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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.


  • Name: Evanderous of Alathar
  • Race: Northland Human
  • Class: Survivalist
  • Gender: Undoubtedly Male
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 193 lbs.
  • Build: Lean and Athletic
  • Skin: Pale and Weathered
  • Hair: Dull Blond, Short and Careless
  • Eyes: Piercing Grey, Evaluating and Suspicious
  • Appearance:
    • Armour: He is wearing leather tunic on his upper body, with a leather sleeve for each arm. Loose-fitting, as to allow for excellent mobility. A long-brimmed leather hat rests low on his head. Mostly blocking the sun, but also to avoid looking at people he might not want to talk too. The rune-detailed spectacles that rest on his face have had the previous lenses taken out, and replaced with lenses of obsidian to help with his sensitive eyes. He has a warrior clip attached to each of his ears, up near the top of them. A very ominous obsidian necklace drapes around his neck, capturing a ray of light every now and again. A black, unbuttoned, leather duster hangs from his shoulders, flapping lightly in the wind. Fine black leather gloves adorn his hands, though usually, he goes without them. His bands of knowledge are strapped to each of his wrists, guarding them against injury. Baggy leather pants on his legs. Again, for mobility reasons. A set of black boots on his feet, to absorb the shock of the road. A pair of mystical silver bands lay under his gloves, imbuing defensive energies. A distinct aura of protection surrounds his frame, shielding it against harm.
    • Weapons: A hunting bow, named Sear, is hung over his left shoulder, for quick access. In his quiver, masterly crafted arrows with exquisite and sharp silver heads. He knows how to use them with devastating accuracy. His sword, Velg,is a bastard sword with a keen edge, and a perfect balance. He uses it with one, or two hands. His sword-fighting is reflective of both northern, and eastern styles. He has learned a style of combat that allows him to fight blindfolded, and without the use of one of his arms, either left or right. In each boot, rests a dagger. Both part of a set. He uses them together, in a whirlwind two-bladed style that is more like a dance. Whenever he has no luck defeating an opponent with Velg, He draws Yin and Yan (the dagger names) and assaults with blinding fury.
    • Personality: Evanderous is a fairly quiet man. When he speaks, it is usually deep, and raspy, and commands attention. His voice is a product of a huge scar, which he keeps covered by a strip of soft leather, that runs across his neck. A failed assassination attempt. He always seems lost in thought, and enjoys rolling up milous southland-weed in a tobacco leaf, and partaking in a contemplative smoke. He is usually very curt, and to the point when he speaks. He has ages beyond his years extended in his glare. His eyes tell tales of loss, and hardship, and most of all, they convey a message of primal survival. They seem to say 'I have lived through hell, and will continue to. Not you or God will stop me.' His past is uncertain. He is a Northlander. Best way to describe them are Viking Barbarians. They have long, gnarled and braided beards and hair, and enjoy the lust of battle. But Evanderous has cut his hair short, and shaved his beard completely off. It is considered an insult to your heritage to do such things. Why he has done such things remains a mystery. All that is really known is that he showed up at the Kelay Tavern one day, and has been living in Kelay ever since. Not much of his past comes over the mountains to the north. His homeland of Alathar seems to be nothing more than a tale itself to the people of Hollow. And perhaps that is how Evanderous wants it to remain. Who is Evanderous, really? Perhaps that is a question you should ask him...
    • Pets: Evanderous has a faithful watchdog. Named Melos. Melos is a black German shepherd with a lot of hair, two up-pointed ears, and a very attentive demeanor. Anything Evanderous Says, he dose, and even dose somethings without needing to be told. He is a war-dog, that is young, but has still been through a lot with him. The dog is 5 years old, and Evanderous has had him since he was small enough to hold in one hand. They are inseparable. Each feeds off the other. Evanderous also has a golden eagle, named Folrix. Folrix Showed up one day, watching Evanderous as he hunted. The bird was fascinating, and itself was fascinated by Evanderous. It followed him the entire day, till night. Then, after Evanderous killed, and cooked the game he had been hunting while the eagle watched over. He tossed the bird a bit of meat. It swooped down and caught it in mid-air. Since that day, the eagle never left his side, and eventually allowed Evanderous to even pet it. Now it is as much his companion as the dog, and the three of them often travel around together. Even if only one of the animals is seen, the other is not far.


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