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Standing 4'4" and weighing just over 260 pounds, this brown haired, brown eyed dwarf is a solidly built youth. His sideburns are braided into his beard, and his mustache is rather bushy. Also, as he doesn't comb his hair with anything except his fingers, he has a somewhat wild look to him at times. However, behind the slightly uncivilized look lies a heart of gold, and a strong sense of right and wrong. He also remembers what it was like first starting his new life as an explorer and adventurer, and has been known to donate gifts to greenhorn adventurers he encounters. Kain is currently a mere 50 years old.


Born into a family of metalsmiths, Kain fully expected to spend his life deep inside the mountain forging metal. However, shortly after achieving puberty, his father set him out into the world to get an idea of what might be good to be stocked up on. After only a week under the sun, Kain returned, gave up the family buisness, and set out to see the world. In the time since, several memorable events stand out.

  • He met, befriended, and 'adopted' the avian Dawn as his sister, and her newborn daughter Violet as his niece.
  • He is the Head of Security at the recently opened Den of Vice gambling house, located on the upper floor of the Hanging Corpse Tavern.
  • He competed in 'Crimsom Lore's Bloody Brawl'. Though he was defeated in the first round, he feels the experience helped him grow as a warrior.
  • Befriended an orphened young elf named Gwen, and offered to 'adopt' her as a younger sister. Awaiting Gwen's decision.
  • Hunted down and killed an Ancient Dragon, with the help of the Awesome Grump. MEGA Shout-out to Grump, for keeping me alive through the several hour-long series of battles that it took to wear the massive beast down, and eventually defeat it. Spent most of that time with -2600 HP, but thanks to Grump, perservered and ended up victorious in the end.
  • Adopted the elven girl Gwen as his sister.
  • Bought Dawn's freedom for 20,000 gold after she was captured and enslaved. He now is after the man responsible, and is beginning to gather allies in taking down the slavery operation for good.

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