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Faye decided that there was nothing left for her in the lands of Hollow, took her bodyguard, and left beyond the Xalious Mountains. A drawing I did of Faye, which is a higher quality than the one on my clicky, because of the freaking 150kb limit... A drawing Coral <3 did for me. A lovely sketch done by Nikita <3

Name: Faye Vintiago
 Age: 34
Height: 5’5
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue, but soulless and dead
Skin Color: Pale
Class: Carnomancer
Specialty: Anatomy, Arceseremagicarus, and manipulation of dead flesh
Clan: The Renegade Cartel
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Home: Cenril, or Vailkrin

To make herself look more fierce, Faye sometimes dons a black pointed witchat, black (and very heavily decorated and ornate) warlock robes, and smears thick purple mascara around her eyes. She'll then proceed to use black lipstick to create a wide, sharp-toothed grin that spreads from cheek to cheek. If you see her wearing the pointed wizard hat and runecloth warlock robe, you can be sure she is like this at the moment.

She is a paranoid schizophrenic and believes that demons are out to get her

Faye's adopted son is Oruki

Faye could care less about people, as evident by this:

Telemnar walks slowly with a child on her back, drops her off. She walks the child around the waterfall, slidding on the rocks herself. "She should be around here somewhere," is all Telemnar says.

You looked at Telemnar.

Faye approaches the child, a solemn expression set upon her morbid, pallid disposition. On her way over to the girl, the victorian woman leans down, picking up a large rock in one hand, before continuing the approach. Upon reaching the girl, Faye gives a grim smile, taking in the girl's confused expression before she slams the rock into the tiny face. The child stumbles over, before she is struck again by Faye. When the child falls down, Faye throws the rock hard at her, narrowly missing her skull. Then, the woman strides up to the fallen girl, and begins to stomp on her head.

Faye said to Telemnar, "She's still moving. Step on her head a little."

Telemnar sits back and watches as Faye beats the girl, wanting nothing more than to stop her, but hse was fighting the urge. Besides, its ones like this child here who grow up to disrespect the centaur race. She folds her arms across her chest, her repaired trident resting against her frosted skin, "What exactly are you trying to do again?"

Faye said to Telemnar, "Do it carefully. It may be a slow death, but it keeps the body well enough."

Telemnar also walks over and stomps on the childs head a bit.

Faye said to Telemnar, "Good, dear. I need her to be on the very fringe of death, before I use the spell."

Faye kicks the girl harshly. The child's face is utterly broken, her mouth gaping open and closed, desperately clinging to life. Her face is sunken in, her nose deep within a pool of blood. Her eyelids, blood and swollen, hide two tear filled optics. The child's body convulses rapidly, as Faye continues to kick and stomp at it. "Almost there..." Telemnar puffs her chest out with a smile, and holds onto her trident like queen. She laughs and backs away, letting Faye do her job. She would watch carefully so as not to miss anything. Her metallic sheened fur, skin and hair, provided a bit of light as it bounced off he water.

Ekimrelyt walks across the chils head as he procedes to Faye. "Howdy Tele."

Faye strikes the dying girl one last time, rolling her onto her back. Her mouth opens and closes like a goldfish out of water, her body trembling, left arm twitching as she lives her last few moments on this earth. With that, a now panting Faye steps back, taking her flesh-covered spellbook and opening it. She flips through a few pages, before eyeing the twitching girl. "Alright, here we are." The woman holds out a hand, arcane lyrics flowing gently from her lips, mingling with the sobbing, wet gasps from the dying youngling. After a few moments, the body begins to twitch more and more, the girl frothing at the mouth and gurgling blood. Then, finally it stops. She lay there still, broken and dead. Faye, her facial expression having naught changed one bit, shrugs her shoulders. "It didn't work."

You gave 3000 gold to Ekimrelyt.

Telemnar nods to Ekimrelyt and backs farther under the waterfall, to conceal her burnt body and broken ribs that seem to misshapen her torso. "Ekimrelyt."

Ekimrelyt takes the gold and gallops off over the dead child once more.


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