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The Basics

Full Name: Chakor de Harenarius
Race: Elven Lycan
Class: Gladiator
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Skin Color: Dark Skin (Orginally Tan), Darkened after Lycan attack.
Origin: Terra Belliger, Land of The Warrior
Home: Frostmaw
Status: Single
Affiliations: The Eyrie, The Gladiatorial Brotherhood
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

RP Funtimes

Drargon's Ale Challenge

Wyvern Sled Race

Sky Tag

Training The Cenrilli Guard

Bad Moon Rising

Beginning The Search for Satoru

The Long Night In Xalious

Cards In The Hand

The Nightmarish Rescue of a Stranded Gladiator

OOC Silliness

Alicia said OOC, "People called Myth is just a myth."

Mythayus said OOC, "am not ; ; I'm right here just ask Chakor"

Chakor said OOC, "I can confirm that Myth is not a Myth. He's just an urban legend"

Alicia said OOC, "Chakor has imaginary friends."