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Do You Have A Name? Yes. Its Couture Suave.

What Are You? A Human of course. No pointy ears, or stocky legs. I'm not elegant enough to be an elf or strong and sturdy to be a dwarf. Or anything else for that matter.

Do you Have a Home or A Place of Birth? Yes. It's called Kelay. The forest to the north and south, Sage Forest is home to the Elves and Dryads. The Town of Kelay is home to the Elves and us Humans.

What Do You Do? I do nothing. I beg for my food and shelter. One day though, I hope to master my skills as a Druid and make a better life for myself. For now, I might as well remain as a nobody. I don't even know what it is that a druid is supposed to do. But I have been told that I have the power of one, inside my body.

Do You Have Any Pets? No. I can't take care of one right now, despite the fact I really want an animal companion.

Do You Have A Spouse? No. If I can't take care of myself and I have to beg on the streets, what makes you think a hard working man would want to be with me, or even marry me. I am nothing in the eyes of men.

Describe Your Looks. I have hair that is blonde, like the sun has kissed it. Eyes that match the blue of the sky and my skin is light, like the color of peach or apricot. What more do I need to say? People can look at me and possibly know my looks without me telling them. That was even dumb to even have me do.

How About Your Weight And Height? Are you crazy? One must never ask a woman these questions. But, if you must know, I am of average weight and height for a human female.

Your Female Of Course. Duh. That's obvious as well. A man doesn't have a chest like this, unless he's fat. Lets hope we don't run into to many of them.

What Are You Normally? If you mean my personality, well, I am mostly shy. But in this case, when I am asked stupid questions, I am very straight forward with my answers.

What Is Your Age? I am a girl of twenty two years. Nothing more or less, but I am coming up on my twenty third year about five months.


I am a girl, who is new to Hollow. So please be patient with me. No, I don't have AIM, YIM, or MSN. I rarely talk to people outside of games and the internet. I don't have FaceBook either. So don't ask for any of them. I also don't give my number out to strangers.

Redhale First Admin to poke me with sticks and give me a gift. He shall become my favorite Admin. <3's to him. He is the first to interact with me on my first day on Hollow. Gotta Love Him.