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This is my IC pic, I drew it, As well as I gave myself permission to use it

NAME: Kiri Vas Flam

HEIGHT: 6' 2"

WEIGHT: 156 Lbs


HAIR: Black

SKIN: Very Pale

AGE: 21

RACE: Born of humans, sired when I was 16.

CLASS: Necromancer

Please keep in mind that I'm still working on this. Thank you.

I Currently don't remember much of my past at this time. I do however know that both my parents were human at the time they gave birth to my older brother Kirisin, My brother shortly after his 12th birthday had gotten sired, when he had gotten lost in the woods. My mother being pregnant with me at the time that my father had found my brother had gotten her self sired right after my brother had killed our father. So my birth had ended up killing my mother, being born part human part vampire my brother had been taking care of me until my 16th birthday when he had fully sired me in an attempt to kill me as well. He then however took me everywhere with him, until shortly after my 21st birthday when he had been killed by Silex for opening his mouth. I in turn decided to go against what my brother had taught me, And joined the clan "Lithrydel's Guard" in an attempt to rid the world of those that wish to do evil, unlike my brother I don't believe that vampires are superior beings meant to kill everyone. I refuse to use this curse that was so kindly stowed upon me for anything other than good.

--Brian Merrifield 01:39, 14 April 2010 (UTC)