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Ellandrielle's Statistics

Name: Ellandrielle Lerane DeCroisse
Nicknames: Elle, Ella, Lady Love, Fuan Fodder
Age: Over 2,000 years 
Birth Date: Doesn't remember.
Gender: Female
Race: Vampiric Feline (Sired at the age of 23)
Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm)
Weight: Doesn't care to know, but she does have some meat to her bones, as it were.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Feline Parts: Ears and Tail
Fur Color: Ears are black, tail is black-and-white-striped.
Class: Illusionist 
Clan: None, but can be convinced.
Guild(s): None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Origin: She remembers the land, but forgets its name.
Home: The House of the Healer
Sexual Orientation: Sees no difference in loving either gender. She'll go with both.
Marital Status: Desperate for someone to love her.

Physical and Mental Description

Ellandrielle is one of a more natural beauty. None would call her pretty or stunning, yet none would call her unattractive, either. Nonetheless, the woman has a presence about her. She is not to be considered overly skinny, nor is she overweight. A good comparison would be to think of the body type of a 'perfect' Elizabethan woman.

Believing that physical beauty must not be hidden, one would usually find that she does not wear clothing, save for countless amounts of jewelry. However, do to recent happenings, she has started to wear a frilled shirt and black pants that stop at mid-thigh. Long, thick, black ringlets are usually left to their own devices, falling freely down to her waist.

The intelligence and wisdom that usually comes with being a vampress of her age is non-existent, as she often acts naive and childish around others. Doing this is a comfort to the vampiric feline, as it reminds her of before she was sired, all though the memories of that time are few and far between.

Being Chaotic Neutral, Ellandrielle can quickly change moods and opinions depending on what is said to her. She can be considered very unbalanced, all though she is not quite insane. Her character can be described as having a lack of character, her personality is so inconsistant. This is the result of a rather lonely and depressing past. Indeed, she is always in search of someone to cling to. Someone to love and receive love from.

Her younger half-sister, Laurelle, is the only being she obeys without hesitation. Their former incestuous relationship has taken a toll on her state-of-being. She often finds herself loathing and loving her sister at the same time as one emotion. It is a complicated past of theirs that may be told one day.

Nonetheless, this lovely little kitty is very promiscuous. This is yet another result of her years of loneliness. If given affection, she will do anything for you. This, along with curiousity, is her biggest weakness.

Special Abilities

  • Can make practically perfect illusions. She has been training for many years.
  • Can sense emotions by simply being near someone.
  • Heightened sense of hearing and smell.
  • Is telepathic.
  • Can move through shadows.
  • (Pending Admin Approval for Elder Vampire abilities)


  • Birth Father: Dendrielle (wherabouts unknown) She hates him.
  • Birth Mother: Name is forgotten (deceased).
  • Step Mother: Nadia (wherabouts unknown)
  • Adoptive Parents: Both names are forgotten (both are deceased).
  • Half-Sister: Laurelle (last saw her in Kelay Tavern some months ago)
  • Niece: Name is forgotten (child between Laurelle and Kasyr).


  • Under construction.

Recent Happenings

  • Has started to round up felines to form a sort of group.
  • With this group, she intends to create small posts / communities around Cenril, Rynvale, Larket, and other various places.
  • By doing this, she hopes to unite the feline race by giving them feline territories to call their own.
  • She also hopes that this will solve her endless boredom. She enjoys chaos and interesting circumstances. It gives her meaning to her life.