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The Scientist

Name: Silas Chaine, Ph.D
Age: 32
Race: Human
Height: 162 cm (about 5'3")
Weight: 53.5 kg (about 118 lbs)
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Fair
Class: Scientist



The small scientist is not an imposing creature by any means, standing at only 162 cm and weighing only 51 kg. Her fair-colored face and shale-blue eyes are usually hidden behind many protections: corrective lenses, framed in black and inscribed with magic runes, a curtain of free-flowing locks of silvery-white hair, and a hood of the purest white fabric. Her robes are colored much the same, white as the first snow across the field, painstakingly embroidered with white runes and sigils to assist her in her work. Her slender, soft hands are enclasped by wristbands of knowledge, showcasing her dedication to the academic arts. The woman trots softly on small feet and skinny legs, leading one to believe that she had not had much exercise in her life.


Her meek stature, however, belies her fierce nature. Above all, Chaine is devoted to her work: the study of the world around her, and the forces that control each piece of matter in turn. To this end she will fight to keep her experiments untainted, her work unfettered, and her mind clear of distractions.

This is not to say, though, that the scientist is without morals. True, sometimes she can be distracted from the path of good if something interesting is to be learned, but for the most part Chaine's heart is in the right place.

Many may find the scientist's manner of speaking and acting odd, even rude. This may be attributed to the distance she has travelled from her home, or her forever-inquiring nature.


Chaine's Theory of Electron Transfers

As a particle physicist from Earth, Chaine knows many of the fundamental laws of the Universe. How matter works, how electrons and protons and neutrons react with each other. And those rules play out very well, on Earth.

In Hollow, however, these rules are different. Electrons in all of Hollow's matter seems to perpetually be in an excited state, always ready to break bonds and merge with other atoms, always ready to re-structure molecules, always ready to carry particles to and from certain atoms to others.

Because particles are constantly in this state, a simple electrical impulse- like, for instance, the ones transmitted when the synapses in the brain transfer information through electricity- can change the structure of the matter they are focused on with little to no energy loss.

Though this phenomenon could easily be mislabeled "magic" by those who understand less about particle physics than herself, Chaine believes she knows the real "how" behind all of the mystical happenings in Hollow.


Current record: 3 wins, 2 losses

Judged Duels

Chaine Vs. Opponent(s) Judges Win/Loss Stakes
Chaine Vs. Poell Roldan, Knelltic, Allanon Win N/A
Chaine Vs. Strend Mido Win N/A
Chaine Vs. Locke Celeir, Sadie, Diggson Win 5000 gold (from Mahri)
Chaine Vs. Victoria Roldan, Strend, Rheven Loss 2000 gold
Chaine Vs. Aromos Allanon, Eilyo, Locke Loss None