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Race: Human
Class: Knight
Eyes: Silvery
Height: 5'9

An Old World Stripped

King Alberts tired eyes gaze upon Jeorth with an otherworldy wisdom. A sort of all knowing fixation which questions the very ethic morales of the knight Jeorth. "Virgil informs me that the witch Keadra carried evidence of your treasonous actions. What do you have to say for yourself." A deep sigh exits from his lips before falling to silence.

"Your highness, I don't understand. I've been nothing but loyal." Anxious eyes move to Virgil, who stands nearby the king. What evidence is Albert talking about? What is Virgil up too? Has my own brother conspired against me? "How am I to refute any allegations without knowing what I have done?" Puzzled eyes shift back to his majesty.

Virgil exchanges a glance with the king and council members who stand within the room as well. A leather bound hand pulls free a simple piece of parchment and places it upon the table seal facing up. "I'm sorry brother, but I could not keep this from our lord." Virgil steps back from the table and comes to rest only a few feet from it. His wooden mages staff making only the slightest noise upon the stone floor. "This is your seal is it not?" He waits a few heartbeats before continuing. "It's perplexing to think that such an exotic wax seal and signature could be forged. A seal," he lifts a single digit into the air. "Might I add, given to you personally by king Albert himself. Can you deny this?"

King Albert rises to his feet, marches to the table and lifts the letter for his own inspection. Eyes scrutinize it yet again, as if he himself could not believe the message which it contained. "There is no doubt. Let us read, out loud, this letter so that all might better understand." Albert frustratingly opens the letter again, licks his lips and begins. "My dearest Keadra, It is on this most auspicious of days that I must regretfully inform you of King Alberts plot. As per his request I have been sent to track you down and execute you for your treasons actions against king and country. Though as serious as this may sound, I do have a plan. To put it plainly, we will substitute someone else in your place. As of yet, the king has not laid eyes upon you. It is because of this and his majesties hunger to dote upon my every word that I am sure that even a common tavern wench would pass as you before his eyes. Though I belive I should finally rid myself of matrimonial bond. Then there would be nothing keeping us apart. We shall meet soon, my love." The letter is placed back on the wooden table, "Signed your dearest Knight, Jeorth." The council members begin to chat betwixt themselves.

Jeorth wanted to vomit. He wanted to burn that letter of lies and slander, to escape a fate which would soon fall upon him. Panicked eyes dart around the room looking for some form of explanation. Some way which he could prove that letter wrong. And then he remembered, Keadra. "This box," a hand waives idly back to the crate behind himself. "Carries the head of Keadra." Jeorth falls silent for a moment, knowing that his letter said he would use a fake. "And, the royal ring she stole from you while you slept." Eyes shift to Virgil in disgust. "I can only say this, think back to every task I have ever performed. The men in this very castle which I have trained. My life of sacrifice in service to you King Albert. If after all that, you still believe me capable of such a thing, I will suffer the consequences willingly."

Virgil lets a small smile of victory pass over his lips. After all, this entire plot is his doing. Magic, was on his side. "Very well Jeorth, I will look upon your 'prize' myself." Leather bound feet slap against the stone floor commiting an audible battle with the sounds of his wooden staff. The crate is open slowly before a look of utter shock washes over his features. "How could you," he hisses like a snake. Suddenly a leather bound hand pulls free the head of his brothers wife and their wedding ring for all to see.

"Seize him!"

In moments Jeorth gaze goes black accompanied by the feeling of cold stone against his skin.

"He really killed his own wife?" These words muttered somewhere within the crowd of councilmen. This was no illusion.

"I cannot forgive his recent actions, but I cannot overlook his life of servitude. Jeorth is henceforth banished for all time." King Albert shifts on foot, "You're all dismissed."

"But sire!" Virgil is not pleased. Jeorth should have been executed, not exiled.