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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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Name: Jolene Monroe, but goes by several nick-name's such as, JoJo, Joey, or Joe.

Age: Seventeen, though she acts mature for her age.

Family: Shaelyn and Baileyan are her biological siblings. She also recently adopted Miley, a toddler, as her daughter.

Race: Human, though she also has the ability to shapeshift into a white wolf.

Class: Mage

Companion: An adorable Polar Bear cub by the name of Cuddles.

Apprentice: Aarika

Occupation: Owner of The Mischievous Madams.

Personality: She can be naive at times, and is known to get into bouts of mischief due to curiosity overload. Not one to wear her heart on her sleeve, she's rather tomboyish, yet has an irresistable charm that's sure to warm the coldest of hearts. Cordial to a fault, she's friendly enough to approach, but prefers to keep to herself or only allow a select few to get to know the real her. Unlike most women, she's not one to cry or get squeamish over small details. An untrusting past, makes a difficult present ,and unpredicatble future, in her eyes.

Appearance: She's very feminine and immaculate in appearance, but is a true tomboy at heart, not the least bit girly. Slowly, she's learning how to behave like a lady, but refuses to give up her long walks in the woods, romps with feral animals, or wrestling in the dirt with her beloved companions. She has elbow-length flaxen hair, piercing blue eyes, and plump lips, making her rather attractive in most eyes, nearly everyone's but her own. Growing up, she was always considered an ugly duckling, and has yet to notice the transformation that took place as she became a woman.