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Kaede's Description:

Name: Kaede Rae

Age: Eighteen

Weight: 154 lbs. 30 of those pounds are her wings.

Height: 5'2

Sex: Female

Race: Avian

Class: Illusionist

Mate: Adrian

Weakness: Fighting other people.

Eyes: Clear blue.

Skin: Pale.

Markings: Her wings are earth toned, white with brown flecks. She has a tattoo of the outline of a star on her hip in black.

Hair: Brown, down to her shoulder blades, and curly.

Talents: None that shes found.

Clan: None yet.

Pets: Sora- A white tiger that is three times the normal size. Jasper- A tiny chipmunk.

Family: None that she knows of.

Master: Dallon.

Kaede's Biography:

She has got no family that she knows of and does not remember her history.

She found an Avian like herself named Adrian. She loves him very much- and hopes he feels the same.

Kaede is now apprentice to Dallon. She cant wait to see what hes going to teach her.

OOC Description:

Fourteen and female.. White with blue eyes and curly brown hair. 5'2 and 145 lbs. I ride horses. I am currently owned by one. He is and forever will be the love of my life, BootScootin'Buddy- or just Buddy. He is a 6 year old brown and white paint TWH/MFT mix jumper/ western pleasure horse that was purchased October '07. I hope to soon own a sorrel foal named Radar- but I doubt it. I want to become an equine veterinarian.

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