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Name Donar
Class Ranger (Will Change In The Future) 
Race Feline (Will Change In The Future)
Gender Male
Home Cenril (Will Change In The Future)
Spouse None 
Eye Color Gemstone Green (Green)
Skin Color Sun-Kissed Tan (Light)
Hair Color Sorrel Red (Red) 
Clan Gisiae en adon

Pet Characteristics

Lynx Lynux Purchased at the Animal Merchant in Cenril.

Bobcat Stubby Purchased at the Animal Menagerie in Larket.

Black Cat Callie Purchased at the Fin's Five-and-Dime Familiars in Xalious Mountain Range

Favorite Quotes

Words lie. People lie. The land tells the truth...

Nature's secrets can be read on every tree, every branch, every leaf...

Nature doesn't walk...

Nature's strength outlives the strong...

Hatred outlives the hateful...

Sketch Entries

Sketch Book one

DeviantArt page to find all of these is ElementofDragons.