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Name: Ilydia Ze Arl Infinitum
Proper Name: ilydia ZeArc Infinitum
Age: Unknown (Appears to be 8 - 14?)
Born in: Unknown
Race: Fanged Elf
Class: Herbalist?
Eyes: Right eye is red with silver/black streaks.  Left eye is blue.
Skin: Pale
Hair: White
Height: 38 in.
Weight 29 lbs
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Chaotic Evil + Chaotic Neutral +(good?)

Description (mostly physical)

Ilydia is a small, childlike 'fanged elf' with a red right eye and a blue left eye that have some silver mixed in. her silver white hair and pale skin seem normal though small runes mark and cover her skin. They are mostly invisible, even lighter near her face and darker on her back and feet. Her markings become darker once she decides to hide, allowing her to easily blend into shadows. She wears iron manacles on her wrists and ankles as well as a leather collar on her neck. In addition, she wears a ragged, black dress which covers up most of her skin though it has many holes. She often has chains attached to her manacles and wrapped around her arms.

ilydia is a small, childlike girl with elven features. However, her eyes are a blood red and appear slightly feral and her hair is a silver white while her skin is pale. As of now, she wears various goods that she collects from her searches, often gained from her slightly "sticky" fingers. Despite what she is, however, she has extreme innocence about her. It can be said though that she is easily missed and very few people actually manage to notice her.


Ilydia is a rather passive person and does not like to get involved but instead enjoys hiding and observing. She avoids direct conflicts and prefers planning and preparing for anywhere from minutes to weeks before she acts. Despite her peacefully appearance, she is rather violent and vicious once she acts. Although she is evil by nature, she does not do so because she supports evil but believes she is doing the right thing. She rarely acts with true malicious intent, but instead simply thinks of the means as a way to reach her goal, regardless of what her means is. Strangely, she dislikes killing, though that is due to ilydia. Sadistic to the point where she can enjoy her own pain, she will use any excuse to hurt people as long as she isn't violating her personal or the rules imposed upon her by her master .

ilydia is timid and shy as she does not know about what is happening around her. She is highly prone to asking questions and for the most part avoids people. She seems to fear almost everything as she expects everything to eat her. Her heart is fairly pure and innocent and she hates seeing people around her die. She wants to help people whenever she can manage to do so with little notice. A minor kleptomaniac, her fingers tend to be fairly sticky when she isn't paying attention. ilydia sleeps during the daytime and is only awake from sunset to sunrise.


Her true abilities are currently unknown to her

Her abilities resulting from her traits are:

  • Can hide quickly
  • Can run away very fast
  • Can hear when copper falls even at a considerable distance and can hear silver at a reasonable distance, but cannot quite recognize gold yet. (She thinks gold is copper painted yellow)
  • Lower Empathy-can send her feelings to those around her through her words and can receive their feelings through their words (but cannot receive clearly)
    • Her Empathy is stronger now though and she can send simple, brief sentences; however, she still cannot send complex sentences.
    • Empathy Healing-by sending her feelings and receiving feelings in return, she can absorb the pain and suffering of others and thus heal them. However, as she absorbs the pain and suffering, she takes on the pain and suffering in their stead.
    • Her Empathy became stronger after training but became weaker upon becoming a vampire.
      • She did however later retrain her empathy to make it usable again.
  • Vampire
  • Duality: Ilydia shares her body with the original ilydia.
  • Rune marked skin: Her skin is marked with strange runic markings (named ad infinitum) though very few can understand them and they have yet to be used for their intended purpose, they are effective in hiding.

Her abilities resulting from some form of training are:

  • Song magics known:
    • Healing (Can heal the skin. Cannot recover lost limbs)
    • Energy (She can make someone feel more energetic)
    • Weakness (Chained to Energy, causes the extra energy to be lost and makes those affected feel tired)
    • Sleep (Has to be chained to weakness within 8 hours. The longer the wait time (up to 8 hours), the stronger and faster the effect).
    • Calm (She can make people feel calmer)
  • Basic tracking (she can't track anything over a few minutes old)
  • Chains and blades: Ilydia is reasonably adept with chains and blades though she is no expert, she practices whenever she has time.
  • Herbalism: She can mix some herbs together to make basic potions for medicinal purposes.


Ilydia's history is partially unknown and partially shrouded in secret. Thus far:

  • Ilydia does not know of her past

Personal Timeline

After several months of disappearance to train by herself after watching and learning from others, she has returned to the Kelay region of the world of hollow.

Shortly after returning, she met Kasyr and was turned into a vampire

Rare Items

  • Not Applicable at this time*



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