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Name: Rilid Dragon-beast
Age: 24
Born in: Nevercared
Race: Red Human
Class: Summoner
Eyes: Molten Red
Hair: short fluffy brown red
Skin: Dark earthy red
Height: 5'8
Weight: 190 lbs (from strengthened bones) 
Marital Status: engaged to Nowfaleena
Alignment: chaotic good 
Political Status: citizen of Kelay,
Clan Status: N/A at this time 
Guild Status: Unknown hasn't had contact with the guild in quite awhile

Abilities n stuff

Recently lost his summoning abilities and is figuring this out, once more.

  • Has acrobatic skills, and decent bare handed fighter.
    • Has unbreakable bones, while flesh is stronger then normal, if the get cold, they get weaker.

  • Items he uses
    • Obsidian staff, has a lot of runes that he stores power in.
    • rune covered robes protects him from stuff he cant dodge, hopefully.
    • Boots of silence, makes him quiet.

Old parts

When Rilid was barely old enough to walk his magical abilities were discovered by a cult of mages dedicated to summoning things. They kidnapped Rilid as well as a host of other young magic touched, and taught them in the way of the summoner. their training was wide but dedicated to magic on the theory of focusing mind, body, and soul would achieve the highest result, so why they went over lessons each student was forced into a physical excise, Rilid excelled here, and his masters were kind unless you tried to leave before they ordained you ready to leave, and they never did. Rilid just left discontent with having no choice in his life thus far, only after learning how to summon lorn properly and a host of other creatures.

New parts

Rilid found a new land.

  • Then found Leena, and they fell together.
    • Gave her a ring, she said yes.
  • Went from fair, black and blue to all red by hector's hand.
    • He glows at night
      • He glows when he wants.
  • Joined mage's guild.
    • Became an apprentice.
      • Became an apprentice,under a drow named Daath.
  • Met a different feline, got healed.
  • Met his first vampire, got a note.
    • Met his second vampire, joined a clan.


  • figure his new magic out
  • Get out of being apprentice
  • Get married
  • Get stronger
  • Not die

OOC Stuff!

Rilid was brought into hollow; January, 18, 2012.

shoutouts! Nowfaleena for chilling with me, Daisy for being goofy,Ranok for putting up with me, Gorat you be friend.