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Name: Piero Bellini, The Grand Champion of Gualon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165
Class: Savant Duelist/Runologist (Actual class listed; Spellblade. Think middle age fencer with runeword enchanting.)
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Gualon. He was once a citizen of Larket, but after obtaining the title Grand Champion of Gualon, his citizenship has changed.
Weapons: Atyr and Tyg. (Both weapons have been named after the rune they have been inscribed with)

  • Atyr: Is a Light Cavalry Sabre, carrying his rune Atyr upon it, giving it with the power of air.
  • Tyg: Is a simple Hand Crossbow, carrying the rune Tyg, giving it the power of ice.

Character Picture

In his youth Piero studied with monks, scholars and knights of many different orders and cultures. His father believed that a higher knowledge of tactics, geography, swordplay, language, history, mathematics etc. were needed to be successful in life and so, he poured all of his wealth into education. Growing up in Larket meant he had access to much of these things. Piero dedicated his life to fulfilling every detail of his fathers wishes. Becoming something not of his own creation. Something he hated and yet, loved dearly and desperately clung to. By the age of eighteen, the lessons now done, he left on an excursion, to find himself. On a return visit home Piero found his house ransacked and his parents dead. Killed in a common robbery. Piero now hides from the ghosts of his past, refusing to ever again visit his home within Larket, which now undoubtedly, looks similar to an abandoned home. The last name Bellini is a name that he alone made up, to hide from his past. To further hide from who he is, he simply tells all who ask that he is an orphan and dumb to who his parents may actually be.

Other Important Things

Recently something strange has happened and the ghosts of his past now haunt him again. Dreams or visions, as he calls them, show him odd symbols. Symbols which he has recently learned are magical. Things that he alone can carve into weapons, armor, rings or anything that he desires. This new found knowledge, fills his mind with desire to once again, travel home and look through the library that is his fathers.

His knowledge in runology is -very- entry level. Only knowing a few runes here and there, but somehow, they show themselves to him in dreams, as if it was ingrained within his very blood.

Entered the Gualon Revival tournament.

  • Won his first team match.
  • Fought Hadrian and won the tournament. Earning the title Grand Champion of Gualon.
  • Ordered a simple hand crossbow to be made for him, per stakes of the tournament.
  • Lost his right hand in a scuffle with a Private investigator.

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