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Pyde started as the runt of the litter of his litter of family of 14. Being the last born and always getting the last of everything, so even growing up his frame was rather thin and wiry. He one day decided that he was tired of having nothing of his own, and wanted the best in life. So he started complex plan of learning the art of necromancy. Along with some knowledge he picked up about poisons, and how certain races on the surface found certain things to be quite toxic to them. And to help with his with his survival tactics he learned a few illusion spells to be able to create escape routes, or to distract an enemy with. Eventually Pyde did make it to the surface, and from there he found a lot of corpses of this fellow Fermin. From those corpses he created a deceased doppelganger, so as in battle he could make the life size puppet move about as if it were him. Pyde also brought with him to the surface his musical talent, and a magical song taught to him by his mother. When ever he played such a song it would have a sort of control over what he wanted. The music would be hypnotic, and lull the targets who heard it. Since he was used to being around the dead and undead however, they were the ones most effected by his flute.

Being of novice level in the Necromancer's Guild, he is prone to do so rather rash acting when power is involved. This power hungry creature is entranced by the thought of more power. That being the case, while trying to seal a rogue shard of magic near Cenril. The young puppeteer grabbed hold of the piece of pure Eather, and without the proper precautions he ended up absorbing such power and almost frying himself like a rat chewing through electrical lines. Only at the last moment did he think to put his flute to his lips and play the sorrowful tune of his people. The event ended with him marching a horde of undead creatures into the sea, where the ocean swallowed them, and the power energies of life in the ocean dissolved the creatures, and a bonemeal foam washed ashore. From then on Pyde became The Piper of Cenril.