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 Name: Henry Whiterook
 Age: 22
 Race: Human
 Class: Fisherman (Warrior pre-custom)
 Eyes: Piercing blue
 Hair: Short, black and often scruffy
 Height: 5'9
 Weight: 159.33
 Marital Status: Single 
 Alignment: A blank slate ready to be molded
 Clan Status: None

Outlook On Life

Henry is a happy, friendly person. He is naive of the ways of Hollow and have been told that's going to get him killed by two different people. He believes them but doesn't let that get him down.

After having his rear handed to him two nights in a row, Henry decides to become a full-time fisherman. It's something that he enjoys and is actually good at.


Henry is not built like a warrior, with very little muscle. He's not fat but has some flab to his body. He has a mess of black hair.

He prefers to wear women clothes. He feels more himself and happier like that. He is straight. That's nothing to do with it. This has been approved by the RP admins.

His current look is black: a guardian skirt and rune robe with heels, amethyst hair pins, rings, warrior clips and a small copper dragon pendant around his neck. His heeled boots has been customized to hold his collapsible fishing rod in it's shortened form. His skirt has a hook attached to a belt loop at the side for his braided bullwhip. The rear belt loops have a sabre hostler for his sword framing his rear in a triangle.


Henry is a social fellow and likes companions on his adven... uh, fishing trips.


He is a shy black bat with a left-shaped nose given to Henry by Morganza to use as a carrier pigeon. Excluding his wings, Bloodmoon is the size of a small mouse. He often hides within Henry's robes the moving bulge some times visible. He eats fruits, nectar, small vertebrates and on occasional blood. His favourite thing in the world is being scratched behind his huge ears.


Although neither alive or sentient, Henry named his sword - a dragon tooth sabre. Affectionately Henry may call her Minnie.


Henry leaves Kelay to living his life on a fishing boat.