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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Portrait by Pilar

The Basics

Name: Johnny S. K.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Illusionist
Age: Late 20s
Appearance: Johnny is an average-sized human with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His usually extravagant clothing tends to betray what is actually an athletic build. His favorite kind of hat is a large one. Recently he has taken to wearing peculiar brass goggles that make it difficult to see his eyes without looking from straight ahead.

The Illusionist Extraordinaire!

Johnny favors flashy and eye-catching garb because of his profession: a performance illusionist or entertainer. As an illusionist, he is able to conjure images and phantoms of all sizes, mostly to harmlessly entertain those around him. However, he is more than capable of weaponizing his illusions should the need arise.

The Early Years

Once, Johnny was not able to remember much of his childhood. The most prominent fact that stood out to him was how his parents always told him he'd never be a magician. When he left home, he studied every book of magic he could find, furthering his knowledge of the arcane in order to enhance his performances.

After a recent hiatus from Hollow, Johnny has been reminded of many details of his past, the most significant of which is his training and prior profession as a soldier. It was his dream from an early age, but certainly not his destiny. It was only through the help of a certain mentor and friend that he made it through the training at all.

After a disastrous event during which Johnny was rendered helpless and unable to protect his people, he ended up fleeing the country entirely. The guilt he felt for abandoning his post, even if it wasn't entirely his fault, overwhelmed him in the years to come. Instead of continuing to bear it, he devised a spell that would wipe it from his memory. This wouldn't last forever, of course.

The Hollowing

On one occasion, Johnny surprised himself with his acrobatic prowess, which is not something he typically does in his shows. It came to him as a set of skills he seemed to have forgotten. Driven by curiosity, Johnny set out on a journey to better understand himself, thus leaving Hollow for nearly a year. Upon realization that he had abandoned the friends he made in Hollow, particularly a vampire named Pilar, he felt deep regret. However, he continued to pursue his goal in spite of his own feelings.

Upon his return, Johnny had acquired far more questions than answers. He was haunted by visions of a strangely familiar man associated with a particular symbol. Instead of doing what he loved, performing for others, he instead spent more time in introspect, looking inside himself for any clue as to his foggy memories.

This eventually led him away from Hollow again, but this time he was able to tear down the wall he had built in his own mind. All of his memories came flooding back to him, including the identity of the mysterious tutor that had been visiting his dreams. It was him, the prince, the Gryphon. Johnny didn't even know if he was alive anymore.

Now, Johnny is fully aware of his prior skillset and keeps himself in shape just like he was once required to. He carries the same set of weaponry he was trained with: a spear, a whip and a dagger. His goal is only to use them in defense of others who need it.

The Lovely Assistant Trixie!

Just before his first arrival in Hollow, Johnny came across an abandoned baby unicorn. After discovering her magical prowess and apparent intellect, Johnny decided to raise her as his own and called her Trixie. She has since become fluent in the common language of Hollow as well as an instrumental feature in his performances, carrying out feats of illusion nearly as potent as his own.

Trixie stands almost at waist-height for the average human (such as Johnny). She has a pale blue coat with white speckles and silver-white curly mane and tail. Her horn tends to glow purple whenever she is using magic.

Trixie tends not to speak unless she deems it necessary or is excited about something, and usually limits herself to a few words. She and Johnny have developed an empathic bond as one might find between a parent and child. This makes the feat of language far less important between the two and this may have contributed to her quiet habits.

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