distinctive symbol on it. That looks like two half's of a circle with a lightning bolt lightly dotted with white speckles outlining it the lightning bolt that also connects the two half's of the circle. The coat also comes into a V at the tail end. He wears black leather gloves with the finger tips cut off on all 5 fingers. Due to he likes to feel things and with the tips of the gloves on he can only feel the leather not what he wants feel. His final piece of clothing is Black boots he took from a dead man that ironically fit him perfectly.